Dewey & LeBoeuf Indicted

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Dewey & LeBoeuf Indicted

Post by Number Six » Thu Mar 06, 2014 7:19 pm

"The 106-count indictment against Steven Davis, the firm’s former chairman; Stephen DiCarmine, the executive director; Joel Sanders, the chief financial officer; and Zachary Warren, a client relations manager, comes roughly two years after Dewey collapsed in the largest law firm bankruptcy ever, resulting in claims from creditors totaling $550 million.

"It is not uncommon for lawyers to be indicted on charges of bilking clients out of money or being involved in fraudulent schemes. But it is nearly unheard of for prosecutors to contend that the top brass of a law firm, especially a once-storied firm like Dewey, was effectively running a corrupt organization." ... dicted/?hp

They're saying this could be the "Enron" of the legal world.
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