Pacific Western Indemnity Ltd/Integrity Retirement Partners

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Pacific Western Indemnity Ltd/Integrity Retirement Partners

Post by Aotearoa » Fri May 18, 2007 9:33 pm (PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU WILL NOW FIND A ONE PAGE VENDETTA LETTER at this website REGARDING TWO PERSONS THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH PWI, It is a deflection tactic deployed by people on full bore avoidance mode).

This company (Pacific Western Indemnity)is under investigation by Lloyd's of London and all of the regulatory bodies in Australia are making enquiries. APRA, ASIC and IFSA Australia have attempted contact with the information provided on the website for Sydney..they don't exist. There is a claim that they have a location in Gallery 4 of the Lloyd's building...we have had someone actually stroll the floors and enquire to all offices and syndicates and there is no reference or knowledge of such a company.
Originally the website mentioned that Integrity Retirement Partners, NV corp that they were appointed Members Agent for Lloyd's in the US. Lloyd's denies it. There is no Integrity Retirement Partners registered in Nevada.

The websites creator and ICANN registration records come up with a 310 phone number linked to various cross pollinated companies and websites that provide no ability to gain verification of any assertions made on the numerous related sites.

The website is a scam to lure people to buy "Bonded Life Settlements" and "Indemnity Policies" as related to Real Estate Liens.

None of the products mentioned are underwritten by Lloyd's as of the opening of the website. The website is being constantly changed to address the enquiries being lodged as to the assertions being made and today the site now names a William Beard as the CEO and Chairman of Pacific Western Indemnity LTD. For a company that has existed since 1979...there are no records at all nor is there any provable licensing in regards to being an insurance company or a rei-nsurer.

The only published number goes to a Richard Provencio of San Clemente Ca. Integrity Retirement Partners LLc is a CA not NV company.

No one is able to answer any basic questions for proving these relationships and assertions and NO regulatory body in the appropriate Nations and States has any history of these companies or persons as presented.

They website is in flux as we post at various boards warning people performing some due diligence. I'm sure the website was to bolster or "validate" any marketing and sales collateral already in distribution amongst the small investors about to be duped.

Look deeper
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Post by Aotearoa » Mon May 21, 2007 9:06 pm

The website has been pulled as of 5/21/07. The remaining items and all links have been replaced by one page attempting to accuse some parties for unraveling this scam site's claims and assertions.

First modification this AM was for any reference to a Lloyd's Building address and was replaced with the term "Lease Currently Under Review". Then all pages were pulled and a one page Vendetta has been posted, again full of mis truths.

Keep watching, the authorities will close in on this one.
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Post by webhick » Mon May 21, 2007 9:16 pm

I love their logo and motto: "You're secured here." with a little picture of an anchor floating on the surface of the water.

Anchors that float don't say "secured" to me. They say "You're sunk"
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PWI UPDATED again!!!

Post by Aotearoa » Mon May 21, 2007 11:38 pm

They now placed a new having the same Vendetta page as the .com.

It's pretty funny and ill conceived as was the scam.

For those that want to perform some of your own checks on this company: Pacific Western Indemnity and Integrity Retirement Partners, Nv Corp,

Start with the basics...a name search at ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission. Look-up Pacific Western Indemnity...remember they claim to be in business since 1979.

APRA regulates insurance companies in Australia...

Again you won't find Pacific Western Indemnity Ltd, supposedly a licensed insurer and reinsurer with HQs in North Sydney!!!???? ... earch.aspx
Look up Integrity Retirement wont find any in Nevada. (Correction!!! They listed themselves with NV as of 5/21/07 (5/22/07 NZ time), several weeks after the launch of their website, thanks for reading this site Mr. Provencio)

Website registration records were altered today to no longer reflect a Los Angeles 310# have now been changed to a Australian # 61.28003XXXX the number is the same for both fax and tele.....certainly a multi-billion $ operation.

It's pretty funny that the sole representations of Pacific Western Indemnity, which proclaimed to have over $5Billion in managed funds and $2Billion in assets (you do the math...what happened to the other $3 Billion)!!! Has now dropped from site....pun intended. The only difference between this and the Nigerian Scams is that...the Nigerians have better English and are more believable.
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PWI and Integrity Retirement Partners UPDATE

Post by Aotearoa » Wed May 23, 2007 11:25 am

The Ca Department of Insurance has been notified on these fellows.

Mr Provencio (thanks for reading)registered his Integrity Retirement Partners, NV Corp on 5/21/07 @ 3:11:38 PM, with the State of Nevada. So him doing this helps substantiate that the company didn't exist prior.WTF? Nice job, but wait, wasn't that supposed to be done well in advance of the scam and the due diligence performed by your other company Pacific Western Indemnity Ltd?? A company since 1979?? HQd here in Australasia with no history??

His only remaining cyber legacy of the Multi-Billion $ (US) entities is his Vendetta Letter, written in a disturbing third person format filled with as much BS as his original website with offices in Gallery 4 of the Lloyd's Building??? The third person aspect speaks to another "dis-associative" quality of the pathological.

The one page Vendetta Letter at his "old" no longer "live" domains apparently adds another one of his many entities to the fire of scrutiny, "Masters of Retirement". He just doesn't seem to know when to stop.

BTW Mr Provencio, to have "transcripts" of anything, it has to be recorded with the permission of all participants...did you break another law? Can you really afford to do that?


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Aotearoa is a new iteration yet again!!!

Post by Aotearoa » Sat May 26, 2007 5:45 pm

These guys are totally amazing.
They have gone from being a "licensed insurance and reinsurance" company in the Lloyd's Building Gallery 4 and HQd in Australia (with no records at ASIC, APRA nor Lloyd's). From having "$5 Billion in managed funds and $2Billion in assets". Which always baffled us as to where the other $3Billion went....must be quatloos star trek currency.

This website for a multi-billion $ (US) company was reduced to a one page Vendetta Letter attacking some persons apparently unraveling the scam and at the same time mentioning another one of the entities this website promoter is also related to..."Masters of Retirement". All references to a London, Hong Kong and Australian addresses has been removed as they were ALL fictitious (The locations are real, Pacific Western Indemnity wasn't there).

These entities are linked to another one named Heres from the google uncached search for pwindemnity : "newsletter - Lien Exchange, Inc. - The Market Place for Tax Liens, Mortgage Notes, Bonds, and Tax Deeds. High returns, High yields, Virtually no risk. - 4k - Supplemental Result ".

The "new" entity is: "Pacific Western Indemnity, Ltd. is a privately held company dealing directly with licensed brokers and/or dealers.
We neither solicit nor accept business directly or indirectly from the general public."

Now brokers and agents have to perform some due diligence as they have now become the intermediary for the next rendition of the scam.

Beware...he still references Lloyd's in a sneaky little side bar and he last sentence in the "read more" says "This is where our business office is today.".....IT IS NOT!!!

For everyone's own piece of mind, whenever there is a website that doesn't have any disclosures for legal, disclaimer and/or privacy policy..especially when they are making claims for taking your money/or your client's money, while gathering information on you via cookies or contact wary..very wary.

Most states and many nations have internet accessible records at various agencies for you to perform some basic due diligence. Pacific Western Indemnity Ltd and Integrity Retirement Partners (remember IRP was a Members Agent for Lloyd's in the US?? yeah right) fell apart on the front end as their assertions were unraveled with a few well placed searches and a few powerful tele calls. When someone makes a claim that sounds too good to be is.

Kiwis and Aussies are healthy skeptics and call a spade a spade, the Americans seem to believe too much they see, read and watch.....always look deeper. His mistake was trying to launch a scam using our backyard....NIMBY!!!

Good Day Mr. Provencio.

Kia Kaha


Pacific Western Indemnity Ltd w/no more Lloyds

Post by Aotearoa » Tue Jun 12, 2007 2:34 am

Gee, I guess putting Lloyd's of London all over a website to garner some cache for problematic scheme doesn't work.
It looks like Lloyd's has had these idiots remove all reference to Lloyds in any format whether it be a news release or other publicly available information.
No way to contact PWI anymore...HMMMMM
The Pacfic Worldwide tab is funny and exposes how scammers work, they get mixed up with their LLC vs LTD vs Inc

Bottom of the page talks about an LTD and above the "login" it speaks of Inc., WTF?

These guys are buffoons (IMHO) and have been swiftly shutdown from using this PWI website to lure or "convince" investors. I love it when this happens to multi-billion $ entities.
I don't think this whole thing lasted a Month....

Kia Kaha

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Re: Pacific Western Indemnity Ltd/Integrity Retirement Partn

Post by Gundo » Mon Jul 19, 2010 6:15 pm

So FYI just found out that not only PWI and Integrity and Masters of retirement now i see another name called American Equity Direct. Do you have any info on this name to go along with the others as being a scam and how do people out there get there money back if they are invested with these companies?


Re: Pacific Western Indemnity Ltd/Integrity Retirement Partn

Post by Aotearoa » Fri Aug 27, 2010 10:12 pm

Looks just like the same language with the nonsensical advise....don't know if it's Provencio in another format, but it smells like it. When I see "boutique" and then the company's life can't match up with the "since"'s like any bay waters on a hot day at low tide. FISHY


Re: Pacific Western Indemnity Ltd/Integrity Retirement Partn

Post by icc224 » Mon Dec 20, 2010 6:16 pm

To Gundo:

Yeah, Richard Provencio is also the mastermind behind American Equity Direct. When I mentioned Masters of Retirement, Provencio seemed very uncomfortable talking about the prior entity. I would be really careful, as in stay away. My 69-year-old father invested some of his retirement money in here based on a hard sell from Thomas Celaya (bad move on my father's part) and now we are trying as hard as possible to get the money back. But surprise surprise, Provencio is unwilling to give back any of the money, even when he agreed that the terms of the investment were "irregular" and the contract should be revoked.

20% return and NO RISK GUARANTEED is just not possible, don't get taken by a scam.

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Re: Pacific Western Indemnity Ltd/Integrity Retirement Partn

Post by dig4dirt » Fri Feb 22, 2013 10:12 pm

Thought that you guys would like to know that the great State of California has finally noticed Provencio and his buddies. On 19 December 2010 the California Department of Corporations filed a major lawsuit in the County of San Diego Against Richard Provencio, Carmen Provencio and all their various companies. Among other things, the Provencios are accused of selling fraudulent securities to 74 people for the sum of $9,938,186. The Department has also sued a couple of companies associated with Fred Gardenour. Gardenour has not yet been individually named in the suit but the case is just getting going. Hopefully he is in their sights and will be added to the list in the future.

You can find out more about the case on the San Diego Superior Court web site. The full case number is 37-2012-00088160-CU-MC-CTL. The initial case filing makes good reading if you do not like Provencio. The People Of The State Of California are represented by Alex Calero. I believe that his office is in the city of San Diego. If any of you guys have been swindled by Provencio and his wife I would suggest that you contact Mr. Calero.

I am interested in anything that anyone has on Fred Gardenour. He was involved in a fraudulent land deal last year that cost a friend big time. Any information that you have on him would be helpful.

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Re: Pacific Western Indemnity Ltd/Integrity Retirement Partn

Post by dig4dirt » Sun Jul 06, 2014 10:00 pm

On 9 May 2014, the San Diego California District Attorney handed down a 105 criminal complaint. The complaint charges Richard Provencio, 64, Carmen Provencio, 60, Julio Gomez, 43, and Carl Hampton (AKA Carl Battie), 57, with multiple counts of securities fraud, elder fraud, residential burglary, and perjury. The complaint addresses their fraudulent dealings through comp anise called Masters of Retirement and American Equity Direct. The case stems from the defendants’ marketing and sale of a fraudulent investment product to 28 victims. We can only hope that these boys will not see the sun shine for a long time.

I have it on good authority that there is an additonal Federal investigation underway. It seems that Mr. Hampton and his associations have been picking the pockets of residents in the great state of Texas. Mr. Hampton, whose real name is Carl Battie, was the mastermind behind Windsor Property and Surety, LLC which was guaranteeing Provencio's bonded life settlements. Hopefully by the time that the US Government gets through with him that Battie will spend many years in a padded cell.

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Re: Pacific Western Indemnity Ltd/Integrity Retirement Partn

Post by Jeffrey » Sun Jul 06, 2014 11:31 pm

Got a news article or some sort of link about the criminal complaint?

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Re: Pacific Western Indemnity Ltd/Integrity Retirement Partn

Post by JamesVincent » Mon Jul 07, 2014 4:08 am ... z36kSGOXEl
SAN DIEGO — Four people accused of swindling California investors – - many of them senior citizens — out of more than $3 million through marketing phony investment contracts are facing securities fraud, elder fraud, burglary and perjury charges, District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis announced Friday.

Richard Provencio, 64, Carmen Provencio, 60, Julio Gomez, 43, and Carl Battie Hampton, 57, are charged in a 105-count criminal complaint involving 28 alleged victims, but authorities believe additional seniors were targeted and are urging them to come forward.
If you were involved I highly stress that contacting the DA handling this case may be the only way you can get any sort of justice.
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Re: Pacific Western Indemnity Ltd/Integrity Retirement Partners

Post by dig4dirt » Mon Sep 21, 2015 11:03 pm

This morning Richard Provencio was sentenced to 15 years in the California state penitentiary. The sentence is a result of a plea bargain that Provencio made with the San Diego District Attorney to avoid trial. A preliminary hearing for his co-conspirator, Carl Battie aka Carl Hampton, was completed several weeks ago and Battie was bound over for trial. There is a hearing this week to determine the trial date which will probably be 6 to 9 months out. Hopefully Battie will join Provencio for a long stay in guest quarters provided by the State of California.

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Re: Pacific Western Indemnity Ltd/Integrity Retirement Partners

Post by dig4dirt » Wed Sep 23, 2015 1:19 am

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Re: Pacific Western Indemnity Ltd/Integrity Retirement Partners

Post by Burnaby49 » Wed Sep 23, 2015 1:39 am

If he got 15 years for cooperating and cutting a deal to squeal on his co-accused what would he have got if he'd gone to trial? I can't see it being much more.
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