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Post by EagleOne » Sat Oct 11, 2014 1:54 am

There is a new MLM Forex membership program trying to gain traction called What is truly interesting is no-one is named as running this new program. From all appearances it is being run by Victor Ronzulli of Wealth4AllTeam Ponzi. He appears to be the owner as he is doing YouTube videos promoting this latest Ponzi invention. He continually refers to himself as "we" and explains why "he" started Crowd4X.

If he truly is behind this, you know that Danny Cianciulli is behind this as well. They are two peas in a pod.

Victor was also pimping Ripln, AutoXTen, and Brain Abundance. He needs to ask for a refund from Brain Abundance because it didn't work.

Victor also claimed that he lost over $97,000 in Zeek. Hmm, starting to see a pattern here...first W4AT goes bust, their failed reboot Primus Hub goes bust, AutoXTen crashes and burns, Ripln crashes and burns despite his claiming it is the greatest thing you could ever join, and now this.

There domain registration is private, use gmail Email account, use a Skype telephone number, claim they operate out of Georgia, USA, but the company is not registered as a business in Georgia, their website contains no information of the people behind it, nor who is the administrator, so what could possibly go wrong?

This is going to be fun to watch to see how long it takes to implode on itself and all the excuses they come up with as to why. Wealth4AllTeam all over again. At least so far Victor has not invoked the name of God blessing least not yet.

Oz has a great review of this at behindMLM if you want to take a read.
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