Western Gulf Advisory/Ahsan Ali Syed/Omer Khan

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Western Gulf Advisory/Ahsan Ali Syed/Omer Khan

Post by santidiaz » Mon Feb 07, 2011 3:52 pm

Western Gulf advisory seems to have little or no substance behind them. No trace of business completed exept for upfront fees totaling $40m? 6-12 months later not a settled loan to be seen in Australia. They confess to a personal worth of 6-8 billion.
The players have a past riddled with debt in the uk(2001-2005) according to the BBC and the Deccan Chronicle says Ahsan Ali Syed is wanted in his home town Hyderabad, India for cheating crimes(ponzi fraud? and upfront fees for visas).
2008-2010 WGA went from 68.000 to 1.6b working out of Bahrain and Zurich(Credit Suisse?)
according to their site http://www.westerngulfadvisory.com but auditors BDO Bahrain pulled out in fall 2010 calling it a red flag. Bahrain goverment stepped in and business was stopped for six weeks.

look at the following sites for details and backgroud info.
Do you have any further info on WGA, Ahsan Ali Syed or Omer Khan(based in US till 2007?).

WGA's lawyers in Australia (now partners?) also named in this Chinees scam a year earlier. Could it be the same set up?
http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/fe ... 5797344511

Ahsan Ali Syed let die one company in Canada and two in the UK but no other companies can be found before 2008.
They say in their web they have 133 companies all over the world and started 12 years ago in the middle east.WGA was set up in 2008 in Bahrain and according to their 2009 rapport had 12 staff.(must be very hard workers)

They started up at least 9 (front?) companies at the same address in Amsterdam Holland (Antillies,Aruba??) over the last 4 months and just bought for 1.5m euro a debt ridden(100mdebt?) Soccer club through one of them. Western Gulf Sports Holding with 18.000 euro capital. (still waiting for payment)
http://www.kvk.nl (type "western gulf" in right box! (amsterdam) to see dutch register
Anyone have any reason to trust these guys?
Anyone have a different take??