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Frank Nwadike

Mattress Money

>>> "frank nwadike" 02/19/02 11:43PM >>>


We are making this contact with you after we received your contact Information from the International/ United States trade bureau, highlighting Your corporate and personality profile. We are as convinced as to Believe that you will provide us with a solution to effect a remittance of funds accruing from the over- invoicing of a category "A" contract jobs executed for the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

We are members of a five-man committee, appointed by the Federal Governmentof Nigeria, to effectively manage and oversee the payment of contract jobs executed for N.N.P.C. by foreign contractors. We shall input the name of you / your company into acomputer list of contractors due for payment, which shall be listed among genuinely awarded contracts, this we shall do by virtue of our positions in N.N.P.C. (Fourteen Million,Five Hundred Thousand,United States Dollars)This said contract is over invoiced to the tune of US 14,500,000.00. This amount will be paid to your company for onward disbursement amongst us;the key members of the committee. This transaction is hitch free, and bound to be successful with your co-operation.

Therefore we request you to send to us via fax,your company's informations to Enable us write officially to the Federal Ministry of Finance an application to legitimately pay to you / your company the over-invoiced sum of US$14,500,000.00 through any foreign bank account that you will provide to receive the money for us. On receipt of your payment application, the Federal Ministry of Finance will approve it for payment and recommend to the Central Bank of Nigeria to pay your company with foreign exchange cover for US $14,500,000.00 or the equivalent of this value in your country's currency as contract payment for the job you / your company executed for the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (N.N.P.C.) We are all highly esteemed and strategically placed officials in N.N.P.C, and hence twenty-one working days are enough to conclude this transfer from the day you send in your company name and address. We have agreed to give
you 25% of this money that will be paid into Your account, while our share is 65%, 10% will be shared among every contributor to the cost of securing this foreign exchange in your company's favor.

NOTE: We can buy industrial goods for resale in Nigeria, if you will not be unable to disburse our shares in cash. Finally, the confidence and trust reposed in you cannot be overstated. Therefore, you are advised to keep this transaction to yourself and confidential.

Contact us via telephone and fax or E-mail for clarification and prompt action if this "deal" appeals to you.
Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,
Dr Frank Ahmed Nwadike

Private Fax No:234 1 7597985
Phone :234 80230 81519


Dear Mr. Nwadike:

Let's simplify this matter. Just send all of your money to me in a large envelope and I promise to take good care of it for you. My address is below. Thanks.

Brad Christensen


>>> "frank nwadike" 02/20/02 01:56AM >>>

Dear sir,

Your re-mail of 19th February, 2002 Refer, On behalf of all colleagues in this business, we write to acknowledge receipt of your mail and to thank you for response to our proposal.

Our action plan is to transfer the said money to the active account you may provide from here as payment for a contract executed here by any company you may present as a front during the military era in Nigeria.

To this effect, we have already secured a good contract cover from the port-harcourt refinery with which the payment shall be made. With this contract cover and approvals secured thereof, the money shall be paid out from the refineryÆs account with the central bank of Nigeria (CBN) to your account.

As soon as the relevant processes are done with, the CBN shall effect the payment directly from here or through one of its offshore outfits to your account either by wire transfer or bank draft.

To cushion the cost of achieving the set target, we have raised some money to take care of all pre-transfer financial need here. It is our firm believes that this vote shall be enough to see us to the logical end of the transaction. However, we may need your assistance shall an emergency (which we do not envisage) arise in the course of executing this project.

From our calculation, the formalities and official cover for the payment shall take about one week (7days) from the day you supply the needed company and bank details while the release of the money from the CBN to your account shall be completed with another7 banking days. This brings it to about 14 days in all.

For all intents and purposes, the money has no illicit or drug related origin. Please read my first mail again. The money was sourced from over-invoiced bills in respect of some contract executed here in the past by some expatriate companies. It is the sum total of the bloated bills that we are transferring for our use. The money and the process (on course) leading to its transfer are clean and free of any crime.

Our intention is to invest our share of the money on successful transfer in purchase of company shares, real estate and property within and outside your country. We shall then live on the proceeds of the investment. Be this as it may, we shall welcome your business ideas/advice on how best to invest profitably.

You need not nurse any fears because we shall do a thorough work here to safeguard the money, yourself and ourselves in the deal. Everything is under control. We want to thank you once again for answering our call for assistance. Certainly we shall build a lasting relationship with this project. We do all these in trust believing that you would not shortchange us when the money is in your account.

Please reply urgently.

Best regard

Dr Nwadike

You can call me on my private phone no: 00234 80230 81519 for me to expedite more on this transfer, If u will like me to call u, tell me the precise time when you will be available for calls.

Check out Cupid School where you will learn from Matchmaker's best and brightest. Good Luck!


Dear Mr. Nwadike:

Thanks for your prompt response, but I thought I made myself crystal clear in my previous e-mail. Just send me your money in a large envelope and I'll take good care of it. I don't believe in wire transfers, modern technology, banks and all of the other rot you talk about in your action plan. I've got a mattress and the money keeps very well there as long as you spray occasionally for mites and spiders.

Lastly, I notice at the end of your e-mail there is a line about checking out "the Cupid School." What kind of a goofy come-on is that??? Sorry horny dude, but you most definitely are NOT my type!!!!!!!!

Brad Christensen


>>> "frank nwadike" 02/21/02 10:44AM >>>

Dear Brad,

Thanks for your mail, I dont actually understand what you mean by this envelop terms u are using on this transfer, if you are not interested in this transfer, go ahead and tell me so that we can go ahead and look for an alternative .

Looking forward to hear from you on what you have in mind for this transfer.

Dr Nwadike


Dear Dr. Nwadike:

I am very much interested, so let me clarify. Because of the Enron scandal and the economic instability in this country, Donald Trump, Ted Turner and all the rest of us corporate movers and shakers have completely stopped using banks and other financial institutions in favor of mattresses, which we find are much more reliable. Plus Don, Ted and the rest of us enjoy sleeping with our money. Therefore I implore you to put all your millions in a large envelope (or maybe a cardboard box) and send it directly to me at the address below. You have no worries because I will hire the Arthur Anderson accounting firm to keep track of everything for us.

Brad Christensen


>>> "frank nwadike" 02/21/02 04:31PM >>>

Dear Brad,

Hope you are doing great? call me up on my phone 00234 80230 81519 today so that we can discuss better on how to go about this transfer.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Dr Frank Nwadike


Dear Dr. Nwadike:

I am fine, and that is partly because I have discontinued the use of my telephone to rid myself of those pesky telemarketers. Unfortunately that means I cannot call you. I now am using the telegraph and an occasional carrier pigeon. Since even the hardiest pigeon cannot make the trip to and from Africa, I suggest we:

A) Continue to use e-mail
B) Do the telegraph thing, or
C) Train some sea gulls.

Your choice, Dr. Nwadike, but please respond soon because I want all of your money.

Brad Christensen


>>> "frank nwadike" 02/21/02 06:18PM >>>

Dear Brad,

I have come to realise that ironically, you are turning the whole of this business to a childs play.

Anyway, its my fault.




Dear Frankie:

Wondering when you'd wake up and smell the mattress, oops I mean coffee. Good for you that you figured it out before you chased down sea gulls to train for the flight! Those birds can be nasty critters.

Brad Christensen


>>> "frank nwadike" 02/22/02 01:14PM >>>


I thought as much that you are not a serious minded person since u are talking about envelop. Its better you keep to urself when u see something like this and u know u wont be of assistance. Your type dosent make money rather u die in civil service believing you will be given a post humuors award, in the name of been a faithful American.

Good day.So u have not heard about real money transfrer before its a pity for u.




Frankie Baby:

I have received at least two dozen offers from Nigerian scam artists like you, each with a great and imaginative "urgent business proposal" to dump millions of dollars on my lap. There are two possibilities here: 1) There are trillions of unclaimed dollars laying around in Nigeria, giving it a greater GNP than all of North America, or 2) Nigeria has dozens of thieves who want my bank information and authorization so that they can drain every penny from my account. All along I thought you fell into category #2, but now I'm not so sure. Your line about a "post humuors award" forces me to create category #3 - comedian. Such artful butchery of the language is wonderful fodder for a skit on Saturday Night Live.

Brad Christensen


>>> "frank nwadike" 02/22/02 11:46PM >>>

Mr Brad,

If u are reasonable enough, how do u think that someone from nigeria can withdraw money from your account in the u.s.

Moreover, If you have received letters from different pple does that makes the deal fake.

Man, I dont know what to tell you,Than the fact that pple like you have it hard to make money, for the fact that u dont want to get into business.





Now you have me really confused. You use the word "pple" twice in your message. I've searched the dictionary and discovered there is no such word as "pple." There is no such word as "u" either. Are you speaking in Chinese or something? Maybe it's a strange code. I'll bet it's from outer space. Okay, buster. Just answer one question. Are you green?

Brad Christensen


>>> "frank nwadike" 02/23/02 12:48AM >>>


You may hail from pluto or liliput thats ur business.

pple: people. U: you.




Good one! Great to see that even green aliens with pointed ears can have a sense of humor.

Brad Christensen

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