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Chief Magna Yamani

All African Games

>>> 11/26/02 08:46PM >>>

Attention: Manager/Ceo

Dear Sir,

Confidential Business Proposal

I am Chief Magna Yamani, the Accountant of the Federal Ministry of Youths,Sports,and culture - Parent body of the LocalOrganizing Committee of the 8th All African game tagged "COJA 2003" holding in my country next year .In the course of our preparation to host the 8th All African games, a huge sum of money running into millions of United States Dollars was budgeted by the present civilian administration of our president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo for the successful prosecution of this competition. In the same vein, the supreme council for sport in Africa also made millions of dollars available for the same competition. However, in my capacity as the Chief Accountant, of both local organizing committee (LOC), and the Federal Ministry of Youths,Sports and culture , my colleagues and I in sensitive positions were able to influence the award of the contract, for the supply and installation of some of the equipment that will be used for the competition.

The contractor who handled these projects agreed to give us 10% of the total contract sum, if we were able to influence the award of the contract in their favor. Other foreign firms bided for this same contract, but we were able to influence the board to award the contract to the firm we had this agreement with.

This contract has been successfully executed and they have been paid 90% of their
total contract sum, remaining the balance of 10% which we never wanted them to
collect on our behalf because of the fear that they might not fulfil their promise. It is pertinent to note that, the remaining balance of seven million, united states dollars (US $7,000,000.00) is lying in the suspense account of the First Chartered Bank Lagos, ready for transfer into an oversea account.

I have been unanimously mandated to seek for an honest and trustworthy foreign
partner who will assist in ensuring the successful transfer of the above sum of money into his Personal/Company account since the Nigerian Code of Conduct Bureau does not permit us to operate a foreign account as public servants. On the successful remittance of the fund (US$7,000,000.00) into your nominated account, for your kind assistance you will be adequately compensated.

Be rest assured that, the modalities and logistics towards the successful
transfer of this fund has been worked out. All we require from you is your cooperation. This transaction is 100% risk free. We kindly request that you accord it the highest level of secrecy it deserves. Your swift response will be highly appreciated and kindly provide your phone and fax number for further information. Upon your acknowledgement of this proposal, I will forward to you the detailed procedure for this transaction.

Note that, this transaction is legal and free from all sorts of risk and trouble. It does not contravene the laws of my country nor any International laws; hence the whole approval for the transfer will be official and legally processed. This transaction will be concluded within five (5) working days if we follow it up and give the serious attention it deserves.

Awaiting your prompt response.

Best regards,
Chief Magna Yamani


Dear Chief Magna Yamani:

Your proposal sparked my interest as a businessman and athlete in his prime. Please tell me more. Also, regarding the 8th All Africa Games, is it possible to get shuffleboard added as an event, and if so, can non-Africans compete? The Olympics still have not seen fit to add that strenuous and challenging sport. There are many talented shuffleboard players, myself included, who are awaiting a chance to compete on an international or continental stage. Unfortunately I, and others like me, are forced to organize matches with winos and molesters at a park near my retirement home. I await more information about your business opportunity and prospects for shuffleboard at the All Africa Games.

Brad Christensen


>>> magna yamani <> 12/04/02 5:13 AM>>>


Dear Brad,

I want to thank you for the quick response with which you accorded my
e-mail, and I am positive this transaction will be of great benefit to both
of us.

I have taken time to enumerate the procedure as can be seen below.

There are two options:

[A] You will be expected to provide me with a good bank account free from
all forms of illegality that can be used for the transfer the fund. The
account should preferably be opened in the Far East, Latin America, America
or Asia. One of the major reasons why I prefer any of these continent is due
to their liberal banking system.

[B] The draft option. You will have to provide a name with which you want
the draft to be issued - i.e the beneficiary.

If you accept any of these options, I will file in an application for
claim in my ministry. I will use my influence and my position to secure
approval for payment within a short period of time.

The moment I secure the approval, a payment order will be raised in favor
of the beneficiary and forwarded to our Federal Ministry of Finance for
foreign exchange allocation.

Once forex is approved, the payment order will be sent to the paying bank
for onward credit of the said sum into your account or for the issuance of
the draft in favor of the beneficiary. The moment the transfer is confirmed,
I will come over to meet you for my share of the fund.

Note that you will get 25% of the total sum as compensation at the end of
the transaction. I want to assure you also that the transaction is 100% risk
free, and not contrary to the laws of my country and that of yours. All the
steps and procedures that will be adopted to get the funds transfered will
be done in accordance to the norms, and any known law.

I will give further details when I speak with you on phone. Please, note t
hat a transaction of this magnitude can not be concluded via the email
system alone. We need to talk on phone. The confidence can only be
established when we talk on phone.

Finally, before I commence work on the transaction, there must be a form
of agreement between both of us.

You can reach me through any of these telephone numbers for further
briefing: 874 762692456, special number allocated to me by my Ministry,
between the hour of 9am to 8pm GMT from Monday to Friday or my cell phone
number: 234-80-33436671, any time of the day. Call me as soon as you get
this mail to enable me give details.

Please do not forget to send me via email your confidential telephone and
fax numbers.

Sincerely yours,

Chief Magna Yamani.


Dear Chief Yamani:

Either of your options will work for me, but first I must meet you. I only do business personally and not over fax machines, electronic transfers and all that newfangled gadgetry. As a businessman with a personal touch and an inventor with a creative flair, I have become quite wealthy. One of my inventions, the BarfLog, has earned more than $1 million as a home-security device. I will tell you more about this wonderful invention later. Anyway, I currently am looking to add to my financial resources. Your offer sounds like a perfect opportunity to do that, while also promoting the glorious sport of shuffleboard throughout all of Africa.

I am willing and eager to travel almost anywhere to meet you. Might I suggest Italy, birthplace of bocci, another grueling sport that deserves a spot in the All Africa Games? Please reply as soon as possible.

Brad Christensen


Hey, shuffleboard fans:

See attached. Looks like the gig is up for poor Chief Yamani, and with it a whole universe of comedic possibilities is sucked into a black hole. Please observe a moment of silence in honor of our fallen chief. Meantime, an explanation of how the BarfLog works as a crime-prevention device will just have to wait for another scam-the-scammer opportunity.


This is an automated reply, from the mailbox you sent this letter to.
Guess what my friend? If you have been talking with 'chiefyamani@mail.coM',

you aren't anymore. This email account has been hacked by a
scambuster. The criminal who started the account lives in Lagos
Nigeria. He is a dirtbag liar who is attempting to STEAL from you.
All correspondence is FALSE. He has NO MONEY and no consignment with
a security company. I will post his phone number and any other
pertinent information so he may be captured by the police.


>>> 12/11/02 04:11PM >>>

Dear Sir,

Business Proposal

This serves as a follow up to my business proposal sent to
you on the 4th of december, 2002. We do not seem to have
received your response. Kindly as a matter of urgency
confirm whether or not you are interested in the

Best of regards,

Chief Magna Yamani
Fed. Min. of Youths, Sport & Culture.


Yes, if this is about the All Africa Games I am extremely interested. Please tell me more.

Brad Christensen

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