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Porcine Princess Chronicles

Part 2

>>> "princessmaria ojo ofem" 07/13/02 12:25AM >>>
Dear Brad,

How are you doing today with your work? Hope all right. Well, I appreciate what you said about my
picture but it suprised me so much that, you did a different thing and told me another thing all together.

In spite of all I told you and your admittance about our security, you still allowed my email to be read
by another person. I am very disappointed. If it is just that, they saw my picture, it wouldn't have
buddered me so much but, somebody even saw the last email I sent to you yesterday.

I am not happy at all and am no more comfortable. To make the matter worse, the receptionist, even
wrote me just to confirm she has been following all our correspondences.

I think I have to reserve every other thing to say until I hear from you soon.

Meawhile, Mr Scotty confirmed the reciept of just a copy of a personal email you sent to me. I felt
you could have written him in a different tone at least acknowledging meeting him for the first time
and then, explaining further how far we have gone. Also, testifying your readiness to assist me and
working with him.

Then, till you write.

I am princess.


Dear Princess Ajo:

My sincere apologies, but I am sure you will understand that the receptionist, who receives all of my calls, must be made aware of the legitimacy of those who may be calling me. If the receptionist believes you are a telemarketer selling underarm deodorant or aluminum siding you will not be allowed to speak to me, even if you have the correct password. The password for this week is "scrod." I await your call.

Brad Christensen


>>> Mr Nnanna Scotty 07/16/02 09:24AM >>>
Dear Mr. Brad Christensen

Thanks for your email and my name is Mr. Nnanna Scotty
the Financial Adviser to late King Ofem Ojo. I have
been directed to reach you by Princess Maria. I have
put every arrangement to get this money out of Nigeria
with your help to Thailand. Presently the money is in
a vault box deposited with Security Company here

After I receive your email and that of Princess, we
have come to conclusion that we are to go into this
transaction with you. First of all, we must make it
clear to you that this transaction is risk free. We
believe you will benefit a lot out of the money that
you will have no reason to betray Princess as we have
agreed to give you 25% while 70% you will keep in your
custody for Princess until she comes to stay with you
and 5% to pay back all expenses that we may incur on
the process of this transaction. Before we invest the
money in any business you may help princess to go
into, the first thing is to secure the money into an
account in your country.

The money is been packaged and coded in a vault box
and deposited as Palace Treasure Gift. As you can see
the Certificate of deposit which I have attached here
for you. Now for the security company to move the
money outside Nigeria, we are going to register the
vault box with your name as the beneficiary to enable
us beat the knowledge of members of princess
polygamous family as princess must have told you the
circumstances surrounding this money. According to the
security company, the Gift can only be delivered to us
in Thailand these is the country they have security
arrangement with their government as their consignment
is delivered under diplomatic baggage i.e. not subject
to inspection.

The box will not be opened until it is delivered to
you as the key and the code is with me. The routes to
other countries were all closed after the sept. 11 US
terrorist attack, hence they can not deliver to any
other country. Bear in mind that, you are the person
the security company will deliver the consignment to,
as the consignment will be registered with your name
as the beneficiary. After claiming the money from the
security company, we shall also in your name open a
domiciliary account in that Thailand and deposit the
money and further order the bank to transfer it to
your bank. When we are through with all these,
Princess will go with you to your country.

Now for us to move the money from Security Company out
of this country we have to get legal document from
High Court in Nigeria.

Please sign the 2 attached documents and send back to
me through email. Once I get the document. I will take
it to court to legalize it and get High Court seal on
it. The original of this Legal Document will be sent
to you by courier to keep so that you will show it to
your bank that may want to know how you get the money.
You are also to sign and return as well as the Mutual
Agreement so that Princess will as well sign her
column and send copy to you. I believe with my
explanation, we can move ahead on this transaction.
Please call me on Phone 234 1 7753681 as soon as you
get the mail.


Nnanna Scotty.


Dear Mr. Scotty:

The pleasure is all mine, especially when the Princess comes to visit me. Since I have already warned her about the missing eye and cancer surgeries, I hope when she sees me she doesn't shriek loudly and run screaming into the night. Please assure her that I have offered to share a mansion in Gila Bend with the Princess. The mansion, actually a double-wide with a Port-O-San bolted to the side, is high on a landfill overlooking a beautiful onion farm.

I have received none of the attachments you mentioned. I believe you forgot to attach them so please resend. Thanks. I am looking forward to this very enriching business opportunity.

Brad Christensen


>>> "princessmaria ojo ofem"
07/17/02 10:34AM >>>

Dear Brad,

How are you doing today and your work? Hope very all right. I appreciate your apology with good faith,
am only making sure I am secured and want to know how many people I am dealing with.

Mr. Scotty had told me in the morning that he had reached you, hope you received his email. I only
believe that you will have a very good alliance with Mr. Scotty to enable us establish firm trust for a
good result because, I believe with good cooperation and trust, we will conclude this transaction in
the nearest possible time.

Mr. Scotty also said he had sent you along his email, three documents, an agreement note, court
legal document and the deposit certificate expecting you to sign and get back to him so that, I will
sign my own potion.

That, I feel marks the real beginning of our preempted cooperate transaction. It is my candid believes
that God have answered my prayers.

Anyway, I expect to read from you by tomorrow by the grave of God. Have a nice day.



Dear Princess Ajo:

I am eager to hear from Mr. Scotty. Unfortunately in his e-mail yesterday he forgot to attach the attachments and I only received his message. I have pasted his e-mail and my response below, following your e-mail. As you can see I am looking forward to your visit with my one good eye and have planned some fine accommodations for you.

However, a few items in your e-mail confuse and upset me, and will first require clarification from you. You state that you intend to "sign my own potion." Is that a magic potion? Possibly an evil potion? Or maybe love potion number 9? You also say you expect to read "by the grave of God." Does this mean you think God is dead??? These statements of yours about potions and the death of God have me wondering if you are really a witch and not a princess at all! I think I deserve an explanation before you will be welcome in the mansion on the hill.

Brad Christensen, Defender of God


>>> "princessmaria ojo ofem" 07/18/02 05:47AM >>>

I think, this is an insult on my personality and should be stopped or else, I will insult you back. How
could you say am a witch or would sign you own potion?

Even if I wrongly wrote that, are you above such mistakes and human error?

I feel you are too old to be behaving this way.



Dear Princess Ajo:

I did not say you were a witch; I merely asked if you were one because I have no interest in becoming involved in any business with a Godless demon. When you wrote about God's "grave" and a "potion," I did not realize these were mistakes and admittedly I suspected that you may be a devil worshiper. With lingering trepidation I will now accept your statement that these were errors and that you use brooms only for cleaning. Hopefully this little misunderstanding will not sour our budding relationship.

Brad Christensen


>>> "princessmaria ojo ofem" 07/19/02 06:29AM >>>
Dear Brad,

We are all right this morning and how do you do with your family members?

I once again accepts your apology and you should understand that, I have principles. Even though am in
mess at the moment but, I still recognise my statue. I much appreciate dealing with people who respect
my feelings and values.

I remember, I have told you before now that, though, for been a princess, which makes me to pass through
a lot of customs and traditional shits, I still remember and respect the personality of christ as my only
personal Lord and saviour. How could I be a devil as you aleged.

However, I respect you so much as I have already regarded you as my father and strongly believe in you.

Mr Scotty is already aware that, you said you did not receive the first attachment he sent to you and had
promised to resend it.

I hope to hear from you soon and I will only reach you by monday as I will be very busy in the palace this

I wish a nice weekend till monday. God bless you.



Dear Princess Ajo:

My members are all fine, thanks. Glad to hear that you are a God-fearing human. Also happy to hear you recognize your statue. Means your artist wasn't drunk or drugged out. I also understand and empathize with your statement about passing through shits, which is something I must also do regularly. All the best until Monday.

Brad Christensen

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