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Exhibit: Quatloosian HYIP Programs

The programs which follow offer only the freshest-cut, deepest discounted bank debentures, treasury securities, and mid-term notes. These are sure-thing, can't-miss programs that are backed by our Prime Banks, and in many cases the Federal Reserve and Lloyds of London. But please keep all of this a secret: The Government doesn't want you to know about these programs that will make you rich just as they did they did the Morgans and Vanderbilts of the world. Hey, you don't even have to give these programs your money, just deposit it in one of the Prime Banks and it will be completely safe. It's only because of the offshore off-balance sheet financing that you have to put any of your Quatloos up (and even they aren't at risk, as these programs are 100% risk-free and guaranteed to be successful). And we promise you that the people who run these programs are one of only six people in the world who can make these trades happen. So invest early, and invest often.

How do we make money? Easy! We only one a lousy one (1) Quatloo for every million Quatloos that you'll be making on these transactions. That's a low margin, but we figure with these high-paying, sure-winners you'll be making so much money that we'll be able pick up a couple of hundred thousand Quatloos here and there.

  • They only get paid if you make at least 20% profits by trading in U.S. Treasury Notes and bank debentures. All funds held in safekeeping and not at risk and only used to leverage much larger investments -- U.S. Reservation Bank & Trust, Higher Investment Technologies, Inc., Global-Link Capital Markets, L.L.C., Edward J. Driving Hawk, Sr., Leo Driving Hawk, Sr., John M. Adams, Edmund J. Smedley, Kenneth S. Harrison, William J. Herisko, Thomas T. Emerton, Defendants, and Oyate Development, Inc., Oyate Enterprises, L.L.P., Oyate Trust, River Walk Development, L.L.C., Ringthunder Racing Stables, Inc., HPHC, Inc., James R. Driving Hawk, Orpha Jane Johnston -- More Info

  • Make 4% per week for 40 weeks up to 160% per year with this once-in-a-lifetime prime bank securities program that is risk free -- Terry L. Dowdel & Co. -- More Info

  • Make 24%-60% in one year trading instruments with the top-50 European Banks. This program is safe because it is run by a couple of people who hold real, verifiable securities licenses from the NASD and work with major firms -- Ellsworth Wayne McLaws and Alan Clagg -- More Info

  • Program earns 48% to 120% per year trading with the top European banks, and has already raised $98 million from 1,300 investors -- Resource Development International, LLC, David Edwards, James Edwards, Jade Asset Management, Ltd., Sound Financial Services, Inc., Intercostal Group, LLC, Intercoastal Group II, LLC, Kevin Lynds, Gerald J. Stock, Blackwolf Holdings, LLC and William Whelan, Defendants and Pacific International Limited Partnership, International Education Research Corporation, Galaxy Asset Management, Inc., and David Cluff, Individually and d/b/a Rivera Trust 410 -- More Info

  • Best returns! Earn 1,000% annually risk-free in high yield investments in offshore accounts with one of the only six traders in the world capable of pulling off these trades  -- Harral Dunbar, Jr., individually and d/b/a Ghost International -- More Info

  • Generate 48% to 84% returns per year trading with this unique offshore trading program  -- Joseph Lloyd Norris, Mark Gray Coleman, Magellan Communications Group, LLC, and Northern Lights Financial, LLC -- More Info

  • Safety in bonds! Very high-yield corporate bonds pay 30%-40% every ten days -- CDH & Affiliates, Inc. and C. David Hallman -- More Info

  • Outstanding HYIP program pays 100% returns per week by selling letters of credit at a discount  -- Clif Goldstein, formerly known as Clifford Dixon Noe, Paul Howe Noe, also known as Paul Noe Randall, Carolyn M. Kaplan, Noel Alelov, Russell B. Gerstein, Nuell W. Paschal, Great American Trust Company, Inc., and Great American Trust Corporation, Inc. -- More Info

  • Licensed stockbroker will make you rich leasing U.S. Treasury Bills and then depositing them into a trading program -- Brian A. Schmidt, John Aristotle Dilworth, II, and Euro-Atlantic Securities, Inc. -- More Info

  • Secure Private Placement Program will generate risk-free returns of 20% to 25% per week trading in highly rated financial instruments -- Lewis J. McConnell, Jr., Ned L. Huggins, and Gregory T. Wood -- More Info

  • All The Way To The Top trading program sells mid-term notes on the overseas market for a huge gain and high returns to you -- Philip J. Yoder -- More Info

  • Get 20% per month for 13 months in Tri-Star's bank debenture trading program and invest in other international opportunities too -- Louis M. Lazorwitz, J. Charles Reives, Tri-Star Investment Group, L.L.C. a/k/a Tri-Star Investment Group, Defendants, and Lazor, Ltd. -- More Info

  • Make 80% annual returns trading in medium term bank debentures of the Top 25 western European Banks -- Earl A. Abbott, Richard L. Stalvey, Glenn Perdue, Robert E. Gerwin, Kenneth C. Nunn and Thomas J. O'Keeffe -- More Info

  • Can't miss HYIP program generates 13,000% returns trading in bank debentures, medium term notes and other prime bank instruments. These programs have been approved by the SEC and the Federal Reserve -- Lytle E. Fogelsong, Thomas Gregory Cook, James H. Malbaff, and Malbaff & Cook -- More Info

  • High Yield Investment Program guarantees 100% per month profits by providing access to short-term bank debt instruments that can be purchased at a discount and sold quickly for a profit without risk -- John C. Willy, Jr. -- More Info

  • Guaranteed by well-known European banks! Returns of 120% per year! -- W. David Blunk, Jr., Aubrey John Elam, Jr. and Stanley C. Eaves -- More Info

  • Hot market in medium-term bank debentures issued by major money center banks in the U.S. and western Europe. By pooling interests together investors will get returns of 4 percent per week for 40 weeks -- Terry L. Dowdell & Co. -- More Info

  • Trading program in foreign bank instruments will provide returns of 1,000% annually  -- Highland Financial Corporation -- More Info

  • Prime bank scheme will make you rich!  -- James R. Harrold, Franklin Management and Consulting, LLC, Accipter, LLC, Franklin Asset Management and Consulting, LLC, Franklin Management and Consulting, Inc., and Concord Development Group, LLC -- More Info

  • This firm has an entire staff of analysts tracking international trading in prime bank investments. How could you lose?  -- Mark Steven Snader, d/b/a and The High Yield Club -- More Info

  • Sophisticated businessman with experience in securities markets will guide you through the maze of prime bank instruments to your ultimate monetary success!  -- Concord Capital Enterprise, dba Concord Capital Inc., Scott Yoshizumi, Ann Ta, and Dionisia Pappas -- More Info

  • Lennox Investment Group will fill all of your prime bank investment needs through its Small Investment High-Yield Program that guarantees investor principal and has been approved by the Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund -- Frank L. Peitz, Daniel B. Benson, Peter A. Loutos, Sr., Robert D. Paladino, Randall W. Law, and Monica M. Iles -- More Info

  • Let Mr. Cortesano make YOU rich! Enter his program and make guaranteed 60% to 200% returns per month  -- Enrico Cortesano -- More Info

  • Bank Debenture Trading Program will pay you a guaranteed return of at east 120% annually that has been secured by Prime Banks  -- Tri-West Investment Club, Alyn Richard Waage, and Haarlem Universal Corporation -- More Info

  • Morganthau Gold Bond Certificates, foreign gold mining projects and prime bank instruments are available to boost your portfolio performance with no risk. Returns are guaranteed, of course  -- Garry W. Stroud, individually and d/b/a Diamond Global Holding Trust, Euro Credit and Exchange Bank Ltd., and Angelic International -- More Info

  • The Hawthorne Sterling Family of Funds invests in bank debentures and other prime bank instruments  -- Ian Renert & Co.  -- More Info

  • The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have approved these investments and have guaranteed returns of 40% to 50% per month  -- Elfindepan, S.A., Southern Financial Group, Tracy Calvin Dunlap, Jr., Barry Lowe, James L. McCall, Strategic Asset Funds, S.A., Edmund Menden, Michael Menden and Michael Zieglmeier, defendants, and C.R.C.C. LLC and Patrick Wilson -- More Info

  • International Bank Debenture Program will generate a 100% return per week for twelve weeks. Don't let the fact that these programs are being run out of two mobile homes in Florida discourage you from the fact that this is a top-of-the-line international financial firm --  Nancy J. Cheal and Relief Enterprise & Co. -- More Info

  • 2,600% per year with no risk available to investors smart enough to get into this winner. All funds placed in a federally approved bank-to-bank trading program that will be used to promote humanitarian projects -- Advance Local Development Corp. -- More Info

  • Christian Investors can take faith in these risk free investments that do the Lord's work by making a guaranteed 15% to 20% per month return trading in prime bank instruments. These investments are also approved by an attorney -- Gilbert Merrell Wynne & Co. -- More Info

  • Licensed stockbroker assists non-profit groups and churches in getting involved with prime bank programs that can produce 10 times the money invested on the international market by trading with the top 200 world banks, with principal guaranteed of course -- John F. Smart -- More Info

  • Guaranteed returns of 130% per month with no risk in this elite prime bank trading program available exclusively to municipalities -- Alamin, Inc., Financial Resources, George L. Vaughn and Curt Arvidson -- More Info

  • Guaranteed returns of 200% per month that have been guaranteed against risk of loss by the top 25 world banks via a program that has been sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank and the International Monetary Fund. All trading in prime bank instruments approved by the International Chamber of Commerce -- Zappa International Corporation, Scott L. Simpson, Scott B. Walker, Equity Management Services, Eagle Vision Holdings Inc., Wayne Nattrass, and Westminster Trading Trust -- More Info

  •  Simple prime bank program run from the Cayman Islands -- Kenton Capital, Ltd.-- More Info

  • Prime bank trading program -- Daniel E. Schneider and Gordon A. Dunlop -- More Info

  • Nothing but the best for this risk free 20% monthly  prime bank trading program involving bank debentures issued by top world banks -- James R. Harrold, Franklin Management and Consulting, LLC, Accipter, LLC, Franklin Asset Management and Consulting, LLC, Franklin Management and Consulting, Inc., and Concord Development Group, LLC -- More Info

  • Turn $30,000 into $1.5 million in only six weeks with prime bank securities traded by this exclusive Asset Enhancement Program -- Donald Barry Tamres -- More Info

  • Buy medium term notes and debentures at a deep discount from the top-25 European banks via the secret international trading market -- Lewis Allen Rivlin, Edwin Earl Huling III, and Alfred Huascar Velarde, as defendants; and Z-Finance, S.A., Anthony P. Zioudas, Hedley Finance Ltd., Christian Dante,and Chrysanthos Chrysostomou -- More Info

  • More than 50% annually in bank debentures with companies in the Bahamas with no risk to your funds. This group is the nerve center for prime bank trading worldwide -- John E. Brinker, Jr., Gary J. Bentz, Castlerock Consulting, LLC, Guardian First Limited, Inc. (a Nevada corporation), Guardian First Limited, Inc. (a Grenada corporation), Wellington Bank and Trust, Ltd., Wellington Capital Holdings Ltd., Inc., Wellington Capital Holdings, Ltd., Wellington International Investments, Inc., Wellington First International Investments, Inc. and all subsequently numbered Wellington International Investments, Inc. entities, Alpha Advantage II, Inc., Eleven Eighty-Five, LP, and Steadfast Ministries, Inc. -- More Info

  • Can't miss TLC program will protect your retirement savings with safe and modest 8% to 15% returns in long-term Certificates of Deposit and European bank debentures -- 2001 TLC Investments & Trade Co., TLC America, Inc. dba Brea Development Company, TLC Brokerage, Inc. dba TLC Marketing, TLC Development Inc., TLC Real Properties RLLP-1, Cloud & Associates consulting, Inc., Ernest F. Cossey, Gary W. Williams, and Thomas G. Cloud -- More Info

  • International bank debenture trading program offers huge returns with no risk to investors -- Terry V. Koontz -- More Info

  • Don't want to risk your money but still want decent returns? Trading in secured promissory notes can make you 12% to 13% per year without risk and guaranteed by an offshore insurance company -- Pacific Air Transport, Inc. and Robert B. Hirsh -- More Info

  • Prime bank investment program is completed and will pay off as soon as report is done -- Funding Resources Group -- More Info

  • "Can't lose" with these high-grade medium-term bank denbentures that pay a compounded return equal to 1,250% in only ten months. Risk free and guaranteed, and trading in financial instruments issued by the top one hundred world banks -- The Gateway Association, The Gateway Association (Illinois), Richard J. Collins, Bill Wilson, Jerome Coppage, David A. Morgenstern, William J. Windsor, Linda A. Fehl, Malcolm Silverman, Janet Collins and Christine J. Todd, Paul Shingledecker -- More Info

  • Highest quality debt instruments issued by the world's largest banks generates risk-free returns of 60% annually -- Eric E. Resteiner & Co., Swiss Asset Management, Wall Street South, and Resource F, Voldemar A. VonStrasdas, Charles G. Dyer -- More Info

  • Your cash will be safe and used for collateral only for trading in off-balance-sheet investments and buying instruments issued by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the Federal Reserve System which will safely generate 7% to 100% per month  -- Steven E. Thorn, Craig A. Morgan, Karen A. Estrada, Global Investors Group, LLC, First Financial Ventures, LLC, Second Financial Ventures, LLC, Third Financial Ventures, LLC, Fund Global, LLC and Global Equity Group, LLC -- More Info

  • Certificates of Deposit earning 12% annually issued by offshore and world banks that are backed by the full faith and credit of the United States  -- Michael P. Keating and Keating Advisory Group -- More Info

  • One of the few traders in the world who can trade in medium-term debentures issued by the top 25 banks located in Europe will earn you annual returns of 80% to 160% guaranteed and with no risk  -- Earl A. Abbott, Richard L. Stalvey, Glenn Purdue, Robert E. Gerwin, Kenneth C. Nunn and Thomas J. O'Keeffe -- More Info

  • This group acquires Letters of Credit from International Prime Banks and use these for trading with no risk to you  -- Edward J. Paradis, Jr. and Walter R. Snyder, Jr. -- More Info

  • Why bother with the others? This program will net you 600% returns within 30 days and at least 1,300% annually by trading high-yield bank debentures issued by the top international banks -- TAC International Limited, Douglas R. Walker, Craig Southwood, Larry B. Richardson and Jan Harry "Jack" Wilde -- More Info

  • Is your money sitting in a bank earning a measly 4% per year? Earn 1000% to 5000% returns within two years with this nifty, no-risk prime bank trading program  -- Stewart & Co. -- More Info

  • Another quality prime bank trading program  -- Benjamin Franklin Cook & Co. -- More Info

  • Risk-free trading in bank debenture notes issued by the world's top banks will earn you 80% per week with guaranteed profits backed by the Federal Reserve and the International Chamber of Commerce -- Phillip H. Ezell and 21st Century Funding -- More Info

  • Pool your funds with others to maximize the benefits of letters of credit, standby letters of credit, and notes issued by the top 100 world banks to generate a high rate of return without risk. All investments are guaranteed -- Roy E. Matlock and Alan Root -- More Info

  • Guaranteed investments by major European bank and Caribbean insurer will safely generate returns of 30% per month to investors  -- Steven C. Roberts, Robert Cord, and Robert F. Schoonover, Jr. -- More Info

  • Investment enhancement program will pool investors' funds to invest in prime bank instruments through a major world bank in Europe to generate guaranteed returns of at least 20% per month with all investments insured by Lloyds of London  -- Anthony J. Marino, Gregory C. Johnson, Richard Ames Higgins, Mousa International, AJM Global, and Consortio Intranacional -- More Info

  • Get a free mug and a clock when you invest in this prime-bank note program which is for pension plans only  -- John Lauer & Co. -- More Info

  • Lease prime bank securities for better returns through this non-risk investment that generate nearly a 1,000% return in only 10 months -- Winsell Exchange, World Investment Network, Theodore O. Pollard -- More Info

  • Unique program trades in international bank-to-bank and other trade transactions to generate 20-to-1 returns in 30 days for investors lucky enough to get into this program  -- HDG Investment Corporation and Paul J. Edwards -- More Info

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