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Jennifer Lee NESARA Reports

July 12, 2003


Hi, it’s Jennifer on the 12th of July. The Report was in two parts and quite lengthy, so I am sure it will take up both messages—the 5903 number after this one.

Greetings, Commander. Saturday, and I have a wild story. I can just say that no matter what is going on out there, St. Germain and the Forces of Light are in charge, and we all have to remember who is running the show here. And it is all that is.

I went out today to trying to find the King. I did not find him, but I think God led me in the right direction. If you remember we have always said that God has shown up in many forms of Angels, while today there was a bit of a few Angels that showed up. I was trying to get a hold of the King and I was led to talk to my friend from the land of the Poppies over there. She has some children over there. She is in charge of helping to save the children. She is a White Knight on that level. One of these children, shall we say was from that place called Baghdad. This little girl picked up one of those packages that she thought was food and it turned out to be a grenade or a bomb and her hands were blown off. At the same time that occurred Mother Mary, Lady Master Nada, Lord Sananda’s Twin Flame—they are one and the same—she showed up in a purple ball of ice and immediately healed this little girl and her hands were restored.

Also, a little girl came up to me today and she asked me if I was a White Knight. I said yes, and then she gave me a hug and she put some cash in my hands. I said that I did not deserve this, but she said yes, of course you do, you are a White Knight. White Knights need to have their abundance to help save the planet. Just like my friend Miss Poppy here, for lack of a better word, and she said “I know all about the Masters and the Galactic Forces that are here helping us and the White Knights to get this done and we will have our freedom now”.

This was a little 7 year old girl, one of the Indigo Children of Generation X, Y, Z. They are coming forward now. She knows full well her mission. She is going to go and get some R and R and a place of balance. Both of her parents are dead, and when she is settled she will be back to talk about the miraculous healing she can do with her hands.

There were three officers who witnessed the little girl getting her hands blown off, and they, have since, shall we say, joined the Forces of Light, and they are with the Galactic Forces at this time. After NESARA is announced they will come out and tell their side of the story. Once it is safe and sound and secure all the Angels will come out and tell the Truth.

The King called in the middle of all this on the cell phone. He said, “Greetings, Commander”. I said, “Greetings, sir”. He said, “Remember, God told you about the miracles? Well here is one of those miracles that is about to happen”. I said, “OK, this is incredible” and what about the greatest miracle of them all?” And he said, “Hey, one miracle a day, I’m not The Man!” And I said, “What is this? “ (He was making a joke).
But he was making the concept that every single day there is a miracle that is occurring right now in the very fact that we are here. This is still in this moment in time where St. Germain has given us the ability to heal this planet with one incident. All it takes is ONE.

That’s what this little girl did today at age 7 years old. She was the stranger who came to me, is completely telepathic and she is completing awake.

When I got into my car the radio was playing “Touched by an Angel” by Celine Dion, and we are all being touched with Angels of Love. That is what is going on across the battlefields, across the Planet. Time is short. ‘Do your mission. Do it now!
See you on the bridge. Q’aplaa!

That was the Report for the 12th.

If you are new, sometimes people ask me what number they [should] call. The number is 310-842-5902. Often I have another message on my other line which is the same except the last digit is 3. [310-842-5903]. transcribes them on their website under the Jennifer Lee Reports [section]. They also have a live link so you can hear the message audibly as well. The Bellringer Reports are on there, the Dove Reports are on there, among other things on the website there.

I will check with A and A about answering some of the questions you have. One person wants to know how to sign for the packages when they come to the door. We have covered that extensively in the past, and Dove has this in the archives, You write, “All Rights Reserved” above your name in capital letters with a period at the end. The other was a longer phrase and that is [also] in Dove’s archives so I will check with A and A to see if they want to put that up here on my voice mail.

That is it for tonight. This message came in tonight on the 12th. I will be back tomorrow night. Love you all so very much. Thank you.

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