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Tax Shelters News and Articles

January 2018

The Role of Professional Firms in the U.S. Tax Shelter Industry  Report prepared by the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations of the Committee on Homeland Security.
(February 8, 2005)
Federal Court Shuts Down Multi-State "Warehouse Banking" Tax Evasion Scheme  California Man Helped Customers Hide Income And Assets From IRS
(Thursday, December 9, 2004)
xelan  Are you a physician? Do you need a tax break? How about some financial planning? Need something really special that you canít get anywhere else?
Financial Firm Files Chap. 11 Bankruptcy  Xelan's tax shelter draws IRS attention
(July 15, 2004)
IRS Notice 2004-31  Intercompany Financing Using Guaranteed Payments
Treasury News Release  Treasury and IRS Issue Guidance on Intercompany Financing Through Partnerships
(April 1, 2004)
IRS Notice 2004-30  S Corporation Tax Shelter
IRS News Release  Treasury and IRS Issue Guidance on S Corporation, Tax Exempt Entity Transaction
(April 1, 2004)
Treasury and IRS Shut Down Aggressive Executive Stock Transaction  
(February 25, 2004)
Tax Shelter Remediation  Discusses what you can do to get out of an abusive tax shelter and includes questions answered by a licensed tax attorney regarding tax shelters and remedies against promoters of tax shelters.
IRS, States Move Forward in Fight Against Abusive Tax Avoidance  
(February 10, 2004)
Employee Leasing Shelters  IRS Warning: Employee Leasing Abusive Scheme
Treasury, IRS Continue Crackdown on Abusive Tax Shelters  
April 15, 2003
KPMG Statment of Facts  Department of Justice press release. - pdf
(August 2005)
KPMG Deferred Prosecution Agreement  Department of Justice press release. pdf
(August 26, 2005)

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