Alan Kippax - MLM Fraudster and Incorrigible Rapscallion

"Buy 1 for yourself and get the chance to sell your friends and family 5 and get your downline started!" We examine the multi-level marketing industry, where only the people who come up with the ideas make any money, and everybody else is left unhappy, broke, and tired of reading scripts and selling overpriced vitamins and similarly worthless products. Includes Global Prosperity, Pinnacle Quest International, IRS Codebusters, Stratia, and other new Global Prosperity scams.

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Alan Kippax - MLM Fraudster and Incorrigible Rapscallion

Post by Burnaby49 » Tue Mar 10, 2015 2:44 am

There are downsides to being a moderator. I'm bound by restrictions, not stated but implied, limiting the freedom of expression I used to enjoy. In those giddy carefree pre-moderator days I would have called the subject of this discussion a totally worthless pile of shit, toxic waste in the shape of a human being. But now I have to act with the decorum and dignity befitting my new role. So let me introduce Alan Neil Kippax, an incorrigible rapscallion.

It's just not the same.

Before I begin our tale I need to point out the problem I had classifying him. He's so multi-faceted that he could fit in virtually anywhere on Quatloos! Tax protester? He lived in Canada for over forty years, apparently a millionaire from time to time, and never filed an income tax return. He was charged with tax evasion for 31 unfiled returns; a record as far as I'm aware. His advisers on handling his tax charges was David-Kevin: Lindsay, the Unlicensed Man himself, with a little help from Theresa "I opt out of taxes" Claeys. MLM scams? He was convicted of fraud for running Business In Motion, a MLM scam that was even more of a sham than your normal shameless MLM schemes. He also ran a precious stones pyramid scam. Freeman? One of his defenses in yet another issue was that he was aboriginal notwithstanding that he was born in England to non-native parents. He claimed the Queen had breached her oath of office by charging him with various offenses. He spent almost all of his life in Canada and yet was not a Canadian. In addition to all of the above he was convicted of dangerous driving causing death and bodily harm. He was charged with being involved in a huge marijuana grow-op and apparently had criminal convictions for weapons, drugs, and assault that I've not checked into. The only thing missing from his record is any hint of his ever having involved himself in gainful employment.

Another complicating factor is that Lambkin started a very short discussion on him which was restricted to a small article about Business In Motion.


Lambkin's discussion title "Alan Kippax / Business in Motion" doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of the man's achievements. So I've started a new discussion on him with a much expanded reach to the title and his history, at least as I know it. Like Lambkin I'll put it in MLS scams.

I don't want to leave the impression that I may have left in my above description that Alan never, in his entire life, made even one decent selfless generous gesture that benefited Canada. Alan immigrated to Canada when he was two and spent almost all of his life here. However he never bothered to apply for Canadian citizenship. That allowed the Canadian government to deport him after he'd served his last sentence. So he did one good thing to the benefit of all Canadians, or, to be more accurate, he didn't bother to do one thing which resulted in Britain's gift to one of its colonies getting regifted right back to the mother country.

This news article gives a good overview of his activities prior to Business in Motion;
He’s also a card carrying megalomaniac.

Mr. Kippax has a long history of questionable companies, as well as a criminal record (drugs, weapons, and assault) described here.(note - dead link)


One of Alan’s early ventures was door to door sales of frozen meats and fish from a truck bed freezer. He often bragged about his success in the Alpha Club which dealt in travel coupons, and admitted that the coupons were worthless. He claimed that his business “Half Price Towing” became the largest in Canada in eighteen months, but we are unable to find any record of that company’s existence. His list of accomplishments changes and grows as does his self written reputation as a ‘mathematical genius’ and now ‘visionary’. Google his name and settle back for some sadly amusing reading.

In April 2004, he opened Treasure Traders International, “eight years in the planning”. Alan claimed that TTI made $34 million in its first year, a feat that somehow did not catch the attention of any financial publication, and that Alan never bothered to back up with official financial records.

The product was “the most expensive product in the world – emeralds!” The emeralds, and later the sapphires, rubies, and travel packages covered up a classic pyramid scam – the splitting panel, often referred to as “The Airplane Game”.

TTI adopted a nautical theme. The airplane became a ship (The Destiny!) with 8 Crew, 4 Voyagers, 2 First Mates, and 1 Captain. Each time the ship filled with unsuspecting crew members, it split to form two new ships, and more crew members were invited to join.
When you boarded a ship as Crew, you paid $1200 to the Captain (cash only!), and invited two more people on board who also paid $1200 to the Captain, adding an Aussie Two Up feature to the scheme. In return for your cash, you would receive a certificate from the Captain, which you could later redeem (with a large additional payment of $800) for the gemstones or travel pack of your choice.

As one astute distributor of questionable ethics once said “Alan could throw all those damned little green buttons into the ocean, and this deal would work a lot better.”

We know from personal experience that well over 90% of participants never got paid by TTI, and actually lost money they could ill afford to lose. Many at our center were seniors on limited income, a favorite prey for scam artists.

Many of those who tried to cash in their certificates for the $1200 worth of gems promised to them were told, “That option is unavailable at the present time. We will place your name on a waiting list.” The waiting list got longer and hope dwindled.

In November 2005, the UK branch of TTI, operated by Alan’s cousin Peter Kippax, was closed by the British Government as an illegal pyramid [Word Document].

Shortly afterward, in February 2006, Alan closed the doors to TTI, citing the problems caused by “lying, cheating, thieving distributors”. He crossed the street, and opened a copycat company called Business in Motion, using the same Airplane Game / Aussie Two Up model. This time, it was not a ship but a Board Room, in which participants could progress from the Mail Room to the CEO position. Entry fees were upped from $1200 for a gemstone certificate to $3200 for a travel package of dubious value.

Along the way, Alan incorporated several side schemes. One was a pyramid structure in which distributors would pay $20 or $40 per month for training, out of which commissions would be paid upwards. 92% of participants would be guaranteed not to make back the monthly fee. Alan placed himself at the top of each pyramid and at the top of each Board Room.
Now I ask you, who wouldn't buy a used car from the guy in the picture? ... m-founder/

I initially met Alan through this document; ... 202014.pdf

This is an unreported decision of the Federal court of Canada released on June 20, 2014. It related to an attempt by Kippax and Business in Motion to set aside a default judgment against them issued in January 2014. The default judgment can be found here;

2014 FC17 ... ultIndex=1

This was an application to the Federal court of Canada for a default judgment against Business In Motion International Corporation, Alan Kippax, and Ashif Mohamed. The plaintiffs had already been certified as a class action and now they wanted to get paid. Ashif Mohamed was the director of BIM, Kippax worked in the background.

The decision explains the entire Business in Motion scheme and history in detail;
The BIM Scheme

[20] The BIM scheme was presented as a classic multi-level marketing plan. Participants purchased a product from BIM and could earn commissions for arranging sales of BIM products to “retail” customers or to a “downline” of BIM distributors which they had in turn recruited to buy from them.

[21] BIM offered several products available for sale. These included vacation rental packages known as Ultra Life Club Memberships, pre-packaged gemstones known as Gem Caches and a “health-promoting” stir stick for drinking water called the Quantum Stylus. These and other products sold by BIM are known as Perpetual Motion Products. I note that “perpetual motion” is a scientific impossibility – yet another sign of things to come.

[22] Participants had two options to acquire a Perpetual Motion Product. First, they could pay the retail price charged by BIM: $9,000 per Ultra Life Club Membership or other Perpetual Motion Product. Second, they were offered the option to purchase the Perpetual Motion Product for a reduced “wholesale” price - $3,200 for the Ultra Life Club Membership – if they paid $80 as a BIM distributor fee to become a BIM distributor entitled to sell Perpetual Motion Products.

[23] By becoming a BIM distributor, participants were eligible to take part in a BIM Corporate Ladder. The only way to participate in a BIM Corporate Ladder was to become a BIM distributor by buying a Perpetual Motion Product and paying the BIM distributor Fee. BIM materials promised BIM distributors would “[g]et compensated for every product sale [they] create.”

[24] BIM provided each BIM distributor a username and password to access the website, which allowed BIM distributors to log in and view progress in their BIM Corporate Ladder. I will return to this point when considering aggregate damages.

[25] A BIM Corporate Ladder was a hierarchy modeled after a typical sales office environment, consisting of 8 sales representatives at the bottom level, 4 supervisors at the level above the sales representatives, 2 managers above the supervisors, and a director of sales at the top. An overview of the workings of the BIM Corporate Ladder provided in the BIM presentation, along with the accompanying script follows:


When you start, you are in one of the 8 Sales Rep Positions along the bottom. Then you get promoted to Supervisor, then you get promoted to Manager, and then you get promoted to Director of Sales. Did everybody get that? I’d like to make sure, because that’s one of the unique things about our company. It is IMPOSSIBLE for you to remain down there, or down there and everybody gets promoted around you. That’s very unique, and as far as I know it’s completely unheard of. Everybody gets promoted! You do not need any qualifications for any level on our Corporate Ladder. Though, you do need qualifications to move into our VP position, and we’re going to cover what qualification is here in the next few slides.

[26] Supervisors were responsible for ensuring that eight sales were made on each BIM Corporate Ladder. Sales made were indicated on the BIM Corporate Ladder by icons in the shape of a key in one of several colors. Supervisors would earn a Green Key for each sale.

[27] If a supervisor did not make two sales within the first 170 hours that the BIM Corporate Ladder was active, the BIM Corporate Ladder entered “Capture the Key Mode”. During Capture the Key Mode, anyone on the BIM Corporate Ladder could make the required sales and earn additional credit for those sales, which were represented by a Gold Key awarded to the BIM distributor who made the additional sale. The supervisor who did not make the required sale received an icon depicting a circle with a red line through it in the place where their Green Key icon would have gone on their online BIM Corporate Ladder.

[28] Once eight sales were made, the director of sales was paid and everyone on the BIM Corporate Ladder was promoted to the next level. The director of sales was moved off the BIM Corporate Ladder or, in certain circumstances, could remain and earn additional commissions on each of the new BIM Corporate Ladders.

[29] At this point, the BIM Corporate Ladder was split, or divided into two. Each manager became the director of sales on a new BIM Corporate Ladder, and the others directly under them on the BIM Corporate Ladder were moved to new BIM Corporate Ladders.

[30] BIM promised payments to BIM distributors who reached director of sales after their supervisors or other members of their BIM Corporate Ladder had made eight sales of Perpetual Motion Products. The director of sales was to be paid $3,200 for logging into the website to complete the BIM Corporate Ladder by clicking a button, $5,000 for each Green Key they had earned, $5,000 for each additional green key, and could “keep” the Perpetual Motion Product they purchased. This resulted in a successful director of sales receiving what BIM described as $22,200 in “cash and value” for participation in a BIM Corporate Ladder.

[31] Remarkably, BIM seminars emphasized that even if a BIM distributor did not make any sales, a BIM distributor would nevertheless be promoted to director of sales and recover the $3,200 spent on a Perpetual Motion Product. Kippax referred to this as a “win-win-win situation.” BIM materials promised “[e]veryone becomes [director of sales], even with 0 Keys!” BIM scripts claimed “[e]verybody gets promoted” and that it is “IMPOSSIBLE for you to remain down there” on the lower levels of the BIM Corporate Ladder as a sales representative, supervisor, or manager.

[32] BIM scripts provided the example of a grandmother who had no interest in the BIM Corporate Ladder, but was still able to get her money back and keep the Perpetual Motion Product. The grandmother would simply not receive commissions for the two sales, which would go to the person on her BIM Corporate Ladder who made the sales in her place once that person reached director of sales.

[33] BIM presentations and BIM scripts emphasized how quickly sales could be made, pointing out that 170 hours was a maximum, but that sales could be made much more quickly. For example, the script states:
[The required sales] could have happened in 3 days, or even 1 day. There’s no limitations as to how fast the sales team fills up. The 170 hr protection period is merely there if they REQUIRE IT.

[34] Testimonials delivered at BIM seminars emphasized how quickly BIM distributors moved up the BIM Corporate Ladder to director of sales. For example, in the recorded BIM seminar delivered by Kippax, Kippax asked attendees who had reached director of sales to announce how long it had taken them to reach director of sales, then announced the BIM distributor’s purported earnings. This practice was consistent with the evidence of other Class Members.

[35] BIM encouraged BIM distributors to make additional purchases to enter BIM Corporate Ladders more than once. BIM presentations noted that BIM distributors could move through the BIM Corporate Ladder and rise to director of sales multiple times, and emphasized this potential rather than encouraging BIM distributors to build a stable business of repeat customers.

[36] With this background, I turn, finally, to the “It’s too good to be true” part of this saga. There was no guarantee that BIM distributors would reach the director of sales position or receive compensation for their work. BIM presentations did not explain that if a BIM Corporate Ladder failed to reach its required eight sales within a specified period of time, no compensation would be paid to anyone on the BIM Corporate Ladder. If the required eight sales were not made within the prescribed period, the BIM Corporate Ladder was “crushed” by BIM, meaning no compensation was paid to the Director of Sales or anyone else on the BIM Corporate Ladder, regardless of how many sales they made, and no further promotions could occur on that BIM Corporate Ladder.
That last paragraph is key because that was apparently how BIM rationalized not paying anybody. If anybody on the ladder failed everybody failed. The scam was rigged so nobody could win.

So what did BIM sell? Who cares! BIM certainly didn't;
Perpetual Motion Products

[45] In addition to paying the BIM distributor fee, BIM distributors were required to purchase at least one Perpetual Motion Product. As will be discussed in greater detail, the nature of Perpetual Motion Products differentiates the BIM scheme from a legitimate multi-level marketing scheme, and makes it clear the objective of the scheme was on recruitment of participants rather than developing repeat customers who actually sought to purchase the products. The products sold by BIM were expensive items unlikely to be the subject of repeat purchases.

[46] Most BIM seminars focused on selling Ultra Life Club Memberships. Ultra Life Club Memberships were represented to be vacation discount packages. In promotional materials and in BIM seminars, BIM claimed Ultra Life Club Memberships were worth over $75,000, sold at “retail” for $15,000, but were available to BIM distributors for $3,200. BIM increased the “wholesale” price of Ultra Life Club Memberships to $3,600 by March of 2009.

[47] An Ultra Life Club Membership purportedly offered a “Full Access Discount Package” which allowed the purchaser 150 “vacationing weeks”. BIM represented that prices for vacations purchased through the Ultra Life Club Membership were far lower than equivalent vacations purchased without an Ultra Life Club Membership.

[48] In the experience of Cuzzetto, Piers and Aitchison, this was not the case. Cheaper vacation packages at the same destinations were available without an Ultra Life Club Membership on the publicly available websites of the resorts in question, on travel websites such as, or through travel agents. While I cannot place evidentiary weight on this, the pricing offered to Ultra Life Club Members was the subject of a CBC Marketplace story, which concluded Ultra Life Club Membership prices were higher than prices available to the general public through vacation websites such as I do however, rely on the affidavit evidence of Class Members.

[49] Ms. Piers purchased an Ultra Life Club Membership at the wholesale price as a BIM distributor but was later informed she was not permitted to sell the Ultra Life Club Membership as it had been registered in her name. She eventually convinced BIM staff to allow her to “remove her name” from the membership and to sell her membership. However, no one expressed interest in purchasing her Ultra Life Club Membership despite numerous attempts to sell it at a deeply discounted rate. The evidence that the Membership was essentially valueless lends weight to the conclusion that the purchase and sale of Perpetual Motion Products was not the purpose of the scheme, but a diversion from its real purpose of recruiting more members.

[50] BIM distributors could also purchase Gem Caches, pre-packaged gemstones with what BIM claimed was the appraised values printed on the package. BIM promotional materials represented that Gem Caches were “valued by the widely recognized and reputable founder of The Jewellery Judge, Mr. Steven A. Knight-GG, RMV, CJI-APP”, whose “conservative appraisal techniques have been utilized by the RCMP, Canada Customs, Banks, Trust Company’s [sic] as well as many lawyers. Steven is also a forensic Gemologist/Appraiser as well as a certified expert witness in Supreme Court.”

[51] BIM distributors were not able to return Perpetual Motion Products when they attempted to do so or obtain a refund for those products.
I would like to quibble a bit with paragraph 50;

"Steven is also a forensic Gemologist/Appraiser as well as a certified expert witness in Supreme Court.”

The Supreme Court of Canada is a court of appeal and does not accept new evidence such as expert witness testimony. In addition no level of court in Canada certifies expert witnesses, whatever "certified" is supposed to mean in this context.

The court determined;
[84] I find that BIM represented that BIM distributors would receive compensation for supplying Perpetual Motion Products to other individuals, who in turn could become BIM distributors and receive compensation for supplying Perpetual Motion Products to further BIM distributors. The BIM scheme on its face meets the definition of a multi-level marketing plan.

[85] The BIM scheme is a scheme of pyramid selling because it is a multi-level marketing plan requiring that a participant pay consideration for the right to receive compensation for the recruitment of others who give consideration for the same right, into the plan.

[86] While BIM distributors were told their commissions were based on the sale of a product, I find, on the evidence of the Class Members, that the true incentive was the completion of a BIM Corporate Ladder and the recruitment of new participants. Additional evidence is found in the operation of the Corporate Ladder. Corporate Ladders that were not completed in time were “crushed,” and compensation was denied to those who had sold products. In legitimate multi-level marketing schemes, commissions are paid upon the sale of products, not after the recruitment of others and the completion of a corporate ladder. Similarly, the evidence establishes that participants did not consider the Perpetual Motion Products themselves to be the asset that they were purchasing.
But it can't be said that our incorrigible rapscallion didn't conduct a vigorous defense. He argued that the application should be thrown out because he had not been served notice even though he was able to send a lawyer to the hearing because he had been served notice! Sometimes the finer points of law confound me;
[77] Although Kippax stated in his affidavit that he was “willing to defend [him]self in a full hearing on the merits of this lawsuit and [he has] expressed intention to do so” his conduct suggests otherwise. This became apparent during the hearing of the motion for default judgment itself. After the Court had determined to proceed to hear the merits of the motion, counsel retained by Mr. Kippax appeared. Mr. David L. Varty advised that he had been retained to contest the adequacy of the service. He said that there were inconsistencies between the affidavit of Kippax and those of the process servers, and that cross-examinations were required.
Maybe Kippax got confused between which of his lawyers was involved. He had a lot on his plate;
[79] A party seeking to set aside an order deeming service to have been effected in a certain manner must establish, on a balance, that there has been no service, and that the defendant did not, and could not, on reasonable steps, defend. The defendant’s explanations fall far short of this. They are, in fact, contradictory and contingent on the belief that persons with no interest in the matter swore false or incorrect affidavits. Although in contact with three different counsel (immigration, criminal and in these proceedings) none were given instructions to defend. Finally, Mr. Kippax’s assertion under oath that he was “completely unaware” of these proceedings is simply not credible.
After tossing out Kippax's argument the court awarded damages but not punitive damages;
[109] Notwithstanding the concerns noted, it would be contrary to the objectives of class proceedings, and indeed, defeat the intent of justice, to limit the aggregate award by reason of the defendants’ failure to appear. As noted, an un-cooperative defendant should not be able to defeat or limit an otherwise legitimate claim. Aggregate awards, by their very nature, are not exacting, and are based on some reasonable estimation of loss. I therefore heavily discount Kippax’s assertion of 8,000 distributors by 75%, and conclude that an aggregate award of $6,560,000 is appropriate. In reaching this conclusion, I have taken into account several factors. They include, as I have already noted, the fact that Kippax’s assertion of 8,000 distributors cannot be relied upon, and the fact that the existence of a unique identifier does not equate to a distributor and Class membership. I have also considered that while the notices of this class action were reasonably effective in reaching Class Members, the list of Class Members identified to date is not exhaustive and there may be others who will come forward.

Punitive Damages

. . . . . . . . .

[113] Notwithstanding the applicability of these factors in this case, punitive damages may not be awarded in consequence of a breach of section 55 of the Competition Act. Subsection 36(1) of the Competition Act contains an inherent limitation on the availability of the type of damages that may be awarded. This restriction has been previously recognized in this Court and others: Bédard v Canada (Attorney General), 2007 FC 516 (CanLII), para 47; Wong v Sony of Canada Ltd., (2001) 9 CPC (5th) 122 (OntSC). The request for punitive damages is denied.
At the time of this hearing Alex was being held in jail. I'm not sure why, there are so many choices! He had a lawyer involved in an immigration issue because Canada had finally had enough of him after his dangerous driving conviction and was in the process of deporting him. He'd been given a three year sentence for the driving conviction but that should have ended by early 2014. He had serious outstanding income tax charges but that wouldn't have had him jailed prior to trial. Quite likely he was being held in anticipation of deportation. In addition he and Ashif Mohamed, the BIM director, were being charged with running a pyramid. He was convicted of that just a few weeks ago, got time served and then deported. ... rted-to-uk

Obviously I could turn this narrative of Alex's exploits into a book length feature so I'll just do a shorter narrative of the main points remaining starting with the court case I began with, this one; ... 202014.pdf

This was Alex's appeal from the Federal Court default judgment. He had sown the seed for this appeal in the judgment itself with his complaints about not being properly served. His arguments in the appeal were certainly inventive; the statement of claim may have been filed on the wrong prisoner who though the process server was speaking Greek! (paras 19-21).
[20] The defendants advanced a number of arguments as to why the process server was mistaken as to Kippax's identity. These included the failure of the process server to describe Kippax's colour of hair, weight and clothing, or to state precisely what she said to him when serving the documents and what he said in reply. Service could, it has been contended, have been affected on another prisoner pretending to be Kippax, in order to thwart the process. Alternatively, "the person served may have thought the process server was saying hello in Greek" (which apparently sounds similar to 'Kippax') and falsely accepted service on that remarkably odd basis.

[21] These are not arguments and to describe them as such would be charitable. Rather they are fanciful conjectures and speculation with no grounding in reality.
Kippax also argued that while he had counsel representing him at the default judgment hearing he had not given his counsel instructions to address the substance of the issues against him. So he had not been given a fair chance to defend himself.

The judge dismissed this argument with the comment that allowing it would crate perverse incentives into the administration of justice by allowing defendants to circumvent proceedings by ignoring them. He said;
[15] In this case, the defendant, who had knowledge of the proceedings, retained counsel, and had ample opportunity to defend or seek and adjournment to defend, cannot claim that the judgment was rendered ex parte. The proper remedy would be to appeal the findings in respect of service and in respect of the facts underlying the Judgment for the substantive claim.
Then there is the dangerous driving charge. Alex and his cousin decided to have a drag race through the streets of Toronto at 10:30 at night. Cousin lost control of his car, spun into an oncoming car and critically injured both occupants, a young couple about to be married. They survived but the woman sustained permanent injuries that severely impaired her lifestyle. The only bright spots in all of this were that the cousin was killed and Alex got three years and this conviction was the last straw that got him deported.

R. v. Kippax, 2009 CanLII 58064 ... ultIndex=1

This leaves his deportation issue. There is a lot of available information on that, he fought it all the way, but I'll consider only one document. If encapsules his sense of self-entitlement, his grievance against the world, and his lack of any personal sense of responsibility whatever. It is this urgent document attempting to stay proceedings;

http://www.touchstonecommittee75.novaew ... anada.html

An impressive list of (ahem) "arguments" justifying a stay;
Issues : Stay of Proceedings at CBSA / IIE; Right to Counsel / State-Funded; Rights of Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples; International Law; Coronation Oath; Citizenship Presumed; Duty of Care of State to Inform; Fiduciary Duty of Crown; Denial of Legal Aid; Tri-lateral Citizenship; Paramountcy Soto Anishinabe Nation Territories v. Elizabeth II; State Nation UN Charter Obligations; Hulquminum Treaty Group v. Canada at IACHR; Fundamental Human Rights; Justifiable Right of Apprehension; Truth & Reconciliation Commission Feb 24 2012 Report; Jurisdiction to decide Jurisdiction / Conflict of Laws; customary laws; hereditary rights; Mistake of Law; Papal Bulls / Terra Nullius; Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples; law of occupation
And an equally impressive group of defendants denying him whatever he wants because he is Alex Neil Kippax, Canadian aboriginal (we'll get to that)
1. Elizabeth II
2. Canada / Governor-in-Council, et al
3. Ontario / Lt Gov–in-Council, et al
4. Including, but not limited to:
5. Attorneys General Canada and Ontario
6 Canada Immigration and Canada Border Services Agency / Inland Immigration Enforcement
First the whining complaining about how unfair this is because he really is a Canadian, at least in his heart. And he does have some Canadian documents so why the big fuss about a passport?
Mister KIPPAX / Party “B” was born in 1966 in the United Kingdom. His parents immigrated to Canada. His father, a police officer (Canada and UK), undertook Canadian citizenship in 1983 (PARTY “B” was 17 years old).

Party “B” / KIPPAX holds a British passport; and, he possesses several relevant documents acquired in Canada while graduating from school, obtaining driver’s license, health care; and, social insurance identification. Canada Revenue identifies Mister KIPPAX as a party within its jurisdictional claim.

Mister KIPPAX’s mother was deceased in circa 1976 [A KIPPAX age 10]. There is no doubt in Mister KIPPAX’s mind that he has conducted himself as a Canadian citizen with dual citizenship since 1969 – upon his parents emigration from UK to Canada.

Today, Mister KIPPAX advocates that he possesses tri-lateral citizenship [Canada / UK / Soto Nation Anishinabe]; and, that; while he may have conflicts with law in Canada; that there is no just or good cause for Canada to seek to deport him from Canada to the UK [or, destinations unknown].
If he isn't a Canadian under law it is the fault of his parents and the Canadian government. Apparently Canada had a fiduciary duty to anoint him as a Canadian without him having to make any effort, but they failed in this duty. Why should he suffer for the negligence of others?
· He is a Canadian citizen; and, a duel carrier of a British passport

· Where his legitimacy of Canadian citizenship is in doubt; then, there may exist a Mistake of Law arising from both an absence of parental fiduciary duty of care; and, in Crown Canada’s alleged failure to reasonably inform Mister KIPPAX of a question of Canadian citizenship
In fact he has been treated so badly that the Queen should pay all his costs personally and cover the expense of an attorney of his choosing!
Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that – although Elizabeth II specifically refused by letter in year 2006 to fund legal counsel for aboriginal children being forced to live in moldy homes – Elizabeth II / Crown Canada possess both financial capacity and legal obligation [all aboriginal indigenous Peoples are permanent wards of the state / Crown; and, there are legal opinions by SCC members that such entitlements are a function of fiduciary duty of care].
It's not as if she can't afford it. He has obtained the extent of her wealth from an unimpeachable source, something he found on the internet;
The wealth of Elizabeth II is reported to include :
· “Queen Elizabeth II, head of state of the United Kingdom and of 31 other states and territories, is the legal owner of about 6,600 million acres of land, one sixth of the earth’s non ocean surface.
· She is the only person on earth who owns whole countries, and who owns countries that are not her own domestic territory. This land ownership is separate from her role as head of state and is different from other monarchies where no such claim is made – Norway, Belgium, Denmark, etc.
· The value of her land holding. £17,600,000,000,000 (approx).” – global internet source
What is this aboriginal indigenous people stuff you ask? Well Alan is a Canadian aboriginal!
Further, Mister KIPPAX / Party “B” is pursued in other unrelated matters by Crown Canada regarding the jurisdiction of Revenue Canada. There is prevailing legal opinion that the subject matter of such a taxation pursuit creates the environment where Mister KIPPAX is judged as not possessing any source of revenue; and, hence, not within the capacity to fund his own legal representation at the CBSA / IIE hearing.

On November 23rd, 2007 Mister KIPPAX / Party “B” was adopted into Soto Anishinabe Nation by Chief Kaneekaneet / Lawrence Agecoutay. Chief Kaneekaneet has tested jurisdictional questions in Saskatchewan courts; a lawyer resigned, citing “unfair trial”; the decisions of the Court of Appeal are proceeding to internal venues on questions of jurisdiction to decide jurisdiction. Chief Kaneekaneet is a carrier of five hereditary pipes.
Did the government of Canada know that they were messing with a carrier of five hereditary pipes? In any case his newly minted aboriginal ancestry turns the whole issue into one between nations, not individuals;
He / Party “B” advocates, through his chosen Speaker [by aboriginal indigenous custom and tradition according to the Coronation Oath and international law], that there is no original jurisdiction for Party “A” to conduct said deportation hearing. Mister KIPPAX is a citizen of a traditional sovereign nation in territorial claim dispute with Elizabeth II / Party “A”.

A fair and complete hearing on these petitioned matters by Party “A” requires the conduct of a tribunal by an independent judicature. Such is not possible, since all members of Party “A” beyond Elizabeth II hold an Oath of Allegiance to said Elizabeth II, her heirs and successors.

A fair and complete deportation hearing would be conducted via an international judicial actor, only; as this matter is a dispute between sovereign state nation territories.
So he suggested the United Nations take his case over from Canada;
· That, further, due to the overwhelming expense of an adequate defense against deportation, Mister KIPPAX shall be fully funded by the natural person Elizabeth II / and state Crown Canada

· There is no prevailing risk to Elizabeth II / Crown Canada to Mister KIPPAX / Party “B” continuing to reside in Canada / Turtle island North; or, Soto Anishinabe Nations while the is a fair and complete hearing before an acceptable independent judicial tribunal; namely, before the UN International Court of Justice – at the state expense for both Parties attending with counsel.
No prevailing risk to Canada if that thug remains? I beg to differ!

He tried the same dodge that he attempted at Federal Court, nobody told him anything;
n.b. Mister KIPPAX has only within the last couple of days been apprised of relevant corroborating documents to support his allegations of complexity and rights therein
Not Represented by Legal Counsel : History of Rights To Legal Counsel

Mister KIPPAX / Party “B” has not retained legal counsel or agent to advocate on his behalf at this deportation hearing. Information of his rightful claims against this deportation action has only recently been made available to Mister KIPPAX.

The information now before Mister KIPPAX / Party “B” is that he shall rightfully claim that this said CBSA / IIE deportation hearing shall be adjourned and stayed until such time as Mister KIPPAX / Party “B” is fully and adequately state / Crown Elizabeth II – Canada funded; wherein, competent legal counsel of his / KIPPAX choice shall be retained and apprised of the facts and claims relating to this said deportation intent.

Mister KIPPAX / Party “B” has only just begun to understand his legal options arising under the catalogue of law available to him; namely, the right to legal counsel
He just realizes now, after a full lifetime dedicated to crime that he had a right to legal counsel all along? He seems a little slow.

This is probably the paragraph that sealed the deal and got him deported PDQ;
Elizabeth II / Canada, et al : i.e., ANDC / CIC / Department of Justice / Attorneys General Canada and Ontario shall consider this Application for a Stay of Proceedings as being warranted, acceptable and agreed upon forthwith; and, therein, shall communicate, through the Minister to CBSA / IEE re : FOSS ID No.5638-4988, IRB File No.: B1-00831, that the petitioned Stay is to be recorded as agreed upon; and, that Mister KIPPAX / Party “B” shall not be hindered in pursuing a livelihood in Canada in the interim while this case is referred to the UN ICJ, or, other mutually acceptable jurisdiction.
We all know what kind of livelihood he would have pursued had he been left unhindered.

For those of you who want to wallow in his life here are a few links to get you going;

Federal Court Pyramid Scheme Class Action ... m-founder/ ... -1.2524843 ... ippax.html ... -the-helm/ - great portrait on this one

This led to a couple of judgments, including the one that mentions David Lindsay in passing:

Cuzzeto v. Business In Motion International Corporation, 2014 FC 597 – unreported, default judgment confirmed
Cuzzeto v. Business In Motion International Corporation, 2014 FC 17 – default judgment ordered, $6.5 million, details on the BIM scheme
- class action plaintiffs’ website:

Street Racing
Alan Neil Kippax v. Her Majesty the Queen, 2012 CanLII 49977 (SCC) – leave denied
R. v. Kippax, 2011 ONCA 766 – appeal denied
R. v. Kippax, 2010 ONSC 2529 – sentenced to 3 years
R. v. Kippax, 2009 CanLII 58064 (ON SC)- conviction
R. v. Kippax, 2009 CanLII 43102 (ON SC) – attempt in trial to get a directed verdict to end the trial fails
R. v. Kippax, 2009 CanLII 20706 (ON SC) – pre-trial voir dires on Kippax – unsuccessful Charter challenges
R. v. Kippax, 2008 CanLII 13373 (ON SC) – failed attempt to overturn preliminary inquiry result

Grow Op:
Alan seems to have been involved with a grow op, a nice big one, though it looks like the charges were ultimately stayed (2014 FC 429). I'm guessing because, by this time, he was facing deportation and Ontario was happy to just get rid of him. Probably the same with the Canada Revenue Agency and the tax charges ; ... nied-bail/ ... -drug-bust

Other Activities
Precious Stones Pyramid Scheme
Treasure Traders International Corporation v. Canadian Diamond Traders Inc., 2006 CanLII 15758 (ON SC) – scammers suing scammers.
Bad Landlord
Park v. 6085997 Canada Inc., 2004 CanLII 7073 (ON SCSM) – Kippax is in the background involved with a jerk landlord – does not personally lose, but the landlord does.

Ontario Securities Commission:
-no, you can’t register to deal in securities – you’re a criminal ... xallan.pdf

There are many Federal Court files on this – judicial reviews of every Immigration Board proceeding, from the looks of it. I didn’t sift through them all.

Kippax is deported –( ... rted-to-uk)
Kippax v. Attorney General of Canada, 2014 ONSC 3685 – habeas corpus to avoid deportation
Kippax v. Canada (Citizenship and Immigration), 2014 FC 429 (CanLII) – Kippax back in detention confirmed
Kippax v. Attorney General of Canada, 2013 ONSC 5956 – costs awarded to Crown
Kippax v. Canada (Citizenship and Immigration), 2013 FC 655 – detention judicial review rejected
Kippax (Re), 2013 CanLII 92099 (CA IRB) – detention continued
Kippax (Re), 2012 CanLII 100161 (CA IRB) – released on bond facing deportation

-aboriginal/OPCA based arguments for why Kippax should not be deported: http://www.touchstonecommittee75.novaew ... anada.html
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Re: Alan Kippax - MLM Fraudster and Incorrigible Rapscallion

Post by EagleOne » Thu Mar 12, 2015 8:08 am

I've got to hand it to Alan as I didn't think anyone could outdo Phil Piccolo, but Alan makes Phil look like a choir boy.
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Re: Alan Kippax - MLM Fraudster and Incorrigible Rapscallion

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Now I wonder if Alan is related to Simon Stepsys of the UK. They seem to be two peas in a pod.
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