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Friday, January 2, 2009

Nigerian Date Wants Travel Money

Question: I sent a girl money to fly from logas to portland,and she told me that they wouldn't let her board the plane because she didn't have enough travel money,they told her she need 1200 doller's travel money to beable to board plane,is this true ??

This is another version of a dating scam a/k/a Nigerian dating scam a/k/a advance fee fraud. You are probably not even corresponding with a girl, but a 60-year old fat guy sitting in a cybercafe somewhere in Africa. If you send the $1,200 you'll be scammed instantly.

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Reader Question About Dating Scam


Have you ever heard of a scam involving a dating site. Guy looking for lady. Story when contact is made that he in Africa prospecting diamonds. After a couple of week's diamonds found, guy coming home but has problem paying royalties on diamonds. Can lady send him money as he doesn't have enough with him?

I am experiencing something like this now. Could be legit and I certainly am not sending anyone any money but if it's a scam I sure would like to know and that others are warned.



This is a common scam, known variously as a "dating scam" or a "Nigerian dating scam". It is a version of the Nigerian 4-1-9 scheme, which is technically known as "advance fee fraud".

You've been corresponding with a scam artist, which might not even be a guy, but is very likely to be sitting in a warehouse in Nigeria spamming and scamming for people to fall for this scam. There are no diamonds, and no royalties to be paid on the diamonds -- they've just made this up to get your money.

Unfortunately, there will be a number of suckers every DAY who fall for this scam, which is why running scams is the third largest business in Nigeria. Stay safe, and just refuse to deal with anybody in Africa, or anybody who wants your money.

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