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Attention Managing Director,


My name is Barrister j.c.don a Legal practitioner and member of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and Institute of International Affairs in my country.

I am forwarding this proposal to you out of the intuitive confidences I have about you and your ability to assist in the executtion of a certain straightforward transaction.

The transaction involves a cash investment of the sum of US$40,500,000.00 (Forty Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) in Estate business or buying of shares in a strong reliable company in your country.  The investment will be under your supervision, control and on behalf of my client, a former Military Governor of a State in Nigeria during the immediate past Military Regime.  As a result of a very personal and political reason, he has decided to maintain anonymity for now pending a confirmation of your willingness to assist and co-operate in execution of the project.

As soon as I receive your confirmation of assistance, I will forward all relevant details that will ensure the smooth hand over of this money to you.  these details would include a breakdown of exactly what we want, conditions of investment and percentage of commission that my client will give you for the services you will be rendering in that respect.

This inquiry requires response, as it deserves to be treated with exigency in order that I do not make further contact for same abroad.  Reach me via the above email address immediately indicating your willingness to assist in execution of the project

Yours sincerely,


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