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We do NOT spam. Various multi-level marketers and other criminals have recently sent out spam impersonating us, and having our return e-mail address, so that people would complain about spam and cause us to be shut down (a/k/a "joe job"). These multi-level marketers and other criminals have engaged in this form of cyber-terrorism because our telling the truth about their fraudulent schemes was hurting their ability to sell to new victims. Fortunately, our ISP now recognizes that these fake spams are bogus and ignores them, and additionally we are duplicating this site on numerous other servers (including "hardened" servers as well as our own proprietary servers) so that we cannot be harmed by these multi-level marketers and other criminals. Death to Spammers!

CAUTION: This web page was drafted by Quatloos!, and it has not given permission to anybody to reprint it. Various scam artists have attempted to copy or "knock off" this web page to their own web sites (sometimes making minor changes in an attempt to avoid infringement of copyright laws) to promote their scam services. If you see what you believe is a duplicate of this page, be careful because you are dealing with some very sleazy people for whom deceit is their modus operandi and who will not only give you shoddy services, but probably embezzle your money from you as well.

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Actual findings of SpamCop of a recent attempted Joe Job:


michael lefevre spamcop-list
Wed, 21 Feb 2001 13:10:09 -0000

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i was going to post this in deputies, but i figured it might be of
general interest...

this is the reply i've sent in response to appeals of

Recently, you filed an appeal with SpamCop regarding:

A SpamCop administrator has evaluated this issue and determined that
reports regarding this address have been disabled correctly. Your appeal
has been denied. is an innocent bystander. is anti-spamming and
anti-scamming. the spam sent promoting is in fact being
sent by the infamous spammers at IGP, in an attempt to discredit

for details on the spammers that are doing this.

spamcop deputy

Actual SpamCop page finding of a recent attempted Joe Job


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