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Stuff to Start With

Brad Christensen Exhibit
Brad's correspondence with Nigerian scam artists, whereby he induces them to take the "Beach Conduct Pledge" before he assists them in moving millions of dollars our of Nigeria, or demands that the scam artists meet him in the Canary Islands -- with Canaries. An exhibit so popular that the web traffic twice crashed our servers.
(Brad Christensen Forum | Friends of Brad Forum)

and Jennifer Messages
Bizzare recordings of "update messages" left by Dove and Jennifer to promote their NESARA donations scam. Hear how the "Shrub Administration" (Bush Administration) is illegally blocking the payment of quadrillions of dollars owed to the "31 original prosperity programs", and how the Galacticans lead by Admiral Sananda have decended to create a force field around the Earth to protect the White Knights in their coming battle with Dick Cheney and Colin Powell. Also, how to purchase a machine that puts additional ozone into your blood to fight cancer.

Also Deep Knight Updates - A hillarious parody of Dove and Jennifer's NESARA reports. (NESARA Forum)

High Roller Keno Story

From the boarding of the executive jet to a detailed discussion of Keno betting strategies, we take you inside a Keno High Roller's junket to Las Vegas, where our Keno pros will break the bank.

Quatloosian Guide to Casino Gambling

Covering casino gambling techniques, strategies, money management and more on many popular games such as Blackjack and Craps. (Quatloosian Good Life Forum)

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