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Quatloosian Guide to Casino Gambling

Introduction to Casino Gambling – Explores the concept of “Odds” and the House Advantage, introduces the concept of the Risk Cycle and the most important thing you will ever know about gambling: the concept of Risk Compounding, discusses short term odds vs. long term odds, how the house maximizes its advantages, the comp system, the Quatloos! Rule of Gambling, beating the odds (or at least keeping them within reason), and lists the bests and worst casino games.

Money Management – Why money management is critically important, basic money management systems, doubling systems, and some examples of how money management systems work.

Blackjack – Introduction to America’s most favorite card betting game, basic rules, Blackjack/21/Natural, push, splits, doubling down, surrender, insurance, variations in rules, the Three Cold Hard Truths about Blackjack (page incomplete; our Blackjack section is Under Construction)

Craps – Comprehensive look at one of the best-odds casino games, so long as you ignore most of the bets on the table!

  • Introduction and Odds – Understanding the odds, the sucker bets (“crazy crapper bets”), field bets, place and don’t place bets, pass and don’t pass lines, come and don’t come bets, and the best bet in the whole darn casino: free odds

  • Craps Strategies – The basic strategy, the parity line bet system (the “Dooey-Don’t), offsetting bet systems

  • Craps Crap – Helpful hints specific to craps, superstitions/craps crap, craps trivia

  • The Parity Hedge System – Introduction only (system discussion temporarily suspended)

Keno – All of the excitement of high-stakes Keno gambling is captured in our famous “High Dollar Keno Story”, also Keno betting strategies, and video Keno.

Casino Gambling Reading Room – List of books on gambling, history of gambling, psychology of gambling, and on specific games.

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