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Casino Gambling Reading Room

Gambling is like everything else: The better educated you are at it, the better chance you have of winning (or at least not losing so much). The following books cover a variety of gaming subjects, and will give you some insights into how the games work, how the casinos make money, and how you can avoid the worst in casino gamling.

Casino Gaming -- Advanced

After you have memorized our Quatloos! Guide to Casino Gambling word for word, and can repeat it in your sleep and in tune with certain The Captain & Tenille hits, you are then ready to take on the following literature which will give you some solid mathematical insights into casino gambling:

Casino Gaming -- Basics for Beginners

All but about 0.05% of you are beginners; I don't care how many times you've been to the casinos.. If you find the mathematical theory in the "Advanced" section too complicated, then you are a beginner (no offense!). That doesn't have to mean that you have to stay a beginner -- it just means you are a beginner.

We're not sure that the books which follow offer any more practical guidelines for casino gambling than what we already give you here in the Quatloos! Guide to Gambling. You might, however, pick up a thing or two or see something in a different light than we have presented it. Probably two of three of these books will be more than enough to teach you the basics -- i.e., probably just enough to get you slaughtered in the casino, but at least in a way that y ou are not seen as an absolute greenhorn by your friends and others at the tables.

History of Gambling & Gambling Tidbits

You must not only understand gambling theory, but you also must be "street smart" about gambling. The best way to become "street smart" is not to spend lots of hours in the casino losing money, but rather spending time studying the history of casinos, and how they have been operated throughout the years. This will give you some real insights about gambling from the other side; that is, from the casino owner's viewpoint. Most of this lore is quite entertaining as well, and even if you don't gamble it will allow you to enjoy the big casinos much more!

Gambling Disorders & Addictions
and the Societal Impact of Gaming

The unfortunate truth about gambling is that for many people it -- like drugs, alcohol or pornography -- can lead to serious addiction or exploit existing psychological disorders. Some of the books below explore this phenomena in depth; other suggest cures. Some of these books also explore the latent damage which gambling does to our society (we don't dispute this).

On-Line Gambling

Although on-line gambling has grown rapidly in popularity, we at Quatloos! think it is still somewhat of a joke/bad deal. Here are the reasons:

  • Most of the cyber casinos are insolvent, and instead of paying out a large bet (or a run of bad luck) will instead simply go bankrupt.

  • Most of the cyber casinos (except for things like sports booking etc.) are set up to cheat bettors.

  • There is no industry regulation or oversight, i.e., at least in Las Vegas or Atlantic City you have the gaming boards which watch the casinos like a hawk.

  • Much of the money which passes through cyber casinos is actually proceeds of criminal activity being laundered, making all the casinos accounts susceptible to being frozen and your accounts scrutinized by law enforcement authorities.

  • Most of the fun of gambling is actually going to the casino; if you are having to use a cyber casino you need to get out and "get a life" (i.e., you may have a compulsive gambling disorder and need help).

Nonetheless, here are some books on on-line gaming:





So you want to pursue slots as an intellectual or academic pursuit? Aaahhheeemmmm! Playing slots is as simple as sticking the stupid coin in and hitting the button, i.e., it is completely random and there is no theory behind craps.

Yet, who knows, you might be able to dig some nugget of knowledge out of the following books, such as how to determine which machines have the highest mathematical payouts, how slot tournaments work, or how to maximize your comps playing the slots. <snicker>

This is an off-beat topic for us, and we're curious about what you think about our covering casino gambling. Please e-mail us with your comments, to

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