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Attn: President/CEO 



It is true that we have not met nor spoken with each other before, therefore this letter may take you unawares. I humbly plead for co-operation and ask that you treat with dispatch.

My name is Matthew  Ebo , a Project Auditor with the newly re-constituted Petroleum Trust Fund (Interim Management Committee). The duty of this committee amongst others includes the verification and settlement of outstanding contract dues. The former Chairman of this Agency in the person of Major General Muhammed Buhari was recently sacked from office by the new civilian regime due to inefficiency. This new Committee (IMC) has been appointed by Government to oversee the activities of the agency by verifying all outstanding debts with the sole objective of settling such long over-due claims. The above information can be verified, i.e. the existence of PTF, sack of the former Chairman and the constitution of a new Interim Management Committee in order to repose confidence in this letter.

Going through some files the former Chairman left behind, we discovered that he has secured out of the Central Bank of Nigeria Forex Release the sum of US$34M for the payment of Supply; installation and Commissioning of HIV Screening and Confirmatory Kit (PTF Estate Project) to a foreign contractor. He was caught in the web of trying to transfer the funds to a ghost company abroad when he was removed from office. In confidence, we know that the goods and services were not supplied but used his exulted office to approve the payment in favor of a foreign firm with no fixed address. Our further enquiries proved that there was a similar project actually executed by a different company and has been paid in full. He only over invoiced the amount with a bogus name for personal benefit. This amount right now is left floating in the system unclaimed. 

I am now soliciting your co-operation to enable us process the transfer of the funds to your account. You can provide any company's name as long as you will be able to receive and withdraw the amount. It will be treated as one of the outstanding payments due to you on executed contract. We will take measure to duly register your company here in Nigeria to give it legitimacy and also raise Contract Award Certificate in your company's name to show that a contract was actually awarded and executed by you. We therefore need immediately from you your current contact particulars; your company name and account particulars to enable us file application for Foreign Exchange Allocation Order at the Federal Ministry of Finance. Note that the nature of your business does not matter. 

For your participation and investing in this project, we are prepared to concede 25% of the total sum to you. On completion of the project, we will direct you on how to repatriate our share to us. Note very well that this is a well-articulated and monitored transaction. Therefore as soon as the funds are remitted into your account, all documents related to the transfer will be destroyed. I, two of my colleagues and you only know of this arrangement. Therefore confidentiality should be our watchword. If the above request meets your approval, please send immediately the requested information via my private email address stated above

Best Regards

Mr. Matthew  Ebo

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