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Omega Trust & Trading HYIP Exhibit

("Clyde may look like a local electrician, but he's really only one of
6 or 8 people in the world capable of pulling off this $97 Quintzillion
trade which is now being held up by the European bankers . . .")

"Truth or Consequences
Vol. 3, Issue #13
Dear Friends,

For quite a while now most of the correspondence that has been emailed out has more or less addressed the How, Where, When or Why's of funding by an assortment of writers. Although there are differing opinions as to the validity of information sources, all have basically been on the same track concerning the main issue that Omega IS REAL and Omega WILL FUND!

This past week has proven to be a very interesting week as we have all watched a new/old wave of negativity sweep in. There have always been those few that believe or at least want us to believe that Omega is a scam although they have been very quiet for quite some time now.

We've all noticed that most of the newsletter writers have reached a level of maturity in their approach to disagreements. For sometime now there has been a civil attitude of respect towards each other knowing that everyone has a right to express what he or she chooses to believe (which is our God Given Right as American Citizens.) Or at least we were able to retain that level of respect until this past week when the negative verbal accusations and name calling once again arose from the grave.

I think that most everyone would agree that there is a professional/matureway to disagree with others as opposed to resorting to name calling as we have heard this week. The following statements made by others are just a few examples of what we are talking about:

~But XXXX with his holy than thou (smarter, better informed and probably better looking to boot) infuriated me when I asked for an explanation of some basic items.~

~MY MY MY, look at how all the whiners and crybabies have come out of the shadows when there is something they apparently don't like.~

~NO! So there is no misunderstanding please allow me to be blunt and to the point. "XXXX" is not only "Mentally Challenged", but is also a "FRAUD" and a"FAKE".~
Comments of this nature MIGHT (I say that loosely) be acceptable in a one on one situation, but to print it as a "public statement" used in a form of a newsletter and/or email and then encouraging it to be forwarded to others is considered both slander &defamation of character. For someone to discredit others in order to proclaim his/her message or draw attention to his/her own message is a discredit to that person's ability to stand alone on his/her own merit.

What do these types of accusations and intimidating statements accomplish? We are freethinkers and we should most definitely question & research information sent to us. But wouldn't you agree that could be accomplished without discrediting someone else's character?

To date Omega HAS NOT been "proven" to be a scam by a court of law, only accusations. Yes, there are plea-bargains and admission of some guilt by most of the 19 to date, BUT that doesn't "prove" that Omega is a scam. That only proves that administrative mistakes may have been made and/or the defendants were intimidated, coerced, and/or pressured into their choices. The 'powers to be' do not want this program to APPEAR to be legitimate or fund, and they are doing everything in their power to try to discourage all those of us who are involved.
The only changes that have really taken place in the past week are the new/old players that have started their negative postings again. All the fancy legal talk in the world will not change the fact that any court case can be embellishedand/or forced to move in whatever direction the 'powers to be' want it to go.

And truly believe it's a scam, why do you continue to follow Omega's every waking move? Even if it were true that Omega was a scam no one has any more to lose other than what has already been invested. It's not like they are still selling units. And if others want to stay positive they have that right, just like others have the right to be negative. Although good conscience should guide your motives in that you should not discredit others with verbal attacks, unless you are engrossed in the thrill of the fight, have another hidden agenda, or maybe favors the side of the 'powers to be.'

So the question would be, if a group truly believes something is a scam and has pertinent information that "ALL"should be exposed to and is only out for the GOOD of all, why would they not share this information as openly as they have so openly SLAMMED it and also be willing to share it WITHOUT any strings attached?

As far as offering PROOF as to the validity of the program, we must remind everyone that has done their homework and has an understanding as to how these trades are conducted, that these trades ARE VERY SECRETIVE AND VERY PRIVATE. It would be ludicrous to think that someone could demand proof and it be openly posted on the INTERNET of all places, knowing that the 'powers to be' (hum) want to confiscate the funds. And posting it in a private email knowing the track record of some, who will IN FACT forward/post it in open forum, is no better than the Internet. THERE ARE JUST SOME THINGS THAT CANNOT BE DISCUSSED or POSTED!

Many times in life we will not get all of our questions answered just because we WANT THEM ANSWERED or feel that we DESERVE THEM TO BE ANSWERED! We have all experienced this in real life and know that there is a time and place for all things to happen and for things to be revealed!

And not sure what to believe as to whether Omega is real or a scam, just take a look at the tactics used by some when they share how & what they feel to be true. When you deal with the twisted web of our society sometimes you can't just go on what appears to be truth, especially when it is presented in a way that causes total confusion, fear, intimidation, and/or anger.

The truth may NOT always be what you want to hear and may not always feel comfortable, but the truth DOES set you free. The fact that the truth does set you free is why we have been able to take such a bold stand in the face of adversity and ridicule as to the validity of Omega. And even though many may differ in what they feel the details of delivery are, there is a multitude of us that have this same peace & knowledge as to the validity of the program itself.

We commend you for your loyalty and your steadfastness and we would like to encourage you not to give up or to allow yourselves to be influenced to become negative in your views. The negative postings cannot affect your positive stand unless you allow it. Continue to stand strong and do not falter for in time you will reap the fruits of your reward.

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