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Dove Do-Do

Letters from Omeganites

  • Chester Smith Letter - "The idiotic Mr. Ripley": the alleged "pied piper" of the Destiny scam exposed.

  • BoyScam Letter - Funny story about a 9 year old and his Omega-like scam.

  • Life Club Letter - Life Club and Pocket Money Club announce closing of their companies.

  • Rowland Shelley Letter - Comment about Omega scam and the founder's financial troubles. It takes an idiot to scam an idiot.

  • Clyde Hood's Defense Fund Letter - Apparently Clyde Hood is asking for money from supporters for representation after his lawyer stepped down. Please! If you fall for this one, there's no helping you whatsoever!

  • Hate mail - Just so you kiddies know, "LOSER" is spelled with only one "O." Talk about "LOOSER" and you should ask my man Clyde Hood about his prison time.

  • Dove Letter1 - A true believer in the Omega fund explains why she will make money in her venture. And I thought my ex girlfriend was na´ve!

  • Dove Letter 2 - Believer in the Omega fund with no more support for her cause, just na´ve faith. At least she is right about one point-crooked politicians and bankers won't be able to touch her money (no one will!!!!!!!).

  • Dove Letter 3 - Same lady with more "reassurance" for her suckers, I mean clients. Read with a straight face if you dare.

  • Dove Letter 4 - Now she claims there was a "Secret Law" passed at a "surprise, secret, and late night session of Congress" which will make Omega followers lots and lots of money. Uh huh. How many fingers am I holding up?

  • Dove Letter 5 - Almost makes you feel sorry for their children doesn't it? Notice the random, capitalized words- I wonder if they mean anything if you take them all out and re-arrange them.

  • "O" Partners Beware- This is a letter of Omeganites trying to protect other Omeganites from testifying in court. For a group of less than intelligent humans, they sure know how to work with the authorities. Tell me again why would anyone get involved with these people?

  • Best Money Maker in the World - This is a good one! You can make $20G's from only $2.03 and 10 friends. Wakeup people!!

  • OmegaB.S. - Quite hypocritical of their own operation, their quote for the day is, "Things are not always the way they appear." Very interesting indeed.

  • OmegaB.S.2 - Another newsletter from the good people at Omega. This underground society of morons can't be real, can it?

  • Dove Letter 6 - Another letter for you to attempt to read with a straight face.

  • Dove Letter 7 - Mrs. Dove is at it again. This time she reassures her "partners", that their funds "HAVE BEEN verified as being CLEAN funds by ALL offshore banks SEVERAL TIMES" as far as their dirty money goes, its all in the U.S. so rest easy.

  • Dove Letter 8 - Geez! They act like being a sucker is like joining a secret society. This letter is absolutely hysterical.

  • Omega Pals Letter - Yeah, yeah! So they are not exactly what you call educated. At least parts of the letter make you feel good inside.

  • Omega Newsletter4 - Funny letter asking supporters of Clyde Hood to write to the judge to get him off his 3 charges. If O.J. can get off, there's hope for Clyde.

  • More B.S.From Omega - Another newsletter from your friends at Omega. You have to admit, they are persistent little devils.

  • More B.S. From Omega Part2 - The founder is on trial, yet recruiters are still looking for that potential "partner." When do they teach you the secret handshake?

  • Dove Letter 9- Yet another letter from our favorite symbol of peace,and stupidity. On a side note: never trust a company or anyone else whose leaders call themselves the White Knights.

  • Dove Letter 10 - Absolutely hysterical!! Well, now there are "renegade banks" trying to scam the lenders of the Omega Trust Fund-Go figure!

  •  White Knights Letter - Dove, when are you going to give up?

  • Gold-Based Economy- The Omeganites food for thought. Even if the economy were based on our supply of gold, the whole thing was a scam! You won't get any of it!

  • Clyde's Defense Fund Part2 - More gossip about Clyde Hood's trial (CH as they cleverly call him).

  • Angel Lady Letter - Excerpts from the Omeganites newsletter.  Thousands are members, one allegedly paid off- Yeah right!

  • "Good News" From Omega - You know in the dictionary, next to the word "gullible" there is a picture of all the Omeganites? See for yourself.

  • Starlarae Letter 1 - Finally! Omega partners are suspicious of Clyde Hood and Bill Wilson's business. Unfortunately they still believe that trillions of dollars are awaiting them in a Swiss bank account.

  • Starlarae Letter 2 - Don't worry Omeganites, Starla Rae says she's going to make big bucks off Omega, so you will too.

  • Off-shore Venture - If it sounds too good to be true - it is.

  • Recovery Group nabs Clyde Hood - Clyde was a slippery weasel, but upon formation of the Recovery Group he was indicted and later convicted alongside all his comrades.

  • Eric Messier Letter - Hey! Wasn't this guy involved in the Omega scam too??

  • Starlarae Letter 3 - According to the Omega partners- "What to do after you receive the money that you will never ever receive." Sounds dumb? Yes, we agree.

  • Eric Messier Letter 2 - Another letter for the Liechtenstein International Investment Corporation scam. It's not as bad as the Omega scam, but no doubt for the less intelligent.

  • Starlarae Letter 4 - More Omega news and Clyde Hood's absence (mental and physical).

  • The Latest in Stupidity from the Omega Scam - Hey, it happens. Just shows what a little research can do for you. I wouldn't want my Trust company's domain to sell herbal merchandise either.

  • Clinton is to blame - Where is he going with this exactly?

  • Alpha/Destiny - Alpha/Destiny Update Approved by the Commissioner.

  • Goodies From Omega - Letter from a professional scammer. Read and be amazed.

  • How to Collect - The Omeganites are saying that in order to collect your money, you have to go about it a certain way or you don't get any at all. Well, I'm pretty sure you won't get any at all anyways.

  • Latest News from Omega - "It has been the Clinton administration that has kept these funds from coming to us and nothing can happen until (the funds) are out!!" Wait a minute! What happened to the shape-shifting lizards?

  • Friends of Omega Newsletter 5/08/01 -- Omeganites and their shananigans.

  • Friends of Omega Newsletter 2 -- Get a load of this b.s.- "There has never been any venture that I believed in as much as Omega. I have known from the beginnings that it is very real. I also know that Clyde Hood is as honest as any man I have ever met. I have fought for the integrity of Omega from day one and will continue until it is completed."

  • Friends of Omega Newsletter 3 -- CH (Clyde Hood) is on trial. Hey I know its old news but its still funny!

  • Friends of Omega Newsletter 4 -- "We will never completely stop the rumormongors."

  • Friends of Omega Newsletter 5 -- Do not worry lenders, just because 2 (more) of our partners pled guilty doesn't mean you won't get your money.

  • A Voice in the Wilderness -- Yep, one of Omega's chief scammers will go to jail despite his request to postpone trial due to circulatory trouble in his legs.  

  • Question about MK's plea -- Omega partners suspect foul play in the plea bargains of MK and Karyn, "They were coerced into this plea bargain there was no doubt about it."

  • Friends of Omega Newsletter 6 -- Something about those yelling the loudest about silence will go silent and die a silent death while singing "Silent Night." Beats me!

  • She's at it again -- Last weeks deliveries were successful and "verified as being clean funds by ALL the offshore banks SEVERAL TIMES." Unfortunately these offshore banks do not exist, and the ones that do never verify clean funds in the first place!

  • In the Zone -- What can be said to someone relying on the Omega "payoff" to pay regular bills and even get medical help? On a side note, what is with the random capitalization of words? At first it was a little annoying, now it's starting to tick me off!

  • Another "blackout" caused by Omega -- Dove should change her name to pigeon with all the sh*& that she's dropping, and I just washed my car.

  • One Million Percent Certain -- Dove's "Divine Plan" in action.

  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow -- What exactly does the signature "The Dove of Oneness" mean?

  • Letter from C to Dove -- You know that when you send me forwards from Omega and your comments are funnier than mine it makes me look bad don't you? I won't take it personally, keep sending them in.

  • White Knights and the Divine Coalition -- Someone give Dove a shovel.

  • Edited letter from Dove -- Dove's original message is in black, comments are in red. If only Quatloos could take credit for this one...

  • Urgent Update from GMC -- Check out this letter from a fellow Dove-hater- Quack! Quack!

  • Support MK and Karyn -- Comparing MK to Jesus is a little off don't you think??

  • M's Defense -- Another fundraiser to get (yet another) Omega partner out of jail. Oh yeah, MK- tell Clyde I said "Hi."

  • MK Bond Agreement --  MK and Karyn must give up their computer, fax machine, and send a letter to investors claiming Omega is over. How is Dove going to talk about this one?

  • You have to be kidding me -- Omega partners seek to contact the committee investigating judge misconduct in the MK case. Geez, these people are idiots!

  • More MK plea bargain b.s. -- Where there is smoke, there is an Omega partner blowing it out of his arse.

  • "O Must Fund Before D" -- Apparently MK will still have to go on trial even if Omega pays before his court date. Go figure!

  • Fraud, Laundering and Conspiracy Charges against Omega Leader -- His mother would be so proud.

  • MK can beat this case -- Omega investors urged to write letter to Judge telling him how cruel he is. Yeah, I'm thinking the same thing as you.

  • Skolnick Letter -- Wait a second. Isn't this Skolnick guy a character from "Revenge of the Nerds?" 

  • Hood's Right Hand Man -- Jim Turner exposed... sorta.

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