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Omega Trust & Trading HYIP Exhibit

("Clyde may look like a local electrician, but he's really only one of
6 or 8 people in the world capable of pulling off this $97 Quintzillion
trade which is now being held up by the European bankers . . .")

Subj: Open Letter
Date: 2/9/01 6:17:18 PM Eastern Standard Time

312-409-2114  &  708-802-0480

Feb 9th, 2001
An Open Letter To All Participants Of;

"Omega" "Alpha" "Destiny I" "Destiny II" "Omega Trust and Trading Ltd." "Nations"  "Malibu" "Global Funding Ltd." "Evergreen  I" "Evergreen II" "Diamond Global" "The Hart Roll"  "Spider" "IBF - International Benevolent Fund"


The Recovery Group was formed in October of 1997 by and for investors of the Nations-Malibu Program.  "The Mission Statement" of "The Recovery Group" was/is to recover as much of the stolen money as possible and bring the thieves that are responsible for these losses to justice. Over 3000 members gave us their "Limited" Power of Attorney to work on their behalf.  The Nations Program shut down in the fall of 1996 and "The Malibu Trust" was formed immediately thereafter taking its place.  Patricia Nolan and Ralph J. Philippi were principals in both "Nations" and "The Malibu Trust".  George Bevre solicited funds for Malibu through his Trust "Global Funding Ltd." "The Malibu Trust" closed in September of 1997 and approximately 12,000 people lost close to $40,000,000.00.  Within three weeks after forming "The Recovery Group" Patricia Nolan left the U.S.A. and went into hiding in London with her new husband Paul Cruz.  George Bevre a.k.a. George Hart and his wife Victoria Boe packed their belongings and left Campbell, MN. And went into hiding in Marietta, Ga. and Ralph J. Philippi from Taiwan believes he's untouchable, he isn't.
[note]  Pam MacLeod, "Asset Protectors International" originally worked with Cal Brown.  Pam later worked directly with George Bevre [Global Funding ltd.] and became his No. 1 office soliciting several million dollars from investors.  She progressed up the ladder toward the end and worked with Patricia Nolan.  Pam was operating out of California but is originally from Canada and has mysteriously moved with no forwarding address or phone numbers. Coincidence ???

Page 1.


It has been a long slow process but so far there have been five criminals indicted on 19 felony charges by a Federal Grand Jury in Florida.  The following five criminals have all plea bargained, and the government has agreed to drop 17 of the 19 charges in exchange for guilty pleas on two

1.George Melvin Bevre, a.k.a. George Hart, currently resident of Maryland. 2. Robert Charles Stewart, resident of Gainesville, Florida. 3. James C. Morris, non practicing attorney who resides in Gardnerville, NV. 4. Royce Edward Tolley, was a Colorado attorney who resided in Denver and Castle      Rock, Colorado. 5. Calvin Frederick Brown, was a resident of Levy County, Fl.  Mr. Brown is currently a guest of the Federal Government at the detention center in Tallahassee, Fl.

The first four criminals listed are out on bond and waiting to be sentenced. In Feb. of 2000 we filed a Civil Complaint in The United States District Court, District of Georgia, Atlanta Division against George Bevre and relief
defendants. Case No. 100-CV-0305.  Even  though George Bevre was a resident of Ga. at the time, we had to withdraw our complaint for lack of jurisdiction.  We subsequently filed another Civil Complaint in the Northern District of Florida, Gainesville Division in September of 2000 Case No. CV170spm.  This Civil Complaint is being withdrawn and will be amended and refilled again.

Because of the long and intensive investigation that been undertaken by "The Recovery Group", we have been successful in recovering over 500 units of Omega for and on behalf of our members.  These 500 plus units represent funds that were solicited by for the Nations and Malibu Programs and were diverted into other programs.  

There are some common threads that tie some of these programs and their principals together.  EXAMPLE:  Patricia Nolan, George Bevre, Calvin Brown, Pam MacLeod and others all sent funds into Omega and other programs under different names and entities with funds they solicited for Nations and Malibu.  THIS IS ONE OF THE REASONS THAT "THE RECOVERY GROUP" HAS A LARGE VESTED INTEREST IN ALL THESE PROGRAMS.        


NO !

It is imperative that you understand some of the things that have happened in the Nations and Malibu programs.  Once you get an idea of what happened in these programs and who caused it to happen, you will get a much better picture of what is happening in Omega and why it is happening.  The following example & comparison will give you an idea of what we are talking about.

Page 2.

1.a    1994 Clyde Hood begins the Omega project and exercises his right to enter into private party contracts secured by the U.S. Constitution Article 1.  Section 10-3.  This right was further acknowledged by the U.S. Supreme Court Ruling in Hale v. Henkel, 201 U.S. 43 at 74 (1906)

1.b    1996 George Bevre a.k.a George Hart begins working with Patricia Nolan and starts soliciting funds for an "investment" called Nations later changing the name to Malibu.  This is a blatant violation of [ S.E.C.,] Security Exchange Commission laws.  You have to have a federal license to sell securities.  [ none of the defendants were ever charged with violating S.E.C. laws???]

2.a    In 1997 approximately three & half years after Omega began, a Grand Jury is convened to see if there is sufficient evidence to bring an indictment.  After three years of investigations by the FBI and other alphabet agencies the government finally get the Grand Jury to indict.  Clyde is arrested and jailed.  The court sets no bail.  All Clyde's assets are frozen.  

2.b    George Bevre and associates close down and run with the money before anyone ever tries to indict them.  The Recovery Group is formed because of the lack of action by the government.  The Recovery Group persist in forcing the issue by sending a 61 page report to almost ever major newspaper in the country exposing the fraud.  We also contact the FBI on numerous occasions with information that would expose all of the principals.  Reluctantly the Justice Dept takes the evidence to the Grand Jury and they indict three years after we have expose the fraud to the FBI.  George Bevre is arrested in the Atlanta Ga. area and his bond is set at $25,000.  He posted 10% or $2,500, and is allowed to walk out a free man.  The Government did not and has not froze his assets. He has also been allowed to hire an attorney with the funds he stole.  To add further insult to injury the government not only allows him to live off the money he stole but the court gives him permission to "travel" unrestricted.  As a matter of fact they even allow him to move from Ga. to Maryland to make it more difficult for us to perfect good service on him in our Civil Complaint.   Now to appreciate what you just read even more you need to understand that George Bevre was/is a convicted felon before any of this happened with the Nations/Malibu Program.  Yes, George Bevre is a convicted drug dealer and was sentenced to five years in prison in Arizona.   George bragged to many people that he worked with the C.I.A. and that he was untouchable.  So far no one has proved him wrong.  Think about it.

There is one more important thing to remember here.  When Clyde got arrested just about every newspaper in the country ran an article about Omega.  When George and associates got arrested and indicted only a couple of the local papers in Florida had articles.  THIS IS NOT A COINSIDENCE!!!!!!!

Page 3.

The government is now and has been protecting George Bevre and others for some time.  There is no doubt that he works for the government, however they will adamantly deny it.   You also need to understand that the government has
several other people working on their behalf who claim to be active participants in all of these programs.   Some of these people are and have been putting out updates and spreading rumors concerning these programs for some time.  You need to ask yourselves this questions.  How many times during he last 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 years (take your pick) have any of these people been right with any of their predictions?  If some of these people are as knowledgeable and righteous as they claim to be, then why do some of them use false names and try to keep their whereabouts unknown?  YOU BE THE JUDGE.   When you ask them where their information came from you hear, a reliable source, our European contact, someone from the bank, someone at the top, __________________ you fill in the blanks.  You have heard all the excuses before.  

You now know who "The Recovery Group" is and why we have been forced to get involved with the rest of these program.  Let us all take a look at the facts.  Forget all the rumors you have heard and stop believing all that smelly stuff that some of these people been shoveling your direction.  The more you hear it the worse the stench gets.


Fact:    Clyde Hood and associated are supposed to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.  Burden of proof is on the government. Fact:    The government has not proved anyone quality of anything yet. Fact:    One of the government's main arguments is that these types of HYIP do not exist. Fact:    The government is all too familiar with these types of investments. Fact:    The government does not want you to benefit from these types of programs nor does it want you or the general public to participate in or have knowledge of them. Fact:    The Omega Program and Omega Trust and Trading Ltd. have gone on way to long.   Fact:    For whatever reason, the powers at be have done an extremely poor job managing and communicating with the lenders. Fact:    By allowing all of these bogus rumors to continue circulating they have in fact gave credibility to them by not coming forward and stopping all the non-truths. Fact:    There is no way anyone can put a monetary value on the mental abuse that the participants of these programs have suffered.
Fact:    During the last three & half years of investigating these programs I have not only seen the government intentionally lie, they have blatantly protected a convicted drug dealer to protect their own interest. Fact:    IT IS TIME FOR THE TRUTH TO COME OUT, GOOD OR BAD.

Fact:    There are 19 people indicted for Omega.  18 would not be there if it weren't for Clyde Hood.

Page 4.

Fact:    I have received numerous calls and e-mails from people asking me if they should send funds for Clyde's Defense Fund.

MY ANWSER: ABSOULTLY NOT!   Please don't misunderstand my answer.  It is not personal, its business.  I wish Clyde and the other defendants nothing but the best.  I sincerely mean that.  I want Clyde and the others to win this court case so everyone can get on with the rest of their lives.  I have a hard time believing that Clyde or his family cannot come up with funds to hire council for him.  Think about it.  The "Buck" stopped at Clyde's door.  This is his program, not MK or BW or anyone else's.  If any of you are sincere about helping and you are willing to make a donation, then please send it to: Bondage Breakers Ministries c/o Lindsey Springer General Purpose Division 5147 S. Harvard, Suite 157 Tulsa, Ok. 74135

These are the people who are helping get MK and Karen their legal council.   Common sense would tell you and I can assure you their need for financial help is much greater than Clyde Hood's would ever be.  Think about it.

We hope no one had been offended by any of the contents of this letter.  It is our sincere desire to unite everyone so that the Truth will finally come out. The purpose of you having all this information is to help you understand that things are not always as they seem.  There is a lot more at stake in the upcoming trial than the funding of Omega.  

I was in Urbana, Illinois last Thursday for the hearings.  February 28, 2001 is the next scheduled hearing for motions.  There will be another pre-trial hearing in April.  May 1st jury selection is scheduled to start in Springfield, Illinois with the trial beginning on May 7, 2001.  You should not be surprised if this trial doesn't end until late July or early August.   Since I live in Springfield I should have access to information on a regular basis for you.  I will be utilizing the internet as well as our two international update lines to keep you informed of the proceedings.  Please forward this "Open Letter" to everyone that you know of that is a participant of any of these programs.  Our e-mail address and Phone Numbers are as follows.

For anyone who wishes to receive future updates please e-mail us your address at    Our two update Phone Numbers are: 312-409-2114 & 708-808-0480

Your spiritual and financial help is greatly needed and appreciated.


"The Recovery Group"

Thomas L., Magro, Trustee

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