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Omega Trust & Trading HYIP Exhibit

("Clyde may look like a local electrician, but he's really only one of
6 or 8 people in the world capable of pulling off this $97 Quintzillion
trade which is now being held up by the European bankers . . .")

Sent: Saturday, January 06, 2001 6:01 PM

Subject: Fw: "O" Patners Beware

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Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2001 16:04:35 EST

Subject: "O" Patners Beware

Message-ID: <

The info below was sent FWD to me by another "O" member

Partners please read this message that was sent to me and BE PREPARED IF YOU  ARE CONTACTED.  One word of warning:

It is a FELONY to lie to an FBI agent during the course of a conversation with them. This is outrageous, but true.  SO-------- there are some suggestions regarding what to say below - but I'd be inclined to say "I've nothing to say to you, good-bye!" and hang-up!  If they call back - then go  through the questions below.




I just received this, and I also just last evening talked with someone  personally who has in-fact received one of these calls from David Young of  the FBI. The confidant who told me this is a substantive and reliable  person.

Kind regards, David


OK FOLKS, here we go. It has been brought to my attention thru the group of  Omegans, who have been 'watching' and filtering fact from fiction, that the FBI has gone into a 'full court press'. Some Omegans are being called at  their homes by FBI officers who are saying things like, "you know you could  be a 'victim' of fraud". They are asking for any information you might be willing to give them. Apparently, their 'hotline' hasn't produced the  witnesses they need, to "satisfy"  Judge McCuskey.

The FBI  were given a deadline to produce a witness list for the Court and for the defendants Attorneys. The judge is not impressed with their results, so far, after 5 years of investigation. Angry and frustrated people are not good enough in a court of law. SOOOO, should any of you receive such a phone call, there are a few things to bear in mind. The number one thing is, You have the right to remain SILENT!

The 5th Ammendment hasn't been 'stricken' quite yet.

Here are a list of things to ask when approached by the FBI:

1)Are you conducting a criminal investigation?

2)Am I the object of your investigation?

3)Will you use anything I say or do, against me, in a court of Law?

4)State your statutory authority, which compels me to answer your inquiries.

5)Please submit your inquiries in writing, on your letterhead, with your  blueink signature. Also provide the name of your supervisor, with his/her official title, address, and telephone and fax number.

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