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Omega Trust & Trading HYIP Exhibit

("Clyde may look like a local electrician, but he's really only one of
6 or 8 people in the world capable of pulling off this $97 Quintzillion
trade which is now being held up by the European bankers . . .")

Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 17:31:44 -0500


Thanks for the carbon copy of your letter, and I am sure that Mr. Magro can answer for himself. Nonetheless, he heads up the recovery group for Nations/Malibu.

I lost $1500 to Nations through coordinator Pam MacLeod, whom he mentioned in his post. I did not join the recovery group 2-3 years ago upon Pam's example. I may have made a mistake, although I'm not sure. I do know that hindsight is always 20/20. They advertised in USA Today at that time, and if I had it to do over, I probably would have joined it.

Magro recently cast aspersion on Ms. MacLeod in a post. I have never personally thought her to be a willing part of the Nations scam, but it certainly appears that Patricia Nolan and George Hart were. I do know that it is possible for an ethical coordinator to be victimized along with the rest of the lenders. I am not vouching for Ms. MacLeod one way or the other.

I think that what Magro knows is basic info from the court. He lives in nearby Springfield and says he is attending the sessions. He seems to have bonded with Springer as over against CH. Says CH doesn't need the $ for his own defense. Others say that CH's assets were frozen, and that he does need the money.

Occasionally, a lender who posts on these mails seems to think himself the only friend of Omega and the others its enemies, which many on these mails have found too presumptuous and misguided for their blood. Most of the writers are capable of stringing two sentences together without the help of an editor or redactor. Certainly those who loaned to CH and MK alike are as big a friend of funding as anyone who arrogates to himself a special view.

If CH is as savvy as we were led to believe at one time, then it does beg the question why he didn't take some precaution offshore ahead of time for his own defense, and outside of the long arm of the authorities here at home. Be that as it may, I still believe that we need to give CH the benefit of the doubt and do what we can to support him, and presumably, the project. He always was OT&T Ltd as we knew it at this level. It's wisest to hedge our bets, which is what I did in the case of CH and MK when enrolling in the project.

It would be simple enough to write Mr. Queener yourself and to glean what facts you can. As soon as I have a real estate closing toward the end of this month, I plan to send what I can, although it won't be a windfall. I hope to influence others in that direction as well, and I know that time is short.

I hope to send more to Springer as well, although he has disavowed some of the more active letter writers. It's hard to tell what the complete and true story is, which is why I have dealt in mosaic. Where the facts overlap is where the true story probably is. FRB is involved, as was Mr. Summers (formerly at Treasury), because the accelerated money program is fundamentally an FRB program in the generation of Eurodollars abroad. Therefore, it is silly to try and disprove a European connection. I do not know Truth Warrior, but she seems to have some real knowledge of the "gray hats" and the "black hats" in this conflict. These, presumably, are the same "good guys" and "bad guys" that MK referred to in phone conversations some time ago.

There may also be credence in the story about the executive orders issued by WJC, which must be rescinded one by one. The truth, I believe, is a mixed bag. If that story is true, then we need to see copies of those orders. We do know that WJC helped the OECD in its efforts to subvert low-tax or no-tax jurisdictions offshore.

Unless we witness actual documentation at FRB, the EU or elsewhere, then we all are relying on the best testimony available. Some of us bring a longer perspective from programs that antedate this one by several years.

Messengers like the acerbic angellady have put out an accurate list of the private stockholders of FRB. Some of her info and that of dove's appear to have some elements of merit on some points, although angel unwisely attacks those who hold faithfully to basic, historic Christianity. I doubt that our answers are in the stars or in the readings from the tarot cards or in prayer to 'angels' as though to a god, or in other psychic forms and the occult.

Again, CH always was OT&T Ltd as we knew it, and MK insinuated himself successfully into the process. MK has helped some of the lenders financially by sending them $, one of whom is a local here that I know very well. This speaks well of MK. Others who have worked with MK have a different assessment of his consistency with the facts. I intend to give all the benefit of the doubt and to continue to try and help in the defense effort. It is best that we hedge our bets, and we need writers who can articulate themselves persuasively and comprehensively on this point, as well as others.

Springer et al view MK as our champion, but Mr. Springer's last mail stated rather clearly that CH is key to the whole process. His concern appeared to be that scarce defense dollars not be siphoned off from his defense of MK. All CH has to do to set us all free, Mr. Springer said, is (1) to prove that trades exist (2) to prove what he did with our money. This, presumably, would be the new attorney's basic strategem for victory. On the face of it, it seems to be the only real strategem at court.

It may well be that we as lenders have a vested interest in the defense effort and against the injunction. Certainly, if we pay for the defense, then we are entitled to some reasonable degree of accounting, which is another reason why I intend to participate. If anyone has actually received as has been reported, then he could be subpoenaed to testify in court and his or her existence made a certainty.

No one writer is the ultimate conduit of all the truth regarding Omega, and as a former print journalist, I really do believe that the defendant has a Constitutional right to be presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty. The facts must out themselves in open court.

I hope that all these guys are as innocent as the driven snow. The reporter in me intends to err on the side of the benefit of the doubt.

My guess is that the truth is a mixed bag, either in the case of one defendant over the other, or in both cases, or in the case of all of the Urbana 19. We still do not know for certain what happened during the famous Hallelujah letter writing campaign. I'm not sure that even Mr. Springer knows all the facts, since he represents only one client.

I have personally never thought of dove or angel or of others as government "plants," as some insinuate from seemingly sinister motives of their own. But it does appear to any casual observer that some of the messengers may have been used as mouthpieces in disseminating information that has been proven wrong time and again.

I initially signed onto the Springer option because it seemed to be the middle way, or Aristotle's golden mean, between inaction on the one hand, and filing suit (as some were advocating at the time), on the other hand. It was our way of getting at some facts, it seemed to me. The caveat we face, however, is that a legal representative for another is usually wise to say little when a case is under litigation. Less is usually more when a case is under litigation.

The charge against the lenders by Mr. Springer of greed is a bit misplaced, I believe. Probably a majority of the lenders on these mails are people of average means, and they have done the best they can to secure their future.

Many are impoverished by their own hand, having bought into the imminent funding scenario. But it is a black hole that will suck the unwitting victim into the dense gravity from which some may never return again the same. Those of a more mystical bent are also in danger -- of being sucked into Wonderland with Alice or with Dorothy into Oz, such is the nature of the anonymous medium known as the academy of cyberspace.

It is simple enough to write Mr. Queener, Mr. Springer et al and inquire of the facts for ourselves, as they have them or as they present them. I have written Mr. Springer a time or two on the mails. In my own case, making a living keeps on getting in the way of following up with the project in general as much as I would like to anymore. Wish I could do more, but I am among those digging out. We are all derelict if we do not return to supporting our families, however disheartening our present employment.

I promise you that these are the words of one who cares very deeply about funding for myself, my family, my friends, and for the many decent and needy and ethical lenders. I care as deeply as anyone else cares.

We ought to work together the best that we can, frail humans though we all be, and forget the moral stupidity of egotism that others accuse others of when they indict themselves. I find that it is better to articulate one's case and persuade people with a modicum of influence on these mails than it is to crash and mangle the whole china shop.

Kind regards,


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