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Omega Trust & Trading HYIP Exhibit

("Clyde may look like a local electrician, but he's really only one of
6 or 8 people in the world capable of pulling off this $97 Quintzillion
trade which is now being held up by the European bankers . . .")

Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2001 19:36:40 EST Subject: I'm back from Lost Wages. We had a great time,only lost $3 and saw some shows. Message-ID: <

Hi friends, We have been gone to Las Vegas since last Tuesday. We saw some great comedy shows and the Legends In Concert. The weather was chilly but sunny. I will be getting caught up with tons of emails.

Some of you may find it difficult to sort through the spiritual parts of the following email, but there may be some info. here that you will enjoy. I haven't read it all yet, and I don't know anything about Angel Lady, myself. Warm Regards, Starla ******************************************** 

Subj: Finally...confirmation on O Date: 2/1/01 11:15:08 AM US Mountain Standard Time From: AngelLady BCC: STARLA RAE

Before anyone reads this message, PLEASE STOP AND TAKE A DEEP BREATH. NOW, I am sharing with you confidential information I received last night. I have given you my credentials...of course a small handful of the usual close-minded fundamentalists have judged me and my background...they don't bother me...anyway I have recently pleasantly discovered that most on this site are open-minded, intelligent people. I will not give additional information regarding the source, except to say the source is a retired b-nker from a major US b-nk.

I went out of town yesterday...of course, thinking I was going to do one thing (get my hair done and shop)...but came away with surprising information I have been searching for a long time. Spirit/GOD has a way of people coming into your life when you need them, and taking them away when you don't need them anymore.

The woman I met was a retired b-nker. Of course, I started my usual discussion about the FRB, and teasingly called her "Ms, Federal R-serve B-nker." She quickly told me that when she retired, the b-nk had her sign papers that she would not discuss or disclose anything she knew that happened while she worked there.

She was very closed-mouth. Now, I will say that we were doing "cards" you fundamentalists, particularly kkpridgen and know who you are...please do not e-mail me that I am evil, or going to hell or to the D-evil or some other nonsense...I got enough of this at the Southern Baptist Church. Masons perform "secret" rituals; so in my opinion, reading cards is a form of divination..just like using rod for divining water...just like reading tea leaves, lunar cycles, monthly cycles, horoscopes, bingo, poker, etc. From personal experience--my late father once owned a liquor store...the Baptists wouldn't stop if my mother was there...rode by until she left. We all know "churchgoers" who frequent the casinos of Las Vegas... ...but this is not the point. Everything...even the preacher's sermon, needs to be used with discernment. Spirit/GOD sometimes has to work in ways that will get one's attention--this is how Spirit/GOD got my attention yesterday. I will block any future messages from anyone who writes nasty replies. If you want to know the b-nker's "inside" information, keep reading...if not, DELETE NOW.

Okay...before any discussion...she dealt out several stacks of cards and told me to make a WISH...well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist or a semi-literate person on this site to guess my wish!!!!! She read the last card in the six stacks, and told me that whatever I had wished for was true...would DEFINITELY come true. Then told me big $$$ would come within a few months...also other wonderful things, but I'll leave it at that. REMEMBER, NO NASTY COMMENTS..DELETE NOW IF NOT INTERESTED.

We finished with the "session" friend, the owner of the shop--and author of 8 books, left for a meeting with some investors. The b-nker and I were now alone and she began to open up...a little...not much because of what she signed...but this is what transpired.

I began talking about b_nk rollovers and b-nk d-bentures and how the FRB was set up. (Note: Research "b-nk deb-enture" on www--there was a good site given on "btheswordoftruth"...can't right off had get site, let me know if interested or get site for another and post).

B-nker had worked in the LOC department--handled very large sums of $$$. She warned me about the Internet and how information can easily be retrieved by hackers--be careful, she advised, as to what information is stored in the computer. I mentioned there were many articles going out over the "net" exposing the NWO, FRB, IRS, etc. We discussed how millions were not filing forms, and that there would be some move made to generate additional money. Just trust it will not be a double-tip--"income" and consumption tax.

I asked her if she had ever heard of the b-nk deb-nture program known as "O." She replied, "Yes." I asked her again...and she still replied "Yes." I made sure she understood what I was asking.

I asked, "So "O" IS REAL?" "Yes," she said..."VERY REAL." I then sat back, took a deep breath, put my hands over my eyes...tears was really amazing...maybe what some have been saying was indeed true after all. Maybe the lightworkers have done enough energy work to help pull over the rope in the tug-of-war. Just maybe the Light would win. Just maybe Spirit/GOD was letting me know that everything really is OK...and had to use a card session to sit back and just let the process unfold.

She assumed me it would pay--just didn't know details. Said there was something else VERY BIG other than our situation, but she didn't know any particularls...just that there was something else going on. Told her about IL case and how govt. had attempted to stop funding...about agent getting on stand saying there were no Prime B-nks, but that we all knew that the FRB was a Prime B-nk...she agreed. She didn't seem alarmed at anything I mentioned. Didn't know any of the players involved; e.g., CH, GH, BW, MK. (Note: Has anybody found out why GH was not indicted?)

I asked if she knew when "O" would pay. She replied "No, but that it will definitely pay." Said that the number "7" is very significant in the b-nking years for credit reports, etc. I remember a few years back being told my someone that CH had said he didn't want it paid until 2001 (beginning of 21st centurty)...this would have been 7 years from August, 1994. She seemed to have been aware of "O" for several years (five, at least). Didn't know too much about particulars...or at least did not volunteer anything.

She said most $$$ was ON-shore...that in a year or so MAJOR changes would be taking place in b-nking world...names of current b-nks would be changed or not even exist. New monetary system is being prepared (knew nothing about [OMITTED])...$$$ as we know it would be changed. FRB working toward going electronically. NWO being implemented around $$$. Many b-nks are liquidating their Wall Street investments... and laundering $$$ through various offshore b-nks.

In asking about how to open up a bank, she wasn't sure how to do this, but said all financial institutions would be tied together, so therefore, FRB would have the $$$. Can be done, but lots of regulations...maybe more offshore. (Note: I am sending under separate post an article on FINCEN, the Fin-ncial Cr-mes Enf-rcement Net-ork, which has become the most effective financial investigation unit in the world.) She discussed the gold standard, and didn't know if there was enough gold to back $$$$. Talked about other metals which could be used to back $$$...possibly uranium, which BTW is missing in large quantities.

She knew about the Arabs (this article was posted a while back from the site); thought GWB would let his mouth run and spill the beans during a visit...they aren't quite aware of what has really been going on

with their invested money--will there be $$$ to pay off the Treasury Notes--which BTW goes into the total amount of the National Debt--once again, ALL Treasury Notes are included in the national debt. Go to the archives and retrieve message, or go to this site: under articles identified as "Interesting Reading"; Interesting Reading Pt. 2; Interesting Reading Pt. 3.

Now for the answer EVERYONE wants to know...I'm going to give you several analogies. Remember, according to her, this figure is on the LOW side!!!

1. Think of the letter "D" and what it represents numerically...add "7" identical numbers after that first number and, according to her, that was/is the price per unit (I don't know when she left the b-nk)...remember, she said this was/is the LOW NUMBER--may very easily be MORE! Said it matter-of-factly, and was stunned when I told her how much each unit cost, and that MK would often let four people share one unit.

2. Another hint...number of days J.C. camped out.

3. Another hint...A.B. and his ___ workers.

She confirmed there IS a ND. I asked "Is it for 90 days?" "She replied, "120 days."

Now, ponder these amounts per your own math...close your mouth...take a deep breath...sit back and SMILE!!!!!!! There are LOTS OF

TOYS you will be able to play with, and WONDERFUL projects that can be completed. Just know that, according to her, "they" have all names and addresses of all involved...will have to wait and see if CH, GH, BW and MK kept good records and have all our names in the database. I, for one, will be thankful to the CFR, Bilderb-rgers, Trila-eral Commission, 13 owners of the FRB, A. Gre-nsp-n, and all politicians, lawyers, lenders, leaders, etc. for their participation in getting these monies to us. I suppose we will no longer be able to call those organizations the "enemy," since we will be now part of the system. We obviously have to accept the system, whatever it is, to get into the system.

This is all I know...but it was quite surprising hearing it from a stranger who was "in the know" and not involved personally with the outcome. Of course, I plan to buy her a new farm when it funds...that's the least I can do for what she shared with me.

BTW: I almost didn't go out-of-town yesterday...but getting my hair done and a little "retail therapy" at my friend's vintage shop is how I "lift my spirits." The stranger was also from out-of-town. She and a preacher friend she is seeing (and also sleeping with...oh, you fundamentalists...don't you know those preachers/ ministers are often silver-tongued and quick under the sheets). The two of them had stopped by my friend's shop a day or so ago while visiting the city convention theater--they were there to see an Elvis impersonator!

I had to laugh and shake my heard...only Spirit/GOD could have arranged for us three ladies to come together at that particular time, and for her to have the information that I wanted/needed so desperately. Thank GOD for Elvis

Presley! Spirit/GOD also arranged for my friend to leave the shop to go talk to a business partner about her public relations for her personal appearances, photo sessions and book distribution. Just maybe Spirit/GOD was answering MY PRAYER FOR SOME VALIDATION of "O" so that I can have some peace of mind and stop worrying about rumors, etc. I am not betraying any confidence as I am not mentioning names, places, etc. I would want to know this information, so I feel guided to share what I learned.

Remember that old adage: All good things are worth waiting for. We just wonder how long the wait is going to be. However, we have much more research to do...she was concerned that when this dropped in our laps, we would not really be able to comprehend the magnitude. She advised to use careful of financial advisors, lawyers, etc. I will be

sending along some good resource material which will help each empower herself/himself as to what to do with these HUGE celestial resources; e.g., publications to purchase and various articles I have found of interest. It is up to each lender to DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK/RESEARCH. Of course, there will be many who will not heed this advice and become overwhelmed when the event finally takes place. Which will you be? Those who did her/his homework/

research will probably not be around or interested in assisting those who chose to lag behind.

According to the b-nker, it's real, it's done...we will just have to wait a little longer for receipt. Now, as kkpridgen would say..."don't go out and bet the farm on a monkey"...or something like that; i.e., use common sense--don't go out and spend the $$$ before you have it...just visualize yourself VERY WEALTHY, get used to it--raise your consciousness and see that amount of money in a b-nk account with YOUR name, or your IBC, etc. Your old ways/thinking/lifestyle will change. Go out and buy a copy of "The Robb Report" --it's a great luxury magazine with articles on various "toys" and projects of the wealthy.. Become aware of your chosen role. Be prepared for your newfound wealth. I'll post some resourceful material on this site for those of you interested.




Dr. Angel Lady

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