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Omega Trust & Trading HYIP Exhibit

("Clyde may look like a local electrician, but he's really only one of
6 or 8 people in the world capable of pulling off this $97 Quintzillion
trade which is now being held up by the European bankers . . .")



Hello Omeganites,

We have received many letters from our readers requesting an update on the situation with Omega.  We would like to assure each of you that all is fine!!! We are aware that a continual flow of information does give a sense of security to most.  But the reality of the situation is that no matter who or where you receive "O" information from, no one will ever be able to tell you conclusively the exact funding date for Omega!!!!

We still have those who continue to send out information on a regular basis concerning their knowledge of funding dates.  They also continue to say they know what is truly going on, yet to date it has been over a year since the rumored "Daily Funding Mode" began.  It appears that they just won't give it up.  There are those who have been asking us if we find even a small portion of truth in any of these lettered rumors.  We would like to once again remind all our readers that we do NOT support any of what they have or will continue to say.  The fact remains that only a SMALL group of people (those involved in the actual trade) know the complete facts.  Omega is under control of the powers within this small group of people and I can guarantee that no Omegan or anyone else would be privy to such inside information as to exact dates, times, etc.

Mk said in his last unofficial announcement that nothing would happen until the inauguration.  He was quoted as saying, "It has been the Clinton dministration that has kept these funds from coming to us and nothing can happen until they are out!!"

Now lets put things into prospective.  Those people who have spread rumors for months and months claiming beyond a doubt that GB was to blame for the hold up of funding have now QUICKLY jumped on board the rumored Clinton bandwagon.

MK is saying that it is the present Government Administration that is holding up funding, he is NOT saying that it is Clinton himself, but that it is the Government in it's entirety!!  The problem with many of the rumored stories that spread through these News tellers is the focus they place on any one person... So much power bestowed on one person isn't even conceivable.  The Government along with the Federal Reserve are two VERY LARGE institutions with many individuals that are involved in making the decisions on these rulings.

MK has said for over 2 years that our situation has been held up by #1 the Federal Reserve and #2 the Government.  When the indictments and arrests were made in November, MK clarified what he meant when he said that CH had started legal action to get a signature (not just a verbal promise) from the Government to insure the safe delivery of the "O" funds.  Both the Federal Reserve and Government have been involved with the stalling of the Omega Funding. It was the Federal Reserve that had Omega investigated and then filed indictments to "stall" funding.


Well let's take a look at the world situation right at this moment.  The United States presently stands as having the strongest dollar in the market.  Since the USA is an exporter of goods, it makes it very difficult for other countries to purchase goods from us since it's much to expensive to purchase &transport goods from us.  So logically this is not the position the USA wants to be in.  We have also watched the Stock Market roller coaster for the past year.
The fact that President Elect George Bush has stated that we may be looking at a recession in the near future is another good indication of things to come.

Yes, the Bushes stand to benefit from the Omega funding also!!  Whether you voted for Bush or Gore or whether you like or despise Bush, we needed him in office in order to push Omega into funding.  MK alluded to that when he said that the Clinton administration had to be out.  Like it or not folks, Gore is that administration!!!  We should see funding much sooner now with the new administration taking office this month.


This is a question that we have received time and time again.  Friends, as we have stated in the past we feel that when Omega funds the stock market will plunge!! If Omega had funded before or during this controversial election, the stock market would have taken precedence over the Presidential elections due to the urgency of such a situation.

For your information - here are today's Stock Market (1-2-01) results

Dow 10646.15 -140.70 (-1.30%)
Nasdaq 2291.86 -178.66 (-7.23%)
S&P 500 1283.27 -37.01 (-2.80%)
30-Yr Bond 5.350% -0.109 NYSE Volume 1,106,606,000 Nasdaq Volume 1,937,977,000


We feel there are those in control that have an agenda as to who was to be in office and after what we have been through with the elections, we have no doubt that there are ulterior motives for all that has happened.


The exact funding dates are not known at the present, but we DO know that Clinton will have to leave office as of the 20th of January.  We have also been told that CH has to be released from jail, without his release the injunction cannot be lifted!!  With out the injunction lifted NO ONE can continue with funding!!


#1 - The results of the November hearing kept CH held in jail due to the fact of being a flight risk.BUT...the judge held over until the 22nd of January pending the next hearing.  This makes for a perfect situation since the inauguration is on January 20th!

#2 - Our Government will be changing hands with a $1.8 trillion gain and yet they are talking about a recession?  And why would President Bush start out his new seat saying such a thing?  Friends, it appears there are things happening right at this moment that are paving the way for Omegas final leg into funding.

There are still parts of this story yet not disclosed. We hope that very soon we will be able to bring further news to our readers and very soon all of us should be able to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Omega is real my friends!  We are told that funding will most likely take place within the first quarter. This is highly possible.  I can assure you that with the new Government party in office this is something that they will definitely want to do as quickly as possible to get this serious economic situation under control.  We feel that the thorn of this economic fester may be removed with the funding of Omega and once it is released then healing can take place.

Believe in yourselves and all that you do...  Live each day as if it were your last!  May this year bring all of you the joys of peace and security in your lives!!!

Your friends in Omega, Joel, Canary, & OC

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