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Omega Trust & Trading HYIP Exhibit

("Clyde may look like a local electrician, but he's really only one of
6 or 8 people in the world capable of pulling off this $97 Quintzillion
trade which is now being held up by the European bankers . . .")

I have to give Dove her due credit. She does manage to sneak out of her padded cell and into her psycho ward doctor's office and email these messages out to all.

Hello Dear Friends,

I write you today to say that our Rainbow is shimmering into view and this time the pots of gold and blessings at the end of our Rainbow are real and ours!
 First, let me say that some major elements were reported reaching an important milestone as of 6 p.m. Friday night Pacific daylight time. So, folks, there were activities for our benefit in process last week.

Now, as to the Illinois court situation. I'm told only the CH, BW, and MK cases were required to be `closed' by the top financial people across the oceans. Now that those cases have been `closed', this requirement is completely met. The remaining cases are UNimportant to our blessings' progress.

I'm told that the judge in MK's case ordered MK to send out letters immediately to all lenders saying that our program is "over" -- which is the ABSOLUTE OPPOSITE OF TRUE REALITY. Our blessings are crossing the Rainbow bridge into our lives! So, let's tell our friends to ignore any letters that come from MK because he is being forced to send out this FALSE INFO by a kangaroo court. The whole mess regarding our program in Illinois will be dissolved by [OMITTED] per my White Knights.

I find it interesting to sit back and watch the craziness in Illinois at the same time that people in our group are receiving the sprinklings of our blessings and reporting back to us about their experiences. TRUE REALITY is what these friends of ours are reporting and soon this reality is true for all of us in our program.

I was told a few things that are very important for all of us to understand. We do have reports in the last few weeks that when these folks went to the bank, bank personnel asked them "where the $$ came from"! This question by the bank is a TRAP and the people who said the name of our program did LOSE their funds, I'm told. To this question, we must say: "I am prohibited by Non Disclosure from telling anyone where this $$ comes from."

Let us be on ALERT, dear Friends, and AVOID being caught in the TRAP of telling ANYONE that our blessings come from our program. It's our RIGHT TO REFUSE to tell anyone because our Non Disclosure prohibits us from telling anyone. I know most of us like to be cooperative and truthful, HOWEVER, in this case, we must be FIRM and REFUSE - this is our LEGAL right.

I want to remind you that the bank already KNOWS that our blessings are "clean, clear, and non-criminal in origin" and I'm expecting the bank will give us Triple-C documentation stating this. There is ZERO reason for us to answer the bank's question since supposedly the only reason they ask is to find out if the $$ is from criminal activities. Yes, folks, the banks do play tricks on the unaware.
 There is another potential "trap" we've heard about. One person recommended REFUSING the Line of Credit the bank offers because it is drawn against the gold certificates and if we take the Line of Credit, we MIGHT LOSE the gold certificates/bearer bonds. We have lots of other $$ available to us, we're told; it's unnecessary to accept the Line of Credit.

One of my Divine Coalition contacts tells me that once [OMITTED] is public, the banks will be unable to do these kinds of tricks. Hurray for [OMITTED]!
 (You can read a prototype version of [OMITTED] at http://www.[OMITTED].com - the ACTUAL version of [OMITTED] is even better, I'm told. The website says the bill is not sponsored or passed - please avoid writing me about this; it's necessary for the website to say this.) Hurray [OMITTED]!

Folks, just imagine: All people are free of paying off their current mortgages - mortgages are totally forgiven or turned into self-liquidating loans! (Self-liquidating loan means the mortgage gets paid off automatically through a banking process.) Everyone's credit card debts are instantly forgiven! All are free of paying any federal income tax! AND, we can have true personal liberty and sovereignty for the first time in our lives! Hurray [OMITTED]!

These are just a FEW of the wonderful blessings of [OMITTED]! I expect to see more happiness in this country than we've seen since the end of the last world war! I imagine us dancing in the streets and having [OMITTED] celebration parties! Hurray [OMITTED] Indeed!

Now, those of you who are depressed and upset, HOLD ON and stay alive - our blessings are on the Rainbow Bridge shimmering into our hands and lives! Folks, let's continue our prayers/meditations during the day whenever we have the opportunity. Those of us who are able, let's gather at 10-10:30 PM EASTERN daylight time. And, let's invoke the Great Divine Unconditional Love COVERING and saturating Washington, D.C., and all nearby areas in support of momentous miracles carrying our blessings to us:

"We AFFIRM and KNOW great miracles are occurring for the happiness and benefit of ALL on Earth. We invoke the Great Divine Unconditional Love bringing forth NOW all these miraculous answers to our prayers/meditations, supporting the Divine Coalition of ALL involved, all activities, and our brothers and sisters who need loving support and hope in these amazing days. The 10 doors are open and staying open as our blessings come to us all worldwide. In Celebration and Gratitude, we accept our wonderful blessings NOW!"

Blessings and Love,

The Dove of Oneness

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