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Omega Trust & Trading HYIP Exhibit

("Clyde may look like a local electrician, but he's really only one of
6 or 8 people in the world capable of pulling off this $97 Quintzillion
trade which is now being held up by the European bankers . . .")

Sent: Monday, April 23, 2001 2:18 PM

Subject: Fw: Fw: [doveofo] URGENT: To White Knights and Lenders -

Safeguarding Our Funds

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Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 15:13:55 -0400

Subject: Fw: [doveofo] URGENT: To White Knights and Lenders -

Safeguarding Our Funds

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Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 19:02:01 -0000

Subject: [doveofo] URGENT: To White Knights and Lenders - Safeguarding

Our Funds

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Hello Dear Friends,

I'm writing this update to inform you that I am hearing some of

the renegade bankers may TRY to run a SCAM on the lenders.



Please provide ASAP a list of ALL the Treasury Banks in the entire country to the lenders and the PUBLIC. Please provide this BEFORE lenders go to the bank to activate their accounts. This could be printed in EVERY newspaper and put on an internet website which could be announced by all news programs on all channels.

The name of the Treasury Bank for each lender could also be put in the letter the lender will receive. However, I am hearing that the renegade bankers who are trying to scam the lenders are also sending out letters to the lenders. There are many lenders who might get confused and due to lack of background info on this situation, may choose the wrong bank. That's why a PUBLIC list may help this situation.

Also, would it be possible to CLOSE the renegade banks so that they are UNable to try to scam the lenders?

This is a very serious situation - as you White Knights already know. I am putting this notice out to the Dove egroup because the lenders need to be aware of this situation so that they can make WISE decisions when the time comes.

THANK YOU, White Knights, for ALL you are doing on our behalf!


Folks, I am hearing that there are some renegade banks which have chosen to ignore the requirement to become Treasury Banks. We KNOW for a FACT that all banks, big and small, were informed of the coming Treasury Bank system months ago and some knew of it over a year ago. However, some of the bankers running these banks have chosen to IGNORE this and now they are trying to find some way to stay in business after the change over.

I am hearing that these renegade bankers will try to SCAM the lenders into coming to their banks. I'm hearing that these dishonest bankers have bought a copy of the lender database and that they mayT RY TO SEND LETTERS out to the lenders telling the lenders to come into these renegade banks for lender funding! I'm told that IF lenders go to these renegade banks, and IF the lenders sign papers authorizing the renegade bank to transfer their funds and gold certificates to the renegade bank, then the lenders MAY LOSE a substantial portion of their funding.

This is why I am asking that the White Knights get a complete list of ALL Treasury Banks in the entire country out to the PUBLIC and ALL LENDERS. I hope that the OFFICIAL letters coming to lenders also have some kind of information that will let the lender know to contact an official Treasury Bank.

Folks, we were told this might happen months ago, and now I am hearing from other sources that this IS a scam these renegade bankers will TRY to run on lenders. The ONLY solution I can see is for the White Knights to provide a LIST of all Treasury Banks to all of us. IF the list is in the public media, hopefully, all lenders will see it. There are lenders who are UNAWARE of all the activities surrounding our program and have zero info about this issue.

I realize what I'm asking requires that the Treasury Banks be made PUBLIC INFO prior to our going to the banks. This would be a huge safeguard for all of us.

I am researching with various contacts to find additional ways to safeguard the lenders' funding and AVOID the renegade bankers. I may put out a list of the official Treasury Bank banking corporations if I obtain a list that I feel is valid. This is another way that we lenders can help avoid the renegade bankers' scam.

The good news, folks, is that FUNDING IS IN PROCESS. And, now we all need to become very WISE about safeguarding our great abundance. I will have further info about SAFEGUARDING our funds in my next update.

We are hearing today that funding activities are moving forward in Europe and this signals good news for all of us. I'm avoiding putting out details to protect the process.


Let's all keep all details about dates of delivery and methods of delivery OFF the internet, please. Some of these renegade bankers may be watching the chat rooms and message boards hoping to find out when they should send out their bogus letters to lenders. We can help to defeat their SCAMS by keeping this info OFF the internet.

We can give encouragement in GENERAL ways - by sharing info that arrangements for funding ARE occurring. But, please KEEP DATES and DELIVERY processes OFF the internet for everyone's protection.

From this update, you should realize that we ARE CLOSE to fulfillment -- that's why I'm putting out this request to the White Knights to help us be WISE about which bank is a TRUE Treasury Bank and IS our OFFICIAL funding bank.

Folks, I'm asking that as many of us as possible come together in group prayer and meditation tonight and Tuesday night 10 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. EASTERN Daylight Time and use the prayer below as our focus. Let's pay special attention to SUPPORTING the White Knights in ALL they are doing on our behalf to bring forth our fulfillments AND bringing forth the great improvements in the world. Our loving prayers and meditations WILL HELP to open doors miraculously so that all the White Knights' activities are smoothly, easily, and peacefully accomplished. I'm hearing that THIS week the White Knights are doing some EXTREMELY important activities for our benefit, so let's lift them up and strengthen them with our supporting love.

Let's be in "an attitude of gratitude" when we do our prayers and meditations. Let's continue to AFFIRM that we know our wonderful financial abundance blessings are ALREADY OURS and all goes smoothly as deliveries proceed!

"We AFFIRM and KNOW that our prayers ARE being answered and that all lenders yet to receive in our BIG program are now receiving our funding in TOTAL HAPPY PEACE! We know the GREAT LOVE of our Creator is calming the weather in the world; and all lenders in all programs worldwide, and all White Knights worldwide involved in the great divine changes, ARE surrounded with protection, wisdom, and happiness as all lenders receive our fulfillments. We KNOW and AFFIRM that our White Knights are blessed with great protection, strength, wisdom, divine providence, resources and are easily neutralizing all the activities of the dark agenda regarding us and our blessings. We KNOW and AFFIRM our prayers ARE ANSWERED as the great divine plan unfolds into the Age of Miracles of peace, love, prosperity, wisdom, compassion, and liberty for all. We AFFIRM and KNOW we ARE going forth and each of us is living our divine purposes fully in great wisdom and strength. We KNOW all who have and are contributing to these great wonderful divine changes are being blessed with happy abundance, wisdom, and all their heart's desire. WE ARE SO THANKFUL for the wonderful blessings we are receiving and for the opportunity to live our dreams, and assist everyone in living their dreams, of a much better world for all in happy peace, love, harmony, liberty, sovereignty, wisdom, prosperity, and cooperation worldwide."

Also, to all of you who receive Dove updates from others who forward them to you by email or fax, if you have email PLEASE JOIN the Dove egroup yourselves to BE SURE you receive all Dove updates. I've had a request from both Starla and Chuck Seabert that it will help them if the lenders on their lists JOIN the Dove egroup and lighten the load on these wonderful lenders who have carried the torch of hope for so long. So, please - EVERYONE - JOIN the Dove egroup so that you are SURE to RECEIVE all the Dove updates.

To JOIN, the "easy way", send an email to: and follow the directions you receive from Yahoo. I will approve you within a day or two.

To be able to "read Previous Messages" on the web or receive only a Digest, you need to do the longer method of joining as described below:

Due to recent merger of Yahoo! Groups and, you will actually create a user ID with Yahoo! Groups first, and then join the "doveofo" group. You can have your Dove updates delivered to your Yahoo user ID email, OR to your regular "alternate" email address.

To join Yahoo! Groups, click on and go through the process.

Once that is done, you then click on to join the Dove egroup. Within a day or two, I will approve your membership and you will begin receiving any updates I do via email.

The Dove of O egroup is PRIVATE, so you will be unable to find it using a SEARCH function.

THANKS for joining the Dove of O egroup! WE have a LOT of wonderful projects to do together and I look forward to working with all of you in the months and years ahead!

**How do I access Dove messages on the web and my account now that Yahoo!Groups and have merged?

Due to merger of Yahoo!Groups and, for people who are ALREADY members of "odpositive" or "doveofo", to have FULL functionality, you need to "Link" your account. To access the Link process, click on and you will be re- routed to the page at Yahoo. Next, click on "Link my eGroups account" and go through the process.

** How do I read Dove egroup Messages on the web?

You must first do the Link process described above IF you were a member of the Dove egroup prior to January 27, 2001. To access the Link process, click on and you will be re-routed to the page at Yahoo. Next, click on the button labeled: "Link my eGroups account" and go through the process.

Sign onto Yahoo! Groups, at . Near the top of the screen, click on "My Groups". The next page on the top left side you will see a listing of the groups to which you belong, under the heading "Group Name". To access previous Dove messages, click on "doveofo"; the next page will display a few recent message titles with a calendar below. To see all the titles of messages in a particular month, click on the MONTH in the calendar. Then, click on the title of the message you wish to read.


Folks, I intend to continue to send out important info that lenders need to know in order to safeguard their huge abundance. If you are relying on someone else to forward my updates to you, you may MISS some updates. Once funding letters are delivered, many lenders will be very busy and will be UNABLE to continue forwarding information to the lists of lenders. There are ADDITIONAL events that will be occurring which will effect all lenders and I will be sending out updates on these events. So, PLEASE, for your OWN SAKE, be sure toJOIN the Dove egroup and take the pressure off others who are forwarding messages to you. I know Gordon usually forwards my updates to his odpositive list, however, this is putting pressure on Gordon after funding also. Gordon plans to change his location immediately after receiving his letter and will be busy doing his banking activities and may be too busy to forward Dove updates. So, to be sure - Please JOIN the Dove egroup yourself.

Okay, Starla and Chuck -- hope this helps lighten your load. I will put out the JOIN info in my next updates too. Thanks for being such important communicators for the lenders all this time!

I will be putting out ANOTHER update later today. I'm doing research on this now.

Let's remember to DO our prayers and meditations tonight - I'm off work this week and will be joining all of you tonight and Tuesday night at 10 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.

Blessings and Love,


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