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There are many Omega message boards and newsletters that continue to promote the Omega CULT. Both scammers and delusional victims propagate the insanity. Most of the following Internet message boards are private, but the hosts will allow you to join if you claim to be a faithful Omegan.

The most accepted current pro-Omega theory is that convicted scammer Clyde Hood was just a pawn in a bigger holy cause. After being mismanaged by mortals, Omega has now been taken over by heavenly management, and funding is not just about to happen - but it IS happening. Omegans believe those who have received are under a strict non-disclosure agreement. The non-disclosure conveniently provides them with a reason as to why they have no knowledge of particular individuals who have received. Additionally, many use the non disclosure myth to explain the behavior of ex-believers who drop out of the Omega CULT circles. "Jim Bob said he's done with the program. He must be under a non disclosure." The accepted story Omegans cling to is that Clyde was divinely inspired to work with a group of power-moguls turned humanitarians. Clyde's duty was to compile a list of "the faithful". These faithful would later become the direct beneficiaries of a biblical redistribution of wealth -- "The meek shall inherit the earth." Clyde's commission for completing this task was 100% of the proceeds from all Omegans. Omega is GOD's program, so it does not need initial capital, and Clyde was free to keep it. Each $100 unit represented the required show of faith on investors' behalves, hence allowing them to receive God's million-fold gift in return. According to the story, Clyde became careless with his personal management of the funds, and the big bad government stepped in and arrested him. Clyde, being nothing more than a fallible man, cooperated with prosecutors as to possibly avoid the rest of his life in prison. Regardless of what O-Positives now think about Clyde (most hate him), they all believe "THE LIST" made its way to the proper hands before Clyde was hauled off to jail. They continue to wait for the shiny Fed-Ex truck, as funding is always within a day or two away. They keep one eye on the Internet chat boards and the other eye on the driveway. Several thousand people fit this profile.

All of these Internet boards and their operators have many things in common. Omega is rarely referred to by its full name. Rather than exposing Omega news to spying government search engines, Omegans most often refer to it as "O", "The Big Program", "The Main Program", or just simply "The Program". They additionally keep their discussions secret by referring to Clyde Hood as CH and Mike Kodosky as MK - even after "MK" has been dead for six months! In all instances, every last Omega board maintains an incessant hatred for the government. They all despise the Federal Reserve and collect credits in online gold exchanges (unlicensed online pseudo banks backed by alleged gold deposits in Muslin jurisdictions). They all share admiration for Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) who is a favorite speaker at the offshore seminars of the illegal scam known as The Institute Of Global Prosperity. Additionally, many of the board operators continue to swindle their members into the latest Ponzi and pyramid scams.

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Live Omega Links:
This board's sole content is the babbling of the omega's self proclaimed "Truth Warrior". This person claims to have top connections in the ultra-secret echelons of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. According to the Truth Warrior, omega "funding" is always within a week or two. Although Truth Warrior has direct access to monitor $trillions$ in secret international transfers, TW constantly solicits funds from her group members, threatening that she may have to cease the newsletter, because the electricity and phone bills are overdue, her computer needs repairs, etc...TW's archenemy is Dove. fmoderated omega community frm1
This board is moderated by a dimwit who goes by Cliff and/or CW. This joker is even a bigger Omega believer than he was two years ago before Clyde & Co were arrested and convicted. As time goes on, Cliff finds himself more and more compelled to promote the fantasy of Omega funding. He claims to have a few "inside" sources. A popular topic on this board is how to commit tax evasion with your Omega $$$ when the program funds. "When I get my billion bucks, I'll be dirned if I give dat rottin govmint of ares a single dime." Hillbillies and all are welcome here. Cliff's archenemy is also Dove. Cliff's board members like also to slam the other hosts including Gordon and Rose Marie. friendsof_omega/ messages
The Friends Of Omega newsletter is run by an un-indicted Omega co-conspirator who goes by the name George Q******. He claims to be Clyde Hood's best friend and the only person having access to Clyde while awaiting trial and sentencing, therefore George has had the only real inside scoop for the last year or so. This newsletter's sole purpose was to keep victims in the belief that Omega was always about to fund, so they would not come forward and cooperate with prosecutors. It was repeatedly stated that you would lose your entire Omega fortune (up to a billion dollars) if you spoke with the authorities. Interestingly enough, the last installment of this newsletter was published two days before Clyde Hood was sentenced. It contained language of imminent funding and encouraged victim-suckers to show up at Clyde's sentencing and show support. This newsletter ceased production immediately after Clyde Hood was sentenced. Additional contributors to this fraudulent newsletter are: - Joel - Cynthia (OC) - Bob (Canary) group/ SandyBeaches/
This board is run by a loon who uses the aliases Peaches, MyHaven and Sandy Beaches. Her real name is Rose Marie S****. While she is neck deep in perpetuating Omega funding rumors, she is also one of the most persistent promoters of new pyramid scams, often publishing contact info of new Ponzis and pyramids along with her sponsoring ID. She also solicits funds for a supposed Omega legal defense fund. She detests the government and charges them with the murder of Mike Kodosky. Mike actually died of diabetes complications while awaiting trial. Rose Marie is an avid promoter of offshore tax evasion schemes. She is also responsible for inciting the mass wave of harassing and threatening letters sent to U.S. District Judge Michael McCuskey who presided over the Omega criminal trials. Rose Marie's archenemy is Dove, although she has been known to get nasty with all other hosts. She is very mean spirited and is well known for her hideous smoker's hack. group/ doveofo/
Dove's world is beyond description and is better explored while on an LSD trip. It is the most cult-like of all of the remaining Omega groups. It is simply amazing that this person (rumored to be a woman living near Seattle) has not been locked up. While once strictly "Omegan", Dove has recently expanded her role and is now the self-appointed fairy godmother of all bank debenture scams. She used to refer to herself as Dove Of Omega, but she now goes by Dove Of Oneness. Likewise, she used to refer to "O"(mega), but now refers to "Prosperity Programs". She claims to be working with two main powerful factions that are striving to get "deliveries" completed. Ladies and gentlemen... meet the White Knights and Devine Coalition. Dove is in close contact with these groups and often directs their actions. These groups are involved in international covert operations, often violent, but not covert enough to be excluded from Dove's chronicles. Dove reports killings done on Omegans' behalf and threatens murder to those to continue to impede the program. Dove organizes her loyal minions (Yahoo group members) of "prayer warriors" to repeat Omega prayers and chants at specific times each day. The result of these group prayers is the daily defeat of Satan's anti-Omega forces who continue to block deliveries. With all of Dove's reported victories, has luckily escaped devastation. Included in Satan's earth-bound anti-Omega forces are George W. Bush and Colin Powel. Often times Dove reports major White Knight victories, which will result in the following day's announcement of Geroge W. Bush's resignation. By cracky, Bush always seems to evade resignation at the last minute with the help of his friend Satan. It is a daily struggle filled with great victories, only to be met with the inevitable setbacks dealt from the dark side. Dove tells us that George W. Bush has several evil clones, proof of which is in the news. If you pay close attention to the news, you'll see that Bush is in many places/ countries Yeah... George W. Bush is directly responsible for planning and executing all of the terrorist acts committed on 9-11. As you may have guessed, Omegans were the true targets of the attacks. 9-11 was going to be the mass Omega funding day until Bush ordered the planes into the twin towers, pentagon and Pennsylvania. Dove claims that the Pennsylvania location contained underground cables that were to be used for the $trillions$ in bank wire transfers to Omegans' bank accounts. You can read all of this in the archives. Dove currently has 7,214 group members. Predictably, Dove also solicits funds from members, claiming that her informative updates are in danger of ending if she doesn't get immediate $$$. Dove's Archenemies are Truth Warrior, Cliff and Rose Marie.

(502) 285-0034 - BB's (Betty B*********) Omega Update Line
Betty is in the middle stages of senility and remains a top Omega information source. She is an un-indicted solicitor of Omega funds. Fellow solicitors include Mike Kodosky, Billie Wilson and Arlene Diamond, all of whom are either dead or in jail for over 10 years. Betty is too old, frail and mentally deteriorated to incarcerate. Her update line has the latest delivery promises, although she sometimes simply states that she's confused as to why deliveries didn't happen this week. "They were supposed to, after all." Betty's update line remains a very popular source for the latest Omega info. Betty has no Archenemies. Everybody loves Betty. She reminds them of their great great grandmother. Betty also loves everybody including Dove, Clyde and especially the deceased Mike Kodosky. group/ odpositive/
Poor ol' Gordon E*****. Gordon has already been called "a fool by any standard" years ago, but he keeps finding new idiotic lows to explore. Included are a few posts from Gordon to his group. One is from Aug 1st, 2001 that proclaimed "tomorrow's" final mass deliveries. It appears that this message was dictated from Mike Kodosky, who was at the time under a gag order and in intensive care with day-old amputations. Another post is from April 13th, 2002 and states that Omega is "super close" to funding. The last message is from a legally insane member of Gordon's board who claims to be an Omega messenger of God and that Omega was prophesized by Saint Alphonsus Liguori, although Omegans invariably butcher the spelling of his name. He claims that the "new omega" is rising from the ashes of the old Omega. But not to worry... God is in charge of the new rendition. Gordon has done nothing for over two years but wait for his Omega delivery and publish his OD-Positive newsletter (the "D" stands for Destiny, which is yet another bank debenture scam). He claims to have spent 18 hours every day for the last two years "working" on the program. Gordon tells Omegans to expect over $1 Billion apiece -- $100 Million each year for ten years. In all, Gordon claims there are tens of $trillions$ in the Omega program. Gordon likes to blame the U.S. government and the IRS for everybody's problems. Gordon's archenemy is Dove, although Dove is not aware of it. Gordon also provides a free forum for anyone who wishes to slam Rose Marie.

It gets even more insane!
One of the above hosts has not worked or paid rent for two years, and he has lived off of money borrowed from frustrated family members. He has promised everybody (family, landlord, etc...) $millions$ when packs are delivered. He strings them along just like Clyde strung along his own victims for years. This fellow has an extra edge that most Omegans never thought of. He's actually trying to cheat omega itself!!! This guy, as do most Omegans, believes that some of your payout is based on per-$100-unit, but most of the payout is based on per-entity - the entity being the individual investor. Instead of purchasing ten units under his own name, this guy decided to purchase one unit per name under ten different phony names. Naughty, naughty! Don't cheat Omega - It may just turn around and cheat you!!! This same man is also an active promoter of offshore tax evasion, anti-IRS rallies, IRS class action lawsuits, gay rights abolishment, mandatory exclusive Christian prayer in public schools, etc... The problem is that due to his lack of work ethic, he has no money to put in his empty offshore trust, no money for the IRS to tax, and he couldn't afford to live around gays in their more affluent neighborhoods to begin with.

Dove now has a recorded update line.
You may hear the voice of the clinically insane first hand at (206) 781-3897. Dove updates her message daily. This line is being funded in part by the fools who continue to rely on Dove for up-to-the-minute Omega information. Call this line to hear of the White Knights' latest victories and what time to expect the Fed Ex truck. This line does not accept incoming messages. The coarseness of Dove's voice rivals that of archenemy Rose Marie. Dove Updates

Dove Lists her address as:

3430 Pacific Ave. SE
Suite A6, Box 217
Olympia, Washington 98501

New Omega Information Source:
Jennifer's Update Line: (310) 842-5902. The recording is updated often - sometimes multiple times per day. Jennifer rarely sleeps, as she obsessively digs for the latest up-to-the-second Omega news, often re-recording her Omega message to include the present moment's bewildering speculation. Although she claims to have multiple information sources, Jennifer's biggest source is admittedly none other than DOVE!!! Laughably, Jennifer often quotes the insanity on Dove's update line, plus she adds a little certifiably crazy drivel of her own. For example, Jennifer announced that the "Bible Code" (numerology for the bible) predicted that Omega would pay out any time between Sunday, April 21, 2002 and Tuesday, April 23, 2002... Well??? Jennifer also repeated Dove in stating that a half million bankers have gone to jail or have been killed for standing in the way of Omega. Unlike Dove's update line, Jennifer's line accepts incoming messages. Warning!!! Jennifer's heavily sedated voice may have a hypnotic effect on you. Have fun! Jennifer's Updates

Another Dove-supporting site is Rayelan Allan's:
Rayelan is a delusional paranoid schizophrenic who believes that the government is trying to assassinate her. She hosts the regular conspiracy theory garbage along with promotion of (get this) U.S. representative Ron Paul (R-TX) (another GPG speaker) and Dove's web of insanity. Rayelan Allan is not just another crazy person with a web site. She is a crazy person with a Multi-Million hit per month web site...And she promotes Dove!

Yet another Dove supporting site:
You know, somebody could write a pretty thick book about the interconnected world of online scams and the related cast of characters. A strange phenomenon rising from this mess is the emergence of the fulltime victim community. These are folks who NEVER learn their lesson. They even form online support groups for ex-members of this and that scam, but the support groups primarily focus on "new" ways of making money on the net, which are invariably new sponsoring deals (pyramids), ponzis and outright scams. The favorite tool of most modern day Internet scammers is & other similar "banks" such as, etc... These services provide a way for crooks to receive untraceable funds. Members of the fulltime victim community have several of these accounts and eagerly await the day that can restock them with their monthly disability or social security check. The same exact same victims go from scam to scam and never learn to grasp the true mechanics of a Ponzi scheme. To this day they think that would have paid off had the government not suspended operations. Same for


From: Gordon E*****
Date: Wed Aug 1, 2001 11:26 pm
Subject: Urgent Delivery News Flash

Hi There
I received a very important phone call tonight to let me know that we have delivery on Thursday of the Omega program. Make sure you have someone at your residence to accept delivery. This will be delivered by private delivery service. This person on the call wanted to inform everyone of this event. He mentioned that defendants needed a proof of delivery for the courts MK needs a legal leg to stand on (MIKE KODOSKY JUST HAD A LEG AMPUTATED A COUPLE OF DAYS PRIOR!!! - LOL - EDITOR). All court activity is now going to be closed regarding the cases and plea's.

In closing I would like to thank everyone for walking down God's road together during this time.

God has a major purpose for each of us at this time. I will be silent on the ODPOSTIVE message center for about two weeks taking care of personnel business. I will then be sending out further questions, that will be cleaning the list and starting a new group of members. If you are not in any of the programs please unscribe from the list at this time.

This program has been a lessen in blind faith (YES GORDON, YOU WOULD BE WISE TO *LESSEN* YOUR BLIND FAITH! - LOL - EDITOR) with this program. Some people have referred this to a lessen in the book of Job.

MK would like to thank Gil Lewis for his unyielding faith in Mike, Rose Marie, Jawhawk, Gowns, Dove, and QueenO for the many hours of support and dedication to the Omega program. There have been many other messengers that have spent hundreds of hours helping with this program. All of these people have made major contributions to bring the Omega program to completion.

The other program eebiz will be completed and funded at this time. Mr. Donald English acted in the upmost of good faith in every way.

This new group will be working closely together reaching out and making a huge difference in this world together. We will be able to draw upon each others wisdom and understanding of the issues all of us will be dealing with in the months and years to come. All of our lives are about ready to change in a major way. Please lift each and every member up in prayer and seek God's wisdom in every way.

May God Bless each and every member.
Sincerely yours
Gordon E*****


From: Gordon E*****
Date: Sat Apr 13, 2002 2:00 pm
Subject: Please Read Odpositive List Information

Hi There

>From everything I understand, we are super close to completion. I do not know the exact moment of delivery time, but very close.

Upon completion the odpositive list will be silent untill the ND (NON DISCLOSURE - EDITOR) period is over and complete. This is of cource depending on the content of the ND document. I do not intend to put myself at risk in any way.

When it is safe and proper I will be maintaining and sending out further information. Please refrain from sending information to the odpositive list to be forwarded out during this time.

I would advice each and every one to follow in exact detail the information in the ND paper work. We all need to be silent on the phones and internet during this time is what I understand. I will not be answering any phone calls during this time.

Thank you all for your cooperation during this ND period of time.

Any new members or address changes will not be approved during this ND time period.




From: fatima_13us (at Gordon E*****'s odpositive group)
Date: Sun Feb 17, 2002 9:07 pm
Subject: The Coming Victory..........The Coming Storm

My Good Friend Gordon and All Omegans:
Buy way of introduction in the Old days I was called "The Wise Old Owl! In those days there was a chatroom and we all had high hopes that events would transpire to bring about the fulfillment of this program at that time? Needless to say it did not happen then and many wonder if it will happen now? My informatiom does not come from man, but rather from the creator who made us all! What I give you here is from above and not below where we are full of error with some truth, but more so half-truths and outright lies and deception. The Creator is not interested in wealth in the money advancement since, but at times intervenes for a higher purpose. Omega in these last times has a purpose and Gordon well knows the Prophecy of Saint Alphonus Logori! There is a Victory and a Coming Storm and what is that? In it's simple form that results in two ways as follows: THE VICTORY IS WHEN WE ADMIT THAT THIS WINDFALL CAME FROM THE CREATOR FOR A DIVINE PURPOSE TO BE USED FOR HIS PURPOSE. THE COMING STORM APPLYS TO THOSE WHO SEEK PERSONAL WEALTH AND COMFORT. I can assure you that if the last part applys to you that is to say The Coming Storm, well create your own downfall! Those who remain the Final Omegans will win the final victory! The creator expects you to see to your personal needs and of your loved ones, but beyond that it is his funds to direct you as he sees fit for you to do so! MONEY IN ANY FROM WILL CORRUPT YOU AS IT DOES BANKERS, POLITICAL LEADERS, CORPARATIONS, WALLSTREET AND ALL THE LIKE. MONEY IS AND ALWAYS BE THE ELEMENT THAT SEPERATES US FROM HIM WHO MADE US ALL! I congratulate you all who have chosen to admit that "IT IS HIS MONEY AND NOT YOURS!" As For the rest of you fellow Omegans . . . . . . BEWARE FOR THE DEVIL WILL BE AT YOUR ELBOW WAITING TO DECEIVE YOU AND CAUSE THE LOSS OF THAT WEALLTH TO THE GREEDY OF THIS WORLD!

Russ...........Warrior In The Army Of Jesus, Mary & Joseph


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