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EXHIBIT: Omega Trust & Trading Ltd.

Latest Stupid Omega Rumors

"Stupid Is, As Stupid Does." -- Forrest Gump

We have had many, many requests to share the latest in Omega stupidity with our readers. To say that Omega continues to be stupid, even after the indictment of Clyde "I can't remember which Fortune 500 company I was a trader at" Hood, rather goes without saying -- but it is the increased stupidity of many of the Omega faithful which is really fascinating.

But on a more practical note, while reading through the following bizarre posts, you will see that what somebody is really after is money. Whether for the Clyde Defense Fund or some other weird purpose, somebody at some point has started a sub-scheme to get even more money out of Omegans. But, the way I look at it, some of these people are so nuts that I would rather have the scammers blowing the money on whatever than having some kook using his spare change to try to assemble an amno bomb in his tractor shed. So I have somewhat mixed feelings about all of this.

At any rate, these are e-mails which are floating around Omega, and which were sent to us by the smart lenders who pretty much figured out they were scammed even before Clyde was indicted, but have stayed "in the loop" so as to give us the latest poop (literally and figuratively).

Alpha/Destiny Update

[Foreward: Alpha and Destiny are scams like Omega, probably run by the same people. The Destiny program is totally pathetic with "updates" on possible funding being giving by a guy speaking through a voice-scrambler so that it is difficult to figure out what he is saying. The lenders call him "Mumbles". And yes, these people really are dumb enough to invest in such a program. If anybody out there know who the crooks are who runs Alpha or Destiny, please turn them in to the U.S. Attorney in Illinois immediately.]

Alpha/Destiny Update

This update is being prepared in written form due to the length of the message that needs to be presented.

The commissioner petitioned to have the gag order lifted temporarily so our loyal lenders can be made aware of what is occuring in the trading world. His request was granted Monday, September 11, 2000. The gag order will reinstate after the release of this update. Due to circumstances in the United States it will be more important than ever the funding moves forward under strict confidentiality conditions.

We are deeply sadden by the recent developments in the United States. It has turned the trading world upside down. It is important for all Alpha/Destiny lenders to understand and believe that out trade is a stand alone trade. We have on many occasions made that announcement but never mentioned any other trade by name. It is our duty to protect the trade and lenders involved in the funding of Alpha/Destiny. So at this time we must firmly and loudly state that Alpha/Destiny is not a spin off of Omega. There is absolutely no connection between the two trades.

The situation with Omega is a tragedy. But should not be allowed to give the entire trade world a black eye. Trading started as far back as before World War 1 and in many instances the money earned from trades rebuilt cities and countries destroyed by war. During those times only the very wealthiest were allowed to participate. There are many individuals of high government positions all across the world that are trying desperately to stop these trades from funding. There are many trades very close to funding and will fund but there is going to have to be a cool down period due to recent developments.

Alpha/Destiny is a complete offshore trade. The trade funds have been audited every 90 days and all records balanced. There were no funds kept in the United States. All refund requests are handled abroad and sent back to the United States. There has never been a refund request denied. If for any reason a lender can't continue to have patience or trust in Alpha/Destiny it would be to the lender's best interest to request a refund. We are very aware of the bogus information being put on the Internet. We know of the request for lenders to contact their government protection agencies. That is the worst mistake a lender could make. It could stop the funding and keep them from getting a refund. The government agencies make such request with the impression there is money to confiscate. When things like that occur the lenders receive maybe 10 cents on the dollar and the government keeps the rest. In the case of Alpha/Destiny all funds are offshore and the funding is ready to begin. Our best advice to every lender is if you have lost all faith and patience ask for a refund. Don't ruin it for those that have still patience and faith.

Our lawyers have instructed the commission to take down the information update lines and turn off the email for address changes. The email will accept address changes for 48 hours and the information update lines will be on for 48 hours after a new message is placed on the lines. There is limited recording time on the voice mail system. The message will be a shorter version of this written update. Alpha/Destiny is ready to start funding but there must be a process set up to assure complete confidentiality. This is the first step in setting up the process. The commission knew there were individuals in high places that didn't want the trade to fund but had no idea the lengths they would go to stop the funding.

If you want to turn in a change of address after the email is turned off, please do so in writing to the address you sent your funds to. Mark address change on the outside of the envelope. If you want a refund, mark refund request on the outside of the envelope and mail to the address you sent the funds to. All mail will be forwarded to the commission. The last thing that every lender must be told loud and clear before the funding can start is there must be a cool down period. Things in the United States must calm down. We will be watching the Internet for any information concerning Alpha/Destiny. Funding is in the bank's hands now. The commission can't stop the fund from happening nor could we cancel the trade and return the lender's money. The only way a lender's funds can be returned is upon request. The best way to get the funding process started is not to participate in spreading rumours and placing untruthful information on the Internet. Remember once the update is released the gag order will be back in place. The lender's co-operation is needed to make this happen. We are doing everything in our power as we work with the bank and we need your help.

The commissioner's advice to all the lenders is: remain calm, don't panic, don't spread rumours, don't listen to the rumours being spread and if you have lost your patience and your faith request a refund.

In closing we will say again that the situation with Omega deeply saddens us. But remember Alpha/Destiny is in no way connected. There are individuals seeking information on the Internet that would link Omega and Alpha/Destiny to each other. NO SUCH INFORMATION EXISTS. THE TRADES ARE NOT CONNECTED!!! Take the commissions advice and all things will start moving.

Alpha/Destiny Commission

 May God Bless you and have a great day

Bogus Fund To Spring Clyde From The Joint

[Forward: This bizarre e-circular seeks funds to spring Clyde "I signed those documents but I don't know why" Hood from the Joint. Why? So that he can complete the bogus Omega trade, of course! Something tells me we haven't heard the last of "XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX Ministry", for as they say, "Crooks of a Feather Conspire Together". Enjoy this bad tale, but send them only Quatloos . . .]


Hello Omeganites, 

ON A POSITIVE NOTE: MK stated to us tonight that all the witnesses that the government have brought in thus far have not been able to establish any proof of fraud. They have only been able to show accusations without proof. This is a very positive element because it shows that the government's case against the principles is weak, if in fact they even have a valid case at all. At this point, no proof has been brought forth from the government's attorneys to substantiate any of their allegations about Omega. There has been no specific facts brought forth by the government's attorneys to prove who exactly did what and when and where nor have they cited any laws that apply to what they have accused the omega principles of doing. Wouldn't you agree that if they had any viable proof for any of these allegations that they would have brought it out right up front as their main issue! This would have established their case against Omega. 


IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT ALL CHAT ROOMS BE REOPENED AND REMAIN OPEN FROM HERE ON IN ORDER TO ESTABLISH A NETWORK IN WHICH WE CAN RELEASE DAILY UPDATES. THIS is the only way we are going to be able to work to establish a firm foundation of truthful information.

We are going to have direct contact with MK on a regular basis in order to pass along to all what the needs are for those involved in this court case. If we do not have GOOD communication networks now at this most crucial time - our silence will cause more damage than good. This type of silence is like pulling the blanket over your head and hoping it will go away.



1. This statement is per MK: Omega has been "OFFICIALLY" closed and there are no more units for sale

2. The FBI have been monitoring the Internet. THIS DOES NOT MEAN WE HAVE TO BE QUIET. 

3. ACCORDING TO XXXXXXXX - chatting on the Internet about OMEGA will "NOT" cause any legal problems since we are not one of the "principles" involved in the court case. 

4. NOTHING we say or discuss about Omega on the Internet will Affect the outcome of this court case NOR will it Affect funding. 

5. MK reiterated that the chats "ARE NEEDED" to REMAIN open so that we can establish an information network between ourselves. 


7. This recent Chat SILENCE THAT has been brought on by those saying that if you discuss OMEGA opening in the chat rooms then the rumored NY Judge will stop the delivery of the fine checks. THIS SILENCE IS ORCHESTRATED BY THOSE WHO WANT OMEGA TO FAIL. OUR SILENCE IS A DEADLY WEAPON THAT COULD DESTROY US IF WE DON'T STAY IN TOUCH WITH EACH OTHER AND WORK TOGETHER TO DO WHAT IS NECESSARY TO HELP. 

8. XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX revealed one "very important" fact directly to the court that has plagued us for many many months now. The fact he revealed was that "THERE HAS BEEN ABSOLUTELY NO MONEY EVER RELEASED FROM THE OMEGA FUND TO ANYONE AT ANYTIME, EVER!!! 


CONSIDER THIS PLEASE >If OMEGA units were still for sale

>And you still have faith that Omega is real >And that it will fund

>And you would buy another unit (s) if they were available

>THEN why not send that same money to XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX for attorney fees so they will continue to represent the Omega principles until we WIN these cases.

If we don't do our part to secure these attorneys, then we face a great possibility that they could lose these cases. If we should happen to lose - we will lose those units that we have already contracted for.

All will be lost!!! 

As long as Clyde is in jail, it is "literally impossible" for omega to be able to be released and funded.. We "MUST" get Clyde out of jail before anything else can proceed as far as the funding is concerned. What will that take? - Simply put "SENDING OUR DONATIONS TO MR. XXXXXXXX FOR THE LEGAL FEES AND CLYDE'S BOND MONEY. This is the very least that we can do for Clyde after all that he has done for us.

Let's Reason On This For A Moment: For those of you who are still convinced that some people have been paid or that packs are still going to be able to be released while this court case is proceeding then please reason on this for a moment. A "restraining order" and an "injunction" being placed on the omega principles and the Omega Trade & Trust, Ltd. and it's operations "absolutely keeps the funds and the packs from being ABLE to be released." 

We will continue to send all of you information as we receive it. Continue to keep the faith my friends we have told you that we have felt all along that there has been a plot to keep Omega from funding when Omega was promised to fund. We feel very fortunate to have XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX here with us and he is proving to be a light at the end of the tunnel!! 

As always, believe in yourself and all that you do.

Live each day as if it were your last.

Your friends in Omega, Joel, Canary, & OC....

The retainer amount has been reached, but we still have to raise the balance of approximately $70,000.

Anything you can contribute send to the following: 

Mr. XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX will accept your donation for the purpose described above as long as you state that your donation is to be used for the Omega Court Case and/or Mattoon Court Case and principles there of:  XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX Ministries General Purpose Division [Address omitted to prevent scam.] 

[And another one <sigh>. For those of you who do not speak Omeganese, "MK" means Michael Kodowski, "CH" means Clyde Hood, and "funding" means success in persuading the lizard shape-shifters and the Rockefellers to finally release the dough.]

Dear Lenders,

I have been very busy today talking to both Stephen (Steve) Ryan, Clyde's attorney and XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX of XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX Ministries who arranged to, although underfunded, represented Mike yesterday in Urbana. Notice that none of these are at present representing Omega So as I have been telling you during the last few days, WE MUST BE REPRESENTED as lenders and I have agreement that it should be as I have explained except for one change and that is that I for one, you too I hope, will funds XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX's efforts, not just for Mike but for past, present and future. He is an honorable guy who fights for TRUTH. And is that not what we want. Yesterday the civil case was dropped and the SEC are out of it so you do have the right to "lose your money" which also gives you the right to "make money under private party loans". Read that again and understand it.

The only indictees/defendants who are fighting this are Mike and Karen. I believe it was pretty much proven that Mike did not and Karen did not come into Omega until 1995 so the perpetrator is Clyde as the instigator. This does not imply that he is guilty but that he has agreed to an injunction which Mike and Karen have not. So as I said, the work of XXXXXXXX and and his ministry is ongoing, it is for TRUTH and it is for you, me and everyone who wants to be in control of their own lives and NOT be the pawn of illegal government actions. I am sold 100% on what XXXXXXXX and his attorneys are out to do. They are charging windmills but with one totally awsome weapon called TRUTH.

 Now I want you to understand that both XXXXXXXX's and our legal fund efforts may do nothing except get this TRUTH as far as Omega is concerned but both XXXXXXXX and I know that we must get the government totally out of this fiasco before the full TRUTH will have a chance of being in your and my favor. The government is fighting very hard and even sent a special prosecutor Springfield to Urbana yesterday to save the day. The judge basically denied him so he sat through the rest of the hearing unable to become involved as it was a one on one attorney match. Although the hearing went on late, Clyde capitulated at noon, agreeing to the injunction. His attorney, Stephen Ryan was unprepared and said so. The judge replied that the attoney for Mike and Karen only learned about the matter hours before and he was ready. Therefore the three years of involvement with Clyde should have given him ample time to be prepared../Motion denied! So Mike and Karen were represented well and with inadequate funding for XXXXXXXX's XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX Ministries. At least another USD$14,000 is needed now and probably another USD$35,000 to USD$75,000 by the time the government leaves. This does not mean the criminal matters will be dropped, it just means that it will be county and state prosecuted only...NO FEDS.


Sue Da Gubmit

[Omega created a ready pool of known suckers, i.e., people who had been duped into the trade once, and were likely to fall for whatever else came down the pike. We think this is an attempt by other scammers to get the names of Omegans so they could be sold something else. Otherwise it makes no sense -- no self-respecting attorney would get permission to bring such a suit by e-mail, and probably no attorney is so stupid as to take such a goofy lawsuit as it suggested here. And of course, several days later no such lawsuit has been forthcoming.]

Omega Trust & Trading, Ltd

Dear Lender:

This a follow up to the e-mail you received in the last couple of days. The lawyers for Omega Trust & Trading , Ltd. are in the process of initiating a class action suit vs. the government, on your behalf, in order to prevent them from delaying and/ or hindering the funding within the U.S.A.. In order to do this the Attorneys need a preliminary O. K. to use your name from their data base. So they are asking you to let the Lawyers know if your are willing to participate by e-mailing this back to : [omitted]

This will be used in strict confidentiality. Your response is needed in the next 24 hrs. so, the lawyers can prepare their case.

Your immediate attention is needed.

Thank You

Omega Trust & Trading, Ltd.

And even more nonsense!

[And again, the Scam Grandioso continues, as Omegans are again solicited to contribute money for either a totally phony baloney lawsuit against the United States, George Bush Sr., the Rockefeller Family, and them crazy lizardmen. Fortunately, according to our sources, the Omegans have finally wised up, and are generally turning a deaf ear to this latest scam]


Dear Omeganites:

Tonight after a conference call, we all agreed to join forces with another newsletter writer and company.  Joel, Canary, OC & Susieq will be joining Myhaven, LadySam & Barry with the sole purpose of keeping everyone united in the "Omega" spirit.  We will all be conference calling with the same person in order to relay to all of our friends and readers what is truly happening.

It will be our endeavor to keep everyone of our friends & readers informed to the best of our ability the needs of the Leaders of "Omega" in their battle to save our program.  In doing so we will be helping ourselves.  MOST IMPORTANTLY, we are joining forces to strengthen our REQUEST for the much needed financial backing that the "Omega" court case is in need of.

I have posted below a copy of Sandybeaches and also a post from a fellow Omegan who has been where we are right now and will share a few words of wisdom with us.  PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY SO YOU WILL UNDERSTAND WHY IT'S SO IMPORTANT TO RAISE THE MUCH NEEDED FUNDS.

We have two days left to raise the balance of the retainer fee.  PLEASE OVERNIGHT EXPRESS WHATEVER YOU CAN AFFORD.  Go in with several others and send it in the same OVERNIGHT EXPRESS and save!

As always, believe in yourself and all that you do.  Live each day as if it were your last. 

Your friends in Omega,  Joel, Canary, & OC.... 

* * *

Dear SandyBeachers:

I have just received information firsthand that the chat rooms should remain "OPEN" at this time.  All are being asked to maintain the spirit of Omega, and to do whatever is possible to avoid the divisiveness that occurs when emotions are taxed to the limit.

We will be opening again in Barry's chatroom at the following location:  [deleted so as not to help the Scammers]. 

I have joined with LadySam, Barry, Joel, Canary, OC & Susieq to keep you informed in both an accurate and timely manner regarding Omega.  Great faith and trust have been placed in us to speak to you through both SandyBeaches and Friends of Omega Newsletter's only.

The Omega Leaders are still in need of funds for their legal defense, and I would like to add my own comments here.  What is being done in the courtroom and in this trial is for the benefit of our leaders AND for the benefit of "You and I," the Omega participants.  It is our constitutional right to enter into a Private Party Loan Agreement, and that is what this fight is all about.

I respectfully request that all Omega participants keep sending in your funds and donations until the goals is met.  Please send whatever you can afford, and whatever you feel comfortable sending to: XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX Ministries, General Purpose Division [Address of wackos omitted] Tulsa, Oklahoma  74135

Please include a note stating that the funds are to be used for the "OMEGA" defense fund.

We are asking all "Omega participants" not to get involved with anything that GS is suggesting that Omega participants do in his recent e-mails.  This can only cause more problems for the leaders, this program, and also for the Omega participants.

Peaches    "Myhaven"

* * *

TO:       Omega Supporters From:    An Omega participant who has been there and done that. Subject:  Defense Fund for Omega Leaders Date: 914/00

XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX has supported me and others regarding the same type of legal proceedings that Omega is now being subjected to.  Cases like these require expert legal counsel.  The entire process is expensive, especially the cost to defend in the criminal matter.

We have all been counting on Omega, now Omega is counting on us.  Our rights are being violated.  The government officials would have us believe that we are "Victims," but in truth we are private parties who have the right to enter into a Private Party Loan Agreement with whomever we wish and the law does not have the right to interfere or regulate this process.

Our Omega leaders are in need of funds for their legal defense.  If Omega prevails in this legal action, then we the Omega participants, prevail.  The government has seized our leader's assets and the court has temporarily restrained them from discussing Omega or conducting Omega business in any way.  Raising funds directly to defend the principles under which Omega has existed may be misconstrued by the court as violating the restraining order.  Therefore, we the Omega participants must lead the way.

I am asking you to do whatever you can to contribute to the defense of Omega.  Tell everyone in Omega that we are fighting for the survival of the program as well as the survival of our rights.  Donations, large and small, are needed to fight this battle.  Please, I repeat, tell everyone you know who is an Omega Participant that we are at a critical stage and must pay the money to retain the criminal attorney within the next two days.

OVERNIGHT CONTRIBUTIONS TO: XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX Ministries, General Purpose Division, [Deleted Address of Wackos], Tulsa, Oklahoma 74135

Please make a notation that the funds are to be used for the "Omega" defense fund.

More of the Same: 15 September 2000

[So what do you if you have scammed a bunch of people out of money, but they are too stupid to realize it? You ask them for even more money to defend you, of course! That appears to be what Michael Kodowski ("MK" to lenders) is doing by way of a phony-baloney "ministry" in Tulsa, Oklahoma -- coincidently it was a bank debenture fraud very much like the one involved in Omega which gave eventually gave rise to the Quatloos! website, if that was a harbinger of anything. Anyhow, the fraudsters who kept the Omegans believin' are still at it trying to get them to send money for the "defense fund". This is, as we have repeatedly said, simply more of the same scam.]

FRIENDS OF OMEGA NEWSLETTER 9-14-00  Hello Omeganites, We have received our first official statement from XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX on accounts of what has been taking place in court. I want to urge all of you to continue the support of XXXXXXXX with donations to this cause. Your continued support will enable us to receive these reports. Here at Friends Of Omega we will continue to send out these reports in order for all of you to understand the court proceedings and to know how far we have come to win this victory!!! keep the faith my friends!! It is our right as Americans and the right of the World to better ones self it is not the right of the Government to stop us from this goal!! Believe in yourself my friends and all that you do. Live each day as if it were your last. Your friends in Omega. Joel Canary and OC...


Breaking the Law to enforce the Law" First, thank you for supporting my efforts to watch the action in Urbana very closely. I view it as a privilege to learn more and moving closer to understanding the truth in our Court system. Once known, I beleive we will change it for the better. The Hundred or so of you who have sent donations to XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX Ministries, this report could not be made if it were not for your efforts. Thanks again.

This is a report of the events which I personally watched during the hearing of September 11, 2000 involving the Civil injunction action brought by the United States against 19 Defendants in Urbane Illinois.

There are two cases pending. One Criminal and one Civil. The Civil action is only seeking to stop any further solicitation involving the Defendants, including asset freeze, while the Criminal case seeks loss of liberty and property from the Defendants.

In August, 2000, a Federal Grand Jury is alleged to have indicted 19 Defendants in Urbane, Illinois, for Conspiracy to commit wire fraud and mail fraud, along with wire fraud and mail fraud, money laundering and performing transactions over $ 10,000 with criminal proceeds. Tax charges only against Mr. and Mrs. Hood. The United States also brought a civil action under 28 U.S.C. ' 1345 to freeze Defendants in their tracks and to ask the Court to use its equity power to halt any person from further promoting the Omega themes. The U.S. was granted a Temporary Restraining Order ("TRO") in which what the government sought therein they were given for 10 days.

A hearing was held in Urbane, Illinois on September 11,2000,where the government was only required to demonstrate their case if any Civil Defendant contested the temporary or preliminary injunction. All but Mike and Karen agreed to the injunction without any discovery or even questions regarding the setting of the charges. The Civil action was based upon the merits of the Criminal Indictment.

Jerold Barringer was hired to represent Mike and Karen in the civil case and most importantly, was trying to obtain the funds taken by the Government in effort to further satisfy the retainer Barringer Commanded. First, the gov't put on Agent Young who along with being employed by the FBI is also a licensed attorney. Agent Young testified Mike had been involved with Omega since 1997. The indictment alleges Mike and Karen were a part of the conspiracy from the beginning. This makes the indictment wrong. Agent Young also testified that he had never called or spoke with any "Fortune 500 Companies" or oversees banks. The gov't played a tape where Hood said he had worked for Fortune 500 Companies in the past. The gov't also alleged Hood never communicated with oversees Banks. These two points seem to be in direct contrast to each other.

Agent Young also testified that 50 to 1 is a fraud all by itself in his opinion. He said there is no such thing as Prime Bank Notes. He further said that some lenders of Omega never received any confirmation their money had been received by Omega. Agent Young said Bill Wilson spoke with FBI the day before the 1997 raid directing the FBI to offices Wilson said were Hoods. Wilson was represented by an Attorney at that meeting. Wilson is characterized currently as a fugitive from justice. After the gov't finished with Agent Young, Attorney Ryan for Hood began his cross-examination. Not long after he started he finished. The Court warned him the line of questions he was asking led to the appearance he may be a witness in the Criminal Case and therefore he should not ask the line of questions for that reason. A break happened with Ryan returning to inform the Court a deal had been struck with the gov't involving Hoods role in the injunction. This left only Mike and Karen opposing the injunction. Next Barringer was up. Agent Young clearly appeared not to know anything about the specifics of the case when asked by Barringer during cross examination. He said none of the things Hood proclaimed were true, yet admitted that he could not prove the statements made by Hood were false. I thought if he does not know they are false statements then how can he say they are not true{?}. Barringer made sure the Court did not believe Young was an expert involving any international banking. When asked whether Young believed Prime Banks exist or what the term means, he said he thought they might but he did not know for sure. He said the term "Prime" meant "at the top." The term bank meant what it was and that note meant U.S. currency. He even used the term "Federal Reserve Note."

In short, by Mike and Karen's opposition to the injunction, information was made public showing what a 91 page indictments seems to show brought in Urban Illinois against 19 Defendants. That is that not much appears to be based upon fact in the indictment. Young did say the SEC has been involved for years in this investigation. Funny, they were nowhere to be found on this day. They are not even mentioned in the indictment nor is any Security alleged to have been sold but not registered. Next came the new owner of the Mail Drop where Mike and Karen receive their mail. She testified she purchased the place in June of 1999. She said that her son worked there prior to the purchase. She also said that one time her son was receiving the mail when a package opened with over $ 40,000 in one envelope falling out. After she purchased the drop, she said, she found numerous opened packages in the corner underneath a desk while cleaning. It was a dirty place she said. When asked what did she do when she first found these packages, she said she called the police. She said she thought someone was in trouble. When asked what did the Police do, she said they directed the case to the Postal Inspector for the United States. She said she was told to keep the mail in a safe place and that it was not until 7 months or so that the Postal Inspector asked her to turn the opened packages to them. When asked what was in the packages, she replied that most of them contained checks or cashier checks made payable to Mike, Clyde or Omega. She said that she made contact in late July with the Police. Karen nor Mike are ever informed of this crime.

In August, 1999, she said she asked Karen to prepare and sign a new form 1583 which is a form used when you rent a box from a "Agent." She said she sought the form because the old form had the old owners name on it. When Karen turned the form in, she said she wrote in the words Omega Trust and Trading and Clyde Hood as names of mail allowed to be delivered. She said Karen did not object. What was wrong with the old form which had always worked? She said it was purely to have a contract between her and Karen.

It appears, however, with the timing of the Postal Inspector, the purchase of the store, the envelopes found, the knowledge of the contents of some of the packages, even if someone at the mail drop signed for the package. The contents of some packages, including the package it self, did not reach Mike. Which means it would not have reached Clyde or Omega, the timing of the needed altered form certainly is drawn into question. I sense the son of the new owner may have some question to answer along with the old owner. Wouldn't it be interesting if the Mail Drop was purchased with funds sent to Mike?

In short, it is my opinion between the owner of the Mail Drop, the Police and Postal Inspector and any other governmental employee who had knowledge of the happenings above, who did nothing to stop it or who in fact promoted the hiding and origin of the opened mail. The failure to tell Karen or Mike that they had been a victim of a mail crime would themselves be guilty of a federal crime.

[Quatloos! Note: This is one of the dumbest defenses we've ever heard: That the owner of the mailbox service should have told Mike that he was committing mail fraud in having people send in money wrapped in aluminum foil for a non-existent program, and that because he didn't do so Mike is somehow innocent? B.S.]

Agent Sloan testified that he had less knowledge about the allegations in the indictment than Young. F.B.I. stands for Federal Bureau of Investigations. Investigations involving what was the question I asked myself. It appears to me that the only base the gov't has to their allegations is that they believe a jury will never believe any person could make 50 to 1 on a $ 100 loan. A famous person in Arkansas a few years back could certainly add materiality to this question. She made reportedly 100 to 1. Yahoo appears to have done 3000 percent in 18 months. Gasoline this summer went up in some places 75 cents per gallon. If you paid $1.25 at the beginning and $ 2.00 at the end, and 50 cents of every gallon went to taxes, then gasoline revenues doubled in less than 90 days. It does not take someone long to figure how a $100 can turn into $5000 or $1000 can turn into $100,000. I make this statement only to show that it is possible.

The injunction was entered but not without the government showing a hand with few cards. I continue to believe never giving up in favor of truth will always outlast a fiction. The only affect on Mike and Karen is that they do not get back the money to have attorneys fight at their direction.

There is a reason why one attorney cannot represent 19 Defendants in a conspiracy case. What if a defendant is guilty and another is not, then what does the Attorney do to protect one client while surrendering the other to the wrath of the Court? Simply, as the Court noted in the situation of Ryan regarding being a witness, if he is a potential witness then he cannot be Hood's Attorney.

I want to personally say that I believe in this Country. I believe in the system. I do not believe in the current trends. I believe the system must become prepared to handle dealing with the rights of people without attorneys on a greater scale than those who are left to afford one. In a future day I will comment on my view of the corporate United States. For now, the gov't must obey the law no matter who you or I believe them to be. The problem is not the government. The problem is you and me not standing up for our rights. I believe it is legal to violate someone's constitutional rights so long as the violator does not get caught or questioned or found guilty. If caught, I believe he will always be brought to justice, no matter what.

Next week, Mike gets arraigned in Urbane [sic: should be "Urbana"]. We are still in need of support to hire Barringer for the Criminal case. I hope with your help we will be able to send the government a signal that says it is illegal and actionable for any of them to "Break the Law" claiming they were only trying to "enforce the law."

 I do believe that until the government is forced to obey the law no one will ever find out whether what Hood and others said could happen can actually be realized. For now, I leave where I started by saying thank you for your considerations. I hope this helps and makes sense to you all.



Urgent that you continue to send funds to support this movement!!! It is our right to have wealth!!!

> XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX Ministries > General Purpose Division > [Address of Wackos Deleted] > Tulsa, Oklahoma 74135

5 October 2000

[The secondary scam continues, which is the raising of money for the "defense" of Clyde Hood, et al., so (of course) these people can reclaim their untold gazillions. Part and parcel of this secondary scam is the desire to keep Omegans from learning the truth, by (once again) keeping them quiet and in the dark. This is made clear by the messages which follow, by some people whom we very much hope that the U.S. Attorney takes notice of, and indicts as co-conspirators, for aiding and abetting, and other crimes.]


Hello Omeganites,

Over the past week we have witnessed an incredible all consuming drive for control and power by many of those who unfortunately have demanded the spotlight. They have placed themselves in a pseudo position of leadership. Along the way they have proceeded to convince many good people to follow their misguided lead to nowhere. They have temporarily succeeded by their continuous "Omega Delivery Alert" standby mode coupled with instilling the "Shut-up" or you lose all FEAR tactic.

These type of tactics have made our goal of uniting "Omegans" together in the call for support for the defense of our leaders a more challenging task than expected. The good news is that these tactics have not stopped the support of our leaders by any means. In fact, many have chosen to view this as a reason to fight that much harder for the truth. Especially since many have now come to realize that the predictions of these "self appointed" pseudo leaders have not YET come to pass. Up to this point despite the many challenges and requests made both publicly and privately, "NO ONE" has either been willing or able to provide "ANY" CONCRETE POSITIVE NON-RUMORED proof packs have been received, not even to the writer's of this newsletter. Their claim of proof is, "a friend of a friend said they got theirs" or "LANDINGS REPORTED in X number of states."

For weeks now it has been demanded of us by those who have placed themselves in this "self-appointed", pseudo place of authority to keep the chat rooms closed OR the so called RUMORED NY Judge will continue to stop delivery of our blessing if she hears of anyone discussing Omega. Their tactics used to push us into closing the chat rooms have been rude and obnoxious to say the least. Many fellow "Omegans" who visited the chat rooms for the sole purpose of requesting SUPPORT FOR OUR LEADERS (not to discuss delivery, amounts or dates) have been VERBALLY ABUSED and RIDICULED. But the lowest form of abuse that some have received was the passing of death threats to others and/or their family members just because they were trying to unite Omegans for the cause of our program. Such tactics display their true immature character and should cause all of us to wonder what their TRUE motives are.

We have, however, been able to track down those who are responsible for the death threat sent to CANARY & his Family. It was uncovered in a "CHAT ROOM" where those responsible were heard "Bragging" to others about the fact that, "the threat was a lie made up for the mere purpose of keeping the "CHAT ROOMS" closed in order to avoid any more delays of packs being shipped out to lenders." This in itself is a very SERIOUS offense and charges against those who initiated it and those involved in the promoting of these harmful threats are pending.

Once again, we are being asked to keep chats closed till next Tuesday. This request is made by those privileged few that appear to have broken bread with the NY Judge who in turn has supposedly requested they pass this information on to us. These same privileged few are the only ones who have had rumored contact with those who have supposedly received their pack. Please excuse all of the suppositions used here but we really had no other choice for appropriate wording.

As we stand at the crossroads of this facts Vs fiction mode of turmoil we have been placed in, it became clear how we should handle the task of breaking through the strong holds that we have been facing:

It is rumored that many are planning on re-opening the "PUBLIC CHATS" within this weekend. We would like to make a plea to please NOT OPEN THEM YET!

We request that all "PUBLIC CHAT" rooms stay closed for one (1) more week.


We know we are asking many to swallow their PRIDE by this request, but with good reason. Many of us have been used as their scapegoat - claiming that we were the reason why the rumored deliveries had been stopped time and time again. WE WANT TO PUT AN END TO THIS PSEUDO EXCUSE FOR GOOD by going the extra mile and FREELY giving them an extra 4 days. The time has come for them to face up to their EXCUSES and take the responsibility for their own actions. We feel the only way this will occur is to let them HAVE their SILENCE with an added benefit of 4 EXTRA DAYS!!!!!

This is our request to you our friends and fellow chat room organizers: Please unite with us in DISCREDITING THEIR EXCUSE. This will wipe out any doubt left in anyone's mind and should exonerate us for all time that we are the RUMORED reason for the non-delivery of the packs that are being held hostage by a NY judge.

(((AFTER OCTOBER 7TH))), we will no longer support their silence in any way shape or form. And remember, many times those DEMANDING the silence have not been silent themselves - all the while passing ICQ's and emails about supposed confirmed landing of packs, etc. Along with being present in chat rooms themselves masquerading as self-appointed "Chat Police" pointing the finger at everyone else and yet being guilty of it themselves. Makes you wonder if they haven't caused their own rumored delays, maybe the judge got wind of some of their non-silent communications!

So for now Chuck Seabert, Gordon Emmert, Ken Gowns, Dove, Anjiam, QueenO, Larry Tabor, Brent Bell, etc., we will step aside and allow you center stage for one more week. After that time we will no longer honor any request you pass along due to your lack of credible proof and the abusive manner in which you have dealt with many of our fellow Omegans in the resent past.

We would like to inform our readers that we do not support their beliefs in any way shape or form. We appreciate all of those who have tried to keep us informed as to their postings and rumors, BUT NOTHING THEY SAY will change the fact that NOTHING THEY HAVE SAID thus far has any VISIBLE ROCK SOLID proof to substantiate it. All they have shown us is stall tactics laced with fear, excuses, placing blame on everyone but themselves, rumors and a desire to control the masses. AND WE WILL CONTINUE TO REQUEST YOUR SUPPORT IN THE LEGAL DEFENSE OF OUR LEADERS THROUGH THE XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX MINISTRIES. This is a totally separate issue from the CHAT ROOM SILENCE REQUEST.

There is great news on the horizon, but as you know we are dedicated to having all the facts and DOCUMENTATION before we send out an official statement concerning information we receive. As soon as we get the documentation we need to disclose any information we have received, we promise you a Newsletter that will have you dancing on the rooftops!!!!!! So stay tuned my friends.

As always friends, believe in yourself and all that you do. Live each day as if it were your last!

Your friends in Omega, Joel, Canary, & OC.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Someone just called MK and talked to Kayla - Kayla said 200,000$ has been reached and they are having negotiations with the government to fund before the Oct court date and she thought there was a very very good possibility that it would happen well before the Oct date




Bob, this is not true, we have barely raised 10% of the amount you claim. We will get to the bottom of this false information. Truly, XXXXXXXX ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Please continue to send in any amount you can afford on a regular basis until such time that we get word from XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX and/or our leaders that our financial support is no longer needed.




(Document that this donation is to be used for the "Omega Court Case")

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