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EXHIBIT: Omega Trust & Trading Ltd.

Latest Stupid Omega Rumors

"Stupid Is, As Stupid Does." -- Forrest Gump

What is going on in Omega land? Oh, it's still scamming away, even after the main crooks have been indicted. In these types of scams, it is common for there to be a "sub-scam" which is a lawsuit against the U.S. government to get them to stop interfering with the pyramid scheme, or to set the promoters free, or whatever -- the lawsuit not having a shred of merit, of course, but solicits people to "chase good money with bad" by sending in money for the bogus lawsuit.

In the case of Omega, it is the bogus legal defense of "MK", one of the principal crooks who ran a mail drop and solicited people to send him mail wrapped in aluminum foil. Now, raising money for a legal defense might not be a crime, but telling people that if they raise the money it will help them recover the "lost trillions" is certainly fraud -- and here's to hoping that our friends in law enforcement soon indict these other crooks, who go by the names "Dove" and "Gordon" and several others, who are pulling this new scam on the people who have already been scammed.

Won't the Omegans ever learn that this was just a huge boondoggle orchestrated by Illinois con-man Clyde Hood and his band of Hoods? Apparently not, and as we shall see the fools and their money have been quickly parted of another $26,000 for this bogus legal defense/desperation last hope attempt to release all the Omega trillions to the masses.

Alpha/Destiny Update

October 10, 2000

[Some of the typical junk being spoonfed to the dumber Omegans who still believe that the trillions are about to start rolling in, by a person called "Dove" who has worked long and hard to keep this scam alive. Hopefully, we'll see Dove's real name in the indictments soon.[

Dear Friends, TM Meditators, and Prayer Groups,

For some time I have known that we would have an opportunity to serve in this experience of bringing forth the blessings of our program to all who are still waiting. I have heard several pieces of information which tell me that NOW is the time.

We are on the brink of great changes in the 50 states, changes which will roll out over the world. YOU and I know that our consciousness in our thoughts, our words, our meditations/prayers, our emotions, our feelings DO influence which of the many future potentials we actually experience.

Strangely enough, I have heard information which tells me what the Puppet Masters (those who control worldwide banking systems) are doing. Basically, from what I am hearing, it appears that the rest of us yet to receive our blessings will be receiving in the very near future. One of our contacts has a quote directly from a member of the major banking families, that these programs are coming to fulfillment "VERY SOON" as of last week. Another contact readily admits that the families have been manipulating delays and events in the 50 states to hold off the rest of us receiving our blessings, UNTIL they have certain monetary systems and stock market activities where they want them. This contact also says that the timing is VERY CLOSE when all the rest of us will receive, AND, then the lenders in the rest of the 57 programs will receive worldwide very quickly.

I am also hearing from all our intelligence, banking, government and other good sources that MUCH has been happening in the last week and the last few days -- very much behind the scenes -- in preparation for the rest of us receiving our blessings! All the info is pointing to very near future.

Here's where YOU and I come in. As you know, at any moment in our lives, we can take one of numerous paths to various future potentials. If you have read my updates since mid-July, you know that many of us are aware of the plans of the dark agenda and also the plans of the White Knights. YOU and I can help by focussing OUR meditations on the "happiest of future potentials" as we each receive, steward, and enjoy our blessings. Our meditations and prayers will HELP to support all the brave activities of the White Knights on our behalf!

We can ENERGIZE the "HAPPY" future potential for ourselves and ALSO for all of us remaining to receive -- AND, in doing this, we will actually EFFECT the whole WORLDWIDE situation.

Here's how that works: I have heard that the Puppet Masters have manipulated things so that the funding of ALL 57 programs WORLDWIDE "depends" on ALL of us in our BIG program receiving our blessings! I am told this is how they have been able to stall things to this point -- by having ONE program in ONE country that they stall, they have managed to stall ALL the 57 programs worldwide.

HOWEVER, this is ALSO "their weakness" BECAUSE it allows YOU and I to actually influence the outcome! I have heard from reliable sources that there are somewhere around 25,000 - 30,000 "addresses" yet to receive the blessings of OUR program. Although some people have used 10 or more names on their various loans, the number of people yet to receive is probably one or two per address, on average. This puts the number somewhere around 60,000 or so people. WE can have a GREAT BENEFICIAL IMPACT on this number of people!

Some of YOU, who are receiving this email, are part of a list of 70+ people who responded to the "happy world peace" idea and at least 60+ of you do TM or believe in the power of prayer. So, we know that the formula for directly influencing the outcome of any situation is the square root of 1% of the population to be impacted. The "population" is the lenders in OUR BIG program who are yet to receive -- or approximately 60,000! When we do the math, we see that with 24- 25 of us doing a specific group meditation WE CAN STRONGLY INFLUENCE the future potential for ALL of us who will be receiving in the very near term!

I am asking each of you to join me in an evening group meditation between 10 - 11 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time for the next 11 days, as often as you are able. Let's focus on the theme of how HAPPY we are with our blessings in hand. Let's FEEL the happiness of living the RESULT of having our blessings -- to have our hearts' desires -- our homes completely paid for and ours, our bills all fully paid, our families and love ones living in greater comfort and security, our health requirements completely met, and living our dreams! Let's feel the great happiness of our making GREAT WONDERFUL IMPROVEMENTS everywhere -- feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, providing medical and dental care to those without, taking care of the orphaned children, bringing hope and love to many, carrying forth programs for happy world peace, and a million other things!

In other words, as we do our group meditations/prayers, LET'S SMELL, TASTE, TOUCH, HEAR, and SEE all our hearts' desires -- truly LIVE THE happy, uplifting FEELINGS of living the life our blessings empower us to live!

The KEY to the wonderful changes we can make in our own lives and improvements worldwide is ALL of us in our program receiving our blessings here in the 50 States! This is the FIRST DOMINO in a series of dominoes which TILT US into the wonderful path of the Age of Miracles! Once ALL of us in the 50 states have received our program's blessings, THEN the rest of the world will very QUICKLY receive all 57 programs! IMMEDIATELY! When all have received worldwide, we will have "official" announcements of Treasury Banks worldwide!!!!

The worldwide announcements of the sovereign Treasury Banks in each country IS the first step in MOVING us into the Age of Miracles!!!! And, it begins the DISSOLVING of the dark agenda's planned tyranny! There will be a transition period from the old banking system to the new sovereign Treasury banks worldwide. In order to avoid panic and chaos, this transition needs to be done in an orderly fashion over some time. Already in the 50 states, all banks, large and small, have received notice about the new Treasury banks system, and all banks have a "choice" about whether they go with the Treasury system or stay with the old system for a while longer. The whole series of dominoes -- Treasury bank systems, return to Constitutional Law, abolishing the IRS - has just been sitting and waiting for YOU and I to receive our blessings before going forward!

This is "why" WE CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE NOW!!!! There are at least 60 of us who can do this focussed meditation together -- that is enough to magnetize this happy future potential! All we need to do is ENERGIZE the FEELINGS and the happiness of living the RESULT of having our blessings! FEELINGS of living our hearts' desires -- wonderful homes completely paid for, bills fully paid, our families happy and secure, our health requirements completely met, and living our dreamsl The great happiness of our making GREAT WONDERFUL IMPROVEMENTS worldwide!!!!

Dear Friends, we are now at an extremely pivotal time! The way the series of dominoes has been arranged GIVES YOU and I the opportunity to GREATLY INFLUENCE and bring forth the "happy future" for ourselves AND for the whole world! The KEY is that we ENERGIZE that HAPPY FUTURE for everyone in our program who is yet to receive -- this is the KEY! Once WE receive, then ALL the great wonderful dominoes of improvements set up by the White Knights flow into action VERY quickly!

WE CAN DO THIS GREAT SERVICE FOR OURSELVES and FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!! All has been arranged for YOU and I to be empowered to do this great service! Many of us have waited for years to be of service to the world in this way! NOW is the TIME!

Let's come together, dear Friends, and DO these ENERGIZING and POWERFUL group meditations and prayers! WE CAN DO IT!!!! Let's join together each evening 10 -11 p.m. EDT - WE CAN DO THIS!!!!

I am asking you to share this with every TM meditator you know who is in these programs or would like to be part of this. Let's bring as many of us together as we can!

Also, I am including a prayer which can be used by anyone who uses traditional prayer -- please add your own beginning and ending according to your own faith. Please join us and say this prayer each evening at 10 pm EDT:

"May all lenders yet to receive in our BIG program receive their blessings NOW! May all lenders in all 57 program worldwide, and all White Knights worldwide involved in the great divine changes, be surrounded with protection, wisdom, and happiness as all lenders NOW receive our fulfillments. May the White Knights, who have sworn to protect us and our blessings at the risk of their lives, be blessed with great protection, strength, divine providence and resources a million-fold greater than the dark agenda and easily neutralize all the activities of the dark agenda. May all the dark agenda plans easily dissolve and fade away INSTANTLY as the great divine plan unfolds into the Age of Miracles of peace, love, prosperity, wisdom, compassion, and liberty for all. May we go forth and each of us live our divine purposes fully in great wisdom and strength. May all who have and are contributing to these great wonderful divine changes be blessed with happy abundance, wisdom, and all their heart's desire. We are so thankful for the wonderful blessings we are receiving and for the opportunity to live our dreams, and assist everyone in living their dreams, of a much better world for all in peace, love, harmony, liberty, sovereignty, wisdom, prosperity, and happy cooperation worldwide."

This is it, folks. We are in the CRUCIAL MOMENTS and WE can MAKE a HUGE IMPACT on the outcome -- Let's Do It!!!!

Blessings and Love,


PS: One of my close friends told me about speaking to people who have brought thousands into our program and out of their very large network, 990+ lenders had received as of mid-September. I am hearing from very good sources that between 15,000 - 20,000 addresses have received in the 50 states so far. I have heard that due to requirements in the Non Disclosure, they are unable to help other lenders. Some of us have heard details about the blessings we are receiving from those who have already received theirs - and these friends are telling us the truth!

Anyone who says others have not received is being misled or is lying due to fear. I have been told that our program leaders are being forced to lie due to death threats from the dark agenda. All who are saying no one has received are actually spreading propaganda for the dark agenda and they will be very dismayed when they realize they have been USED. Let's forgive these misled people.

I will meet you each evening in our group meditations and prayers! PLEASE SEND THIS TO EVERY MEDITATOR and PRAYER GROUP YOU KNOW who would like to be part of this!

Also, all of you who missing from my egroup -- I intend to work on many projects with people who know the importance of group meditations and prayers, so I hope YOU are in my egroup. To join my egroup, go to and become a member, then after you confirm your membership, go to the following url to subscribe to the doveofo egroup: [e-mail of scammer or fool (take your pick) deleted] or write me to add you manually. We have a LOT of important world improvement projects to do together!

October 11, 2000

[A common scam artist fallback is that when you've lost all credibility, blame the government! And thus appears a veritable buffet table of the old tired-and-worn "tax protestor" arguments in all their silliness, i.e., money is not money (then why does my mortgage company want it so bad?) and we are being repressed (this people don't travel much, do they?)]

 Dear Friends,

It is 3:30 p.m. PDT on 10-11-2000 and I am without any official communication or any part of our program's blessings or anything related to our program. Therefore, I am free of any breach of Non Disclosure.

There are MANY things happening with activities that show the Big Wave is VERY nearly ready to roll! Also, we WILL be hearing about things in the media -- the minute I have something solid on when and what, I will send it out.

There is a totally INCORRECT rumor going around that says if we are still waiting as of a specific date, we will "never see it". Folks, this is PURE HOGWASH!!!! The facts about our loans and the amounts being distributed to us are on official record in MANY MANY PLACES!!!! And MANY White Knights have copies of this information. There are TOO MANY people who KNOW and have copies of the details for anyone to be able to cause our blessings to disappear. This rumor has been passed around for years with different dates that have come and gone! So, let's tell anyone who says this ridiculous comment that it's only what the dark agenda wants us to think and is based in total ignorance of the facts. Also, I think our insecurities show up when we repeat this sort of rumor and we all need to conquer our fears, folks.

I have checked and heard that the rumor about the infamous banker being able to cause a 60 day delay due to some trick with "insurance companies" is also PURE HOGWASH! This rumor is over a year old and TOTALLY LACKS ANY FOUNDATION IN TRUTH per our intelligence contacts who checked it out this week. This is just more of the dark agenda TRYING to put out disinformation. One way to tell when someone is being "used by the dark agenda", is if they say that no deliveries have ever been made, or that there have only been some deliveries in the last few weeks.

The fact is that small numbers of deliveries have been occurred over the months since July, 1999.

The White Knights are totally committed to making sure we all receive our blessings, AND they have the POWER and the RESOURCES to MAKE SURE we DO receive! So, the only thing we need to think about is HOW we will safeguard and wisely manage this HUGE abundance! I am hearing more and more details that show how close we are!

We are very close and I want to share something I have heard about the big part each of us plays in the new Treasury Banking system. I have heard that we are receiving gold certificates and I have been wanting to understand WHY we are each receiving gold certificates. I found someone who knows more about this and asked some questions. From what I am hearing, it sounds like our gold certificates will give us the PRIVILEGE of representing everyone in our country and keeping our new banking system independent. Our gold certificates are "something like holding stock" in the new Treasury Bank of the 50 states -- this is the closest I can come to explaining it.

From what I have heard, to understand why the White Knights have arranged things this way, we need to understand our current banking system. As you know, the Constitution directs that we have a Treasury bank system, however, after many years of failing, the world banking families were successful in the early 1900's in having a law passed in the 50 states which allowed the Federal Reserve System to control our money. Read "The Creature from Jekyll Island" for details. I have heard there are many points on which this law is considered to be Constitutionally illegal -- however, numerous laws we have are unConstitutional and often come from the banking families TRYING to increase their control. I have read in numerous books with footnotes showing the factual sources, that the Federal Reserve is a private corporation OWNED by the world's top banking families.

I have heard that the Federal Reserve has a "contract" with the federal government to control our money and as Representative Metcalf said in his address to the House on 9/9/99, we are "renting" our money! This is stupid when we have a rent-free option -- to have our own Treasury Banks! However, from what I have read and heard, the banking families who own the Fed are making LOTS of money from us! From what I have read and heard, every single penny of personal income tax we pay goes straight into the hands of the banking families as it is used to pay the "national debt" - a manipulated "debt" created by the renting of our money! It's all bogus! So, this is why when we return to Constitutional Law and have our Treasury Banks officially announced, then the federal income tax agency will also be abolished.

By the way, I have read that our government uses mainly money from investments the government has made and from "excise taxes" to pay for all our government services and military, so all those things can still be funded just as they always have been. In my college Economics class, we traced the excise taxes on a loaf of bread and found there were dozens of these indirect taxes included in the price of a loaf of bread. Do a little research for yourself on this -- it's true. We've all been FOOLED into believing the income tax went to pay for the government -- that's a lie the dark agenda wants us to believe.

So, from what I have heard, it seems that the reason you and I are receiving gold certificates is to keep the tyranny of the banking families from controlling our money and new banking system in the future. The gold certificates will be in the hands of ALL OF US and we will represent everyone in the 50 states by taking good care of these certificates. We have the GREAT PRIVILEGE of being part of a rebirth of independence in the 50 states!

We need to keep these certificates as a "sacred trust" and guard them carefully. I am told we will receive two copies, and until all the dark agenda are neutralized, it would be best if we kept both copies in two different, VERY SECURE and VERY SECRET places outside the banks. Once the dark agenda is totally neutralized, then it will be safe to have a copy in the banks -- this is what I am told. Regardless, KEEP these certificates safe and avoid cashing them in. We will have PLENTY of other money to use -- believe me -- the money we have is STUPENDOUS!

I am hearing that a lot is happening and it all sounds like everything is being put into place for the rest of us to receive our blessings FULLY and QUICKLY! To make sure that everything goes smoothly for all of us, let's keep our group meditation and prayers going each evening at 10 p.m. EDT.

I am asking each of you to join me in an evening group meditation between 10 - 11 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time for the next 10 days, as often as you are able. Let's focus on the theme of how HAPPY we are with our blessings in hand. Let's FEEL the happiness of living the RESULT of having our blessings -- to have ALL our hearts' desires!

Let's also include a THANKSGIVING for RETURN to the unalienable freedom which is our divine right in the 50 states! By freeing us of an oppressive monetary and tax system, and returning to Constitutional Law, we are regaining our divine rights as human beings in this country. We have the right to a country free of the secret tyrannies of the few and FREE of oppression of all kinds! WE, and the funding of our programs, are part of the great divine plan unfolding which brings us all into greater self-direction, independence, happy peace, and prosperity! Let's GIVE THANKS for these wonderful rights we all have!

Let's invoke the Creator's great Unconditional Love to COVER THE ENTIRE PLANET tonight and for all the days in the future as these great changes take place so that ALL THE CHANGES OCCUR IN HAPPY PEACE, SAFETY, FREEDOM, WISDOM, and HAPPY PROSPERITY! Let's invoke these great changes to go smoothly and easily free of panic or instability. Let us see the dark agenda IMMEDIATELY fading away and dissolving easily.

Here is a prayer which can be used by anyone who uses traditional prayer -- please add your own beginning and ending according to your own faith. Please join us and say this prayer each evening at 10 pm EDT:

"May all lenders yet to receive in our BIG program receive our blessings NOW! May all lenders in all 57 program worldwide, and all White Knights worldwide involved in the great divine changes, be surrounded with protection, wisdom, and happiness as all lenders NOW receive our fulfillments. May the White Knights, who have sworn to protect us and our blessings at the risk of their lives, be blessed with great protection, strength, divine providence and resources a million-fold greater than the dark agenda and easily neutralize all the activities of the dark agenda IMMEDIATELY. May all the dark agenda plans easily dissolve and fade away INSTANTLY as the great divine plan unfolds into the Age of Miracles of peace, love, prosperity, wisdom, compassion, and liberty for all. May we go forth and each of us live our divine purposes fully in great wisdom and strength. May all who have and are contributing to these great wonderful divine changes be blessed with happy abundance, wisdom, and all their heart's desire. We are so thankful for the wonderful blessings we are receiving and for the opportunity to live our dreams, and assist everyone in living their dreams, of a much better world for all in peace, love, harmony, liberty, sovereignty, wisdom, prosperity, and happy cooperation worldwide."

This is it, folks. We are in the CRUCIAL MOMENTS and WE can MAKE a HUGE IMPACT on the outcome -- Let's Do It!!!! It is VERY important that we ALL come together in prayer and meditation -- the future of our loved ones and ourselves is at stake. I will meet you this evening at 10 p.m. EDT.

Blessings and Love,


October 11, 2000

[And now some random tidbits from the scammers newsmill. Although Clyde remains in jail, they claim he is not (presumably, if he were out of jail, he would be coughing up the Omega trillions, but somehow they don't explain that. Oh, and there is the conversation from "Susan" -- a persistent figure in the Omega scam and somebody whose name needs to be added to the indictments if she is not there already, for continuing to perpetrate this scam.]

This is a plea to all lenders out there that as each day passes and as we get closer and closer to the actual criminal court case, the need for all of us to unite and get behind our real leaders becomes ever increasingly urgent! It has been over four and half weeks since we were all chased off of chats. A successful ploy by the feds or other people with unsavory motives to see that this program does not succeed. Do we have OUR packs as was mentioned over four weeks ago? Do we have our fine money? No What we do have is lenders divided! On purpose! It would please the government to no end to just have us continue to do nothing! Would make their rape or us and the American people a lot more easier! But it is not too, late for us to unite! However it is urgent that we do so quickly! There have been some very good emails and ICQ out last few days calling for us to wake up. Calling for us to unite. I agree with all being said in them and will touch on some of them in this email. I also want to mention some rumors most of us have heard recently as well as the Starlae email that came out Monday. First of all. There have been a number of brief rumors passed out that i want to address very quickly and tell you the reason why i think they were said. 1. All MK civil charges have been dropped 2. Ch not in jail. He is free. (we have heard this one twice) 3. All actors in courts. CH and MK in Bahamas 4. XXXXXXX has over $200k in defense fund 5. MK signed off on funding in Bahamas. Ok, Now look at all these lies up there and try and conclude why such things are being said in first place. Only one logical thing i can come up with and that is they do not want you to send in money to defense fund! I mean why send money at all if these rumors were true? That is the purpose of them in first place! These rumors didn't come out all at once mind you but one at a time almost like some one or some group was saying, "well time for a new stall tactic!" So anytime you hear a rumor like this, instead of blindly believing it, why not step back and reason a little on what you already know? I believe that these and other rumors such as these are deliberately sent out to us, not to make us feel good or encourage us but, to get us to just lay down and do nothing! Judging by what we see going on and not going on they have been very successful so far! Not even half of what is needed for retainer has been reached at this time! So sad! Now to change my line of thought a little i need to address the email that was passed around yesterday from and to Starlae. Once again the notorious DR and GB was brought up to us! Was suggested that anyone who doesn't believe DR is in and is stopping funding then that person is in denial and is in their own microcosm. Well i must be one of the persons talked about then! For i do not believe this for a minute. It was brought to our attention that DR filed papers on October 2nd to delay funding another 60 days. OK Where? We are told he did it! Where? Maybe we can go there and look! I don't think that is too much to ask. Do you? Where did he file it? I fully expect a truthful answer but i realize i will not get one! For probably will be it is secretly filed or citizens are not privy to that information. OK then how do these sources know of all this then? People, just set back and think on what we are EXPECTED to believe! Also GB was indicted on, "the 29th of Septemeber or Saturday." So such big news no doubt is made public right? Did anyone see this on the national news? I mean come on! These peoples sources have privy to info that even the media doesn't? So i gather that all these secret sources of Starlae, Gowns, Dove, gordon, Chuck, Larry, etc; are all Republicans then? Why do i say that? Well judging by how close the presidential race is right now i cannot help but to think that one democrat would love to leak this to public at this time! Would definitely influence the vote would you not think? So this information is only being leaked to rumor people and not to media! that is big news many news broadcasting companies would love to have! So what does this tell you? Could it be all of this story is not true? Part of that rumor was it is not funding until January now. Clearly more distraction and stall tactics from these messengers or their sources or both. Why support our leaders at this time if we will not get paid until January! That is their thinking! It seems that their sources have another motive in mind and it is not for our own good! It was brought out in another email yesterday that Quatloos has more messages on O than most of us are getting! Makes you wonder just who these people are that are trying to sabotage the program! Could it be the sources of these rumor people? I am leaving that to you to answer. All i know is not one of us got in the program through the sources of Dove, Chuck, Larry, Gordon and Gowns! We know who we got in under! They have never once told us they were not in control or were being used! Yet we have heard that over and over again in rumors down through the years. The goal of getting all of us divided and believe in lies has worked so far! Now to the real reason why i wrote this email. It is time We wake up. No conspiracy, no cloak and dagger, no mystery! The real leaders, remember them? CH and MK need help but also we need to help ourselves as well! In a couple of very good emails i read this last few days we were challenged to think and ponder and i just want to quote a little of what we were challenged to ask ourselves. "Where is our honor, sensibility and logic?" There are not and never has been packs out or fine money and one of the emails suggested a good point that for us to receive fine money it would have to go through the real leaders of the program anyway! So far no receipt of such a thing ever being done! So what needs to be done here? Well as i see it we need to unite! Not against CH and MK but behind them! If one half of lenders in US send in $5.00 each, that would be close to what is needed! I know many out there are very limited in what they can do. Some have told me their story. For those who personally know me in chats know my situation rivals most. In some instances not as bad but in most i am right there with you! But we need to support the program the best we can now! Anymore delay could mean we lose! And we stand to lose more than just our money due us! Was brought out in email our second amendment rights are at stake here! Your right to contract privately is being challenged! About two weeks ago it was posted in Alan s bits and pieces that a man who was not even in Omega heard about what was going on and saw it as what it really is a trampling of your rights and our rights! he gave to cause! Granted he didn't know the rumors we are bombarded with almost daily but he saw it what it really is and he gave! What are we going to do? Packs are not coming tomorrow. They won't come until the court matter is resolved! I call for all thinking people to unite! Now is not the time to set and wait! Time has almost ran out! The real leaders need our help to save our money at this time! Please! PLease i urge you give what you can to XXXXXXX XXXXXXX! Be sure to tell them what it is to be used for! Lets show the government we support the program! That is the last thing they want us to do! I assure you! 


MWHOD "Michael" (ICQ#13271809) Wrote: This will be my last appeal to everyone in O, gowns has accomplished what the opposition has wanted.... to divide the people to where they are no threat, shut them up, and prevent funding for the defense of MK and CH, in effect he and his followers may well destroy the program, there are no deliveries, has been none, and no fine checks, it is all part of the plan to destroy O, It soon will be too late to wake up, Support the leadership, of O


I spoke to Susan at MK's office today. She said there is an injunction on the O project by the gov't. She said the gov't wants to "make an example" out of O. I asked an obvious question -- if the gov't has persecuted MK and CH and others for NOT completing O, then why would they do the very thing (the injunction) that prevents them from completing it? She said the gov't "does not want people to know how "easy" it is to make such huge amounts of money."

The pretrial is 10/19, the trial 10/30. They do not know if they will be able to fund prior to that. Do not think it is likely. Susan did sound upbeat and said very emphatically that "things will work out."

She also said (and others I am sure have posted this info, but I will anyway to give everyone the complete msg she gave) that they need $100,000 for defense but only have $26,000. It is their intention to do a similar program after O is completed. It will be by invitation only. Anyone who donates to the XXXXXXX Breaker Ministries, even a donation as small as $1, will receive this invitation.

Folks, I understand how you feel. You gave your hard earned money and have been waiting for what seems like forever. I understand, I am with u! But if everyone will look into their hearts they will realize that a small donation from each of us may be the difference between your ever getting paid or not! You won't miss a few dollars but u sure will miss not getting the jackpot.

God bless everyone and let's all pray that we win this one. Susan said they have iron clad proof that the trading is legitimate. They need some help.

Let's be there for them, they are surely trying to be there for us.

October 2, 2000

[So how does one prove the existence of a "Prime Bank"? By taking a photograph of it, of course! (For those of you who are not in on the joke, the "prime bank" is a term scam artists use to try to con people into giving them their money in bank debenture scams. And now, for some of the worst trite you will ever read, how replacing your transmission can lead to enlightenment about bank debenture scams, and about the people who run the second scam of conning people into sending in money for the "legal defense fund" so that they can be paid their untold trillions.]

I must continue to thank each of you who care enough to support my efforts in this matter. I can hardly express my thanks in supporting the truth no matter what the outcome. I would request all of you who have received this update to proceed with caution. Do not do anything hastly or impulsive. If you think you must do something quickly, ask yourself why? If you cannot answer this simple question, do not do anything. On the other hand, if you can answer the question and the answer is in your best interest, then this is ample reason to act, regardless of how or when. We have raised apprx 26,000 so far and more is needed. The last week or so has been relativley quiet as the government is having to allow us access to discovery. October 19 and October 30, 2000 are dates currently set for Court drama. Currently, Mike and Karen are awaiting the government to tell them whether they can get their mail from the address currently seized by the Court Order of September 12, 2000 (civil). If a person makes 50 dollars in one hour and invests 1 dollar in some type of cost to be able to work for one hour, did't this person make 50 to 1. We must not overlook labor. After all it takes labor to make a deposit or fill out an application or drop off the car to be fixed. Even parents who work at home as a "stay at home parent," (mother not always the case anymore), are working just as hard to raise a family as the other parent is at trading his or her labor for the dole. Although these acts are essential they have no intrinsic value. Imagine if you are asked to redue the deposit or re-apply or you have to take your car back because it was not fixed properly. What then is your labor worth? I learned this logic one time when I purchased a transmission and installed it myself. The transmission was not built correctly but was sold to me with a warranty. The warranty was free replacment. I had to remove the bad transmission, install the new transmission, take out the new transmission and reinstall the second new transmission. I asked for reimbursment of my time and was denied. They said the warranty covered the part only, unless they installed the part. Then of course, they would have reinstalled the transmission for free. I say all of this to show that although the argument would be that the person trading his labor for 50 dollars per hour, who invested 1 dollar in something to produce that hour, such as gas to get to work, or clothes to look the part, or food to have the energy, was merely being paid 50 dollars for his labor, the investment was still 1 dollar and the return was still 50 dollars. There are many other actual depictions I could give which demonstrate that the government's claim that to earn 50 dollars off of each dollar you loan is "to good to be true," is premised upon circumstances not present in the Omega situation. Why would any person believe they could make 50 dollars off of each dollar loaned to anyone? It does not matter what your answer to this question is, because whatever your answer is, it still must rely upon some portion of a thought that "is to good to be true." In this sense, almost everything is to good to be true. How must do you invest in yourself to function each second of the day. Multiply this times 60 and times 60 again and you have the cost of running yourself per hour. Subtract the cost from the amount paid to you and you have a ratio of what went out to what came in. If we do not have more coming in than going out we are all in trouble. In the Urbana Case[s],Mr. Barringer has definitley identified a "Prime Bank" and has even obtained pictures of the "Prime Bank" and brochures proving its existence. The FBI said no such Bank as a Prime Bank exists. We now can prove this to be a false statment (maybe intentional.) We will see soon. Please, if you need the donation you are thinking of sending to provide some need in your life, I would ask you to reconsider not sending such. We need all the help we can get but not at the expense of your needs to sustain quality of life. I personally believe that when you give with a willing heart you will be blessed for it. This entire process is very exhausting but very revealing. I will say this for now, if you would like to know what to pray for, it would be as follows:

We need the government to be compelled to produce all the documents and all testimony which demonstrates support for their indictment. We need all documents which show that the 100 dollars was to be invested in some sort of investment or trade or what have you. We need more favor with the Court and the Judge. We need the governments attorneys to feel ashamed every time they advance a lie before the Court. We need this shame to be so evident that we can detect it immediatley and move in for revelation of truth. We also need prayer for health and safety. We need you to pray for these things and any other revelation you may have during your prayer.

Remember, there is not one amoung us who moves around without getting dirty. Not one. Thank God for the invention of the Shower. Please pray for truth not perfection.


October 9, 2000

[One Omegan, who goes by the name "Gordon Emmert" is a fool by any standard, and there are so really low standards for fools in this world. Check out his following ridiculous claim that packs were delivered (as he has often falsely predicted), but they were mysteriously taken away by "the authorities". Suffice it to say, this Gordon Emmert person needs to ask for a refund of that lobotomy . . ..]

Hi There

This information crossed my desk and I felt I should pass it along for everyone to understand and take the necessary actions. The following information has not been verified for facts, so take with a grain of salt and be prepared.

Just heard that some deliveries were made in California a 3 pst and within 15 min three men came to their door and flashed a badge and told them they knew they just had a delivery made and wanted to see it. They gave it to them and the men left. When these O people peeps called somebody to see what could be done, they were told nothing, you gave up your pac... you have now lost it. When you get yours, you are to shut your door and not answer it for anybody you DO NOT KNOW.

Please pass this on to all you talk to. I have been told to be very careful when you leave the bank. There could be people that could be watching and waiting for you to leave.

Everyone needs to be very aware of this situation. People have suggested hiring security or off duty police, or other people to help in this situation. You want to remove yourself as soon as possible after leaving the bank. Be very aware who is watching or following you from the bank.

I am not trying to put any undue fear or false warning out to anyone. I just don't want anyone to be harmed in any or to loose any there contents of packages

God bless and have a great day. Sincerely yours


October 13, 2000

[The "Friends of Omega" are a group who are either a bunch of scammers trying to make their own buck off of Omega, or they are a group of people who are at the same time both so naive and stupid as to defy reality. At any rate, while most Omegans probably now want the perpetrators of this scam lynched, this particular group of small brains is attempting to raise money for the "MK" legal defense fund, through a bogus group in Tulsa. They claim to have raised $26,000 for the defense fund, which is probably criminal proceeds since it was raised by promising people that if the original Omega promoters are acquitted, that Omegans everywhere will get their long awaited trillions.]


Hello Omeganites,

OUR TIME OF SILENCE is well over and we are back this time TO STAY! During our time of silence we received many letters from people voicing their support along with those who did not understand why we chose to take this SILENT stand. A stand had to be taken; it was time for the rumor mill excuses to be SILENCED for good! It is time to show those who use other Omegans as their scapegoat for excuses that with or without a scapegoat these RUMORED lies would not come to pass. It should be apparent now after this period of CHAT ROOM SILENCE, that the only excuse for not receiving any packs with fine checks is THAT THERE ARE NO FINE CHECKS TO BE RECEIVED. AND WE WILL NO LONGER ASK ANYONE TO SILENCE HIS OR HER CHAT ROOMS FOR ANY REASON!!!!

The intention of this Newsletter is to help give you a clearer understanding of what we feel (through our research) is going on with Omega. We are still extremely excited about our special program and feel that all is well and our futures will be forever changed when this is one day all said and done.

Not only do we feel that Omega is right around the corner, but we will all will be facing the changing of the Trade world!!! With the funding of Omega, these trades will be commonplace. You will not have to worry about Government intervention once we have had the victory with Omega. We will no longer have to face such an experience as we have all been FORCED to face with proving Omega's legitimacy. Many Omegans have fallen prey to the non-professionalism of those who have taken advantage of the fact that Omega has been in a holding pattern due to extenuating circumstances beyond our control.

Though it's sad to say, some Omegans put all their eggs in one "O" basket and were not prepared for the long hefty delay of funding. Let this be a lesson to us all, that we should never put all our resources in one basket, especially a basket we do not have any control over. Even if you did have some control over it, diversification is the safest measure for the short-term financial cushion that is needed. Then the long-term wait will be much easier to handle.

Lets take Bill Gates for example. Do you suppose he put all his eggs into one business venture? By no means, he has his hands in many different products and/or business ventures. Professionally speaking, he wouldn't blame the stock market for failures due to his own "bad" business decisions. If you have access to 'Success Magazine', check out the November issue, which states that Bill Gates net worth was 125 billion dollars. Since that time, because of the instability of the stock market, his net worth went down to 65 billion. And just in the past week with the market drop, his net worth is only 47 billion dollars. Even though this loss is devastating to him (though it may be hard for us to conceive even 47 billion dollars), he does not go around blaming others for his loss, which could put him in a situation of loosing even more.

The next issue of 'Friends of Omega' is going to be a very important one. Many of our fellow Omegans have been told rumored lies for so long, that it's now hard to break away from the scenery that there is a 'BIG BAD WOLF' standing outside our door waiting to grab our blessing away from us. By all means caution should always be taken in protecting yourself in every aspect. But living in constant fear is not healthy either. And there will always be those that will choose to believe that their name is on the wall of the CIA's top wanted list and life will always be a constant struggle in this area.

Let me once again assure you of one thing, at the most there are only approximately 2,000 ABC agents working in our Government and that's approximating VERY HIGH. Most of them take care of international threats, Airline crashes, and Terrorist threats. I have to tell you that these guys are VERY BUSY!!!!!!!! Do you really think that they are going to drop all the really IMPORTANT issues they deal with everyday in order to stand outside your door to STEAL your pack? If they truly wanted it they could have taken it in it's entirety from MK & CH long before now with a lot less hassle. This would have been very easy for them to do and PRESTO, NO MORE OMEGA!

If you truly believe ANY of these rumors of facing death or the door to door take back of funding, then I would suggest that you remove yourself from the program. If this new way of life we are facing is going to cause you to live in fear the rest of your life, then this blessing will become your curse. It would be far better to live without it than with this kind of mindset.

Yes, it is obvious that our Government is not out for all of our best interests. nor can we call our Government a JUST Government. I believe that the Government and those in power have already used all their means available concerning 'Omega" and have most likely gotten their pocketbooks full and their power strengthened 10 fold. I doubt very seriously that we will pose a threat to them after funding.

Of course there will always be those that find ways to 'CHEAT' the Government and then when they get caught will say it's a CONSPIRACY!!

Let's be realistic Omegans and stop listening to all the propaganda put out by the rumor conspirators. It's MK and CH that write the ND's. MK has said that it will be your family, friends, and the people who know you that you will have to worry about the most. There are at least 60 new millionaires daily in this world. It is a proven fact that these are the same types of people that New Millionaires have to worry about also - NOT THE GOVERNMENT!!! Stop living in fear of a future that hasn't even happened yet! So please friends, do not live each day thinking that the gardener is an agent of the Government trying to take away your money!!!

We have all worked very diligently digging up information trying to find out if there is anything out there worth trusting. We have found much. We do not mean to be evasive or hold out information pertinent to our situation; we are just reluctant to make some things public due to the delicate nature of the Mattoon situation. No one knows for sure what information might be able to disturb this situation; therefore, we have had to be very cautious. I can assure you that no one knows the exact funding date, although we have been given a certain time frame in which it should happen.

So lets narrow these things down here:

#1. There are no Dark Agendas of exposing Omegans and taking all money and of losing packs after funding takes place.

#2. We do know now that Omega is totally real.

#3. It's no longer (((If Omega will fund))) it is (((When Omega will fund!!!))) It will fund and we believe that without a doubt it will fund within the duration of this year!!

#4. Non- Disclosure is made up by the LEADERS OF OMEGA and not by the government or banks that the money resides at.

#5. ND is to PROTECT you and your money from those who statistics have proven, will try and take money from those who receive an abundance of wealth. Those are statistically proven to be your family, friends and neighbors for the most part.

#6. We have been told there is a possibility that funding could occur anytime from the end of this month to the end of this year.

We should now try to take this time to get back to those things in life that bring meaning and importance and stop living day-to-day expecting a delivery. In the meantime, we should all be putting some of our efforts into ENCOURAGING OTHER OMEGANS to continue to support the PRINCIPLES of Omega by sending in financial support to fund their upcoming trial.

THE COURT DATE is fast approaching with the preliminary hearings starting on October 19th and the trial on October 30th. Much time and energy has been wasted on the many damaging rumors we have battled for months. We now have to make up for lost time because there is not much time left in which to show our support. Only $26,000 has been achieved as of yet, and much more is needed. Although that is a large sum of money, if everyone who was able had made a donation, the full amount would have already been achieved. The sad part about this is that everyone who knew MK (and principles) needed help, should have been MORE THAN WILLING to send in whatever was affordable since most of us are only in Omega because of MK. But due to many falling prey to all the rumors, some stayed silent out of fear of losing their funding and some became ANTI - MK & CH because of the rumors.


I assure you that the principles appreciate all the help that has been received to date. So please, keep your financial support coming into XXXXXXX XXXXXXX's XXXXXXX XXXXXXX Ministry so they have the means to complete all the needed court proceedings to WIN this CASE against the GOVERNMENT. So lets dig a little deeper and send in another $5.00, $10.00, $20.00 or more - EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS and it all adds up to a VICTORY for all of us



Keep the faith my friends, Believe in yourself in all that you do, enjoy life everyday as if it were your last!!

Your friends in Omega, Joel, Canary & OC...

October 14, 2000

[Alpha and Destiny, you may recall, are the "companion" scams to Omega. Many of the people who fell for Omega also fell for the Alpha and Destiny scam, the latter of which is well known for a guy who gives telephone updates through a voice scrambler. And yes, these people really are so stupid that they believe Alpha and Destiny will pay. Just check out the BS below. Hopefully, the Alpha and Destiny scammers will be indicted soon also (if they haven't been already -- they could very well be some of the Omega scammers through fake identities)]]

Great news folks! Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus!!!

On Him, Lee



Date: Sat Oct 14, 2000 7:19am Subject: Mesage from Delphi Board on Destiny

Early this morning I was contacted by the senior Destiny coordinator, who asked me to post the following update on this message board. Please pass on the information to as many Destiny members as possible. DO NOT ask me information or any questions whatsoever - my instructions are to post this message and make members aware of it. I have no other information than what is posted below.

From: the senior Destiny coordinator

Date: Saturday, October 14th 2000, 6.30am, EST

Today is Saturday, October 14th. It has been over a month since my last update and now the time has come for a final and very important update. The Destiny program has now funded and all members' accounts have had funds paid into them - in addition, there has been a detailed audit of the accounts over the last 4 weeks, carried out by an internationally known firm of accountants and management consultants. This audit has confirmed that all accounts are now properly funded and correctly set up. The commissioners have been very pleased that the audit has run so smoothly and are now very keen for members to start receiving what is due to them. The insurance company responsible for the funding process is also very keen for things to be wrapped up rapidly.

Monday, October 23rd, will be the day when debit cards and funding information packs will start to be sent out to all Destiny members. Delivery will take place by secured private courier - I am not at liberty to discuss the identity of the courier, but I can confirm that it will be totally secure from interference by third parties. The delivery process will take around three weeks overall. The amounts on the debit card accounts will not be different from the figure I gave on the last update when I mentioned this subject a few months ago. Members will also receive a totally secure offshore trust and bank account - the amount in the bank account will be around 65 times greater, per Destiny unit held, than what is in the debit card account. The professional services of very reputable firms of lawyers and accountants will also be made available to members - free of charge. The commissioners are keen to ensure that all members' interests are fully protected.

If any member has failed to receive his funding pack by November 25th, he or she must contact Destiny at the usual address and enclose a photocopy of the receipt for the purchase of any Destiny units.

The Destiny update telephone line has been taken off and will remain off. The email address I gave out in earlier updates has also been rendered inactive. These are essential security precautions which needed to be carried out prior to funding. The funding information pack will contain details of contact helpline telephone numbers in case of queries on any aspect of funding.

The commissioners are very pleased that this lengthy process is about to end and would like to extend their most heartfelt congratulations to all Destiny members at this very happy time for everybody concerned. This ends the final and closing update for the Destiny program

Message from "Dove" on 27 October 2000

[The person going by the name of "Dove" has done about as much as anybody to perpetuate the myth that Omega is "alive and well", though just about everybody associated with the "leaders" of the program have been indicted. Still, Dove continues to spew totally falsehoods, including this latest crap about Omegans receiving gold certificates.]

Subj: Re: [doveofo] O' What a Beautiful Day!!!! Date: 10/27/00 7:37:50 PM EST

Hello Dear Friends,

It is 12:15 p.m. PDT, 10-27-2000 and I am so far without any official communication about receiving my blessings from our program and without any part of my blessings or anything related to my blessings. Therefore, I am free of any breach of any Non Disclosure

I am told WE will be EXTREMELY happy EXTREMELY SOON! I am using the word "soon" on purpose -- it will regain it's true meaning very quickly. I am told we will receive clear instructions, so let's pay careful attention to details, AVOID telling anyone that our program exists or is the source of our abundance.

Remember, some people may try to trick us into saying we have funds from our program during the 180 days of the Non Disclosure. To anyone who mentions our program name, we must DENY it's existence and say, "I don't know what you are talking about -- I heard those programs were scams."

Let's remember to make security arrangements for our families -- we can pay security professionals to put in security systems and provide security arrangements. Also, we need to make arrangements to put our funds into other legal financial entities (corporation sole, foundations, trusts, businesses, etc.) for privacy as quickly as possible. We need to obtain expert legal advice to be sure we fully understand our Non Disclosure and everything else we are doing. From what I am hearing, within a week of all of us receiving, we will have many more legal options for financial entities and EVERYTHING in our lives, because we are going back to Constitutional Law in a BIG WAY! We will LOVE this!

One of the reasons we will LOVE Constitutional Law is because much of the life-strangling, overwhelming restrictions of statutory law will be gone. We will be receiving MUCH information on how this works within a few days of our receiving. It will be ON T.V. -- and then everyone will KNOW. I'm looking forward to seeing all of this! Watch for this on CNN and CSPAN -- all cable news and regular network stations will be carrying this HISTORIC NEWS within a FEW DAYS AFTER you have your first official communication in hand. I will put out a bulletin on dates and times BEFORE it happens.

I was informed that within a few months, we will be having many NEW TECHNOLOGIES available to us due to being in Constitutional Law again. Many of these technologies will get us AWAY from using gasoline and diesel fuels to run our vehicles. I have been told that gasoline, diesel, and all petroleum-based fuels will become OBSOLETE within the next few months. The cars, RV's, planes, boats, etc. that we all want will be able to have the NEW TECHNOLOGY for engines added and we will be hearing about this AFTER the first 30 days of our receiving. I am told the reason is that the statutory laws restricting new inventions have been made for the benefit of BIG business -- much of which is controlled by the infamous banking families and their cohorts. NOW, we will SEE that all these things we have heard about are really TRUE!

We WILL be able to use the new technologies with the models of current vehicles we like -- the same cars, RV's, trucks, boats, and airplanes. We will LOVE this!

Regarding our gold certificates, I am hearing two different ideas about what we can and should do with these VERY IMPORTANT blessings. At this point, I have to wait and see what our options are at the bank, which is where I believe they are currently. I am researching this and "IF" my Non Disclosure allows, I will do my best to get some clarification out on this subject. We definitely want to do everything we can to protect our ownership and the security of these very important blessings.

I am told the reason WE are getting these certificates is to keep the infamous banking families from getting the gold certificates and trying to get control of our Treasury Bank system. So, this is a great PRIVILEGE and TRUST we are holding for the entire country. WE are extremely blessed!

I am hearing things are looking VERY good -- we will have proof in hand very shortly. I'm hearing two versions of what has been happening that has made us wait this long. From what I am hearing, things are coming to the point where this MUST go forward and WILL go forward absolutely.

Many of you have written about how to make address changes. Below is what I have regarding this. Also, I have been informed that someone in authority has checked our addresses in the database with the current government records and other sources to make sure that they have the right address. I have been told that they have "found" almost everyone. However, you may want to send in an address change, just in case.

When you make an address change, give the OLD address, then the NEW address and phone number, your loan name(s) and sign it.

For MK group: Fax to 847-428-7126

For people/loans directly with CH: send Special Delivery, Return Receipt Requested, to: Clyde Hood, PO Box 767, Mattoon, IL 61938

For BW group: send Special Delivery, Return Receipt Requested, to: O T & T c/o Sherrie Ann Smith 2525 East Paris SE, Suite 100 Grand Rapids, MI 49546

 I will share what I can following the big wave of blessings - regarding the wonderful changes and anything else that may help us during these new experiences.

Let's all do some prayer and meditation for these amazing blessings and changes that are coming for us all.

Take care and much love and blessings to all.

Blessings and Love, Dove

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