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Omega Trust & Trading HYIP Exhibit

("Clyde may look like a local electrician, but he's really only one of
6 or 8 people in the world capable of pulling off this $97 Quintzillion
trade which is now being held up by the European bankers . . .")

Hi !! I couldn't help editorializing this stuff. Too hilarious!! I'll send you an original.   

Hello Dear Friends,

We've heard that all worked according to plan (yep,CH is in jail, and 3 others have pleaded guilty) regarding the last weeks sprinklings of deliveries (of Dove-DooDoo). All was successful.

We also continue to hear about lenders in other programs who have received paperwork to fill out and return in preparation for funding of those other programs (soon). We continue to hear that the (Heinz) 57 programs are dependent upon our big program (hopefully without a doubt) providing fulfillment to all our (duped) lenders.

From our many (imaginary) sources around the world we continue to receive verifying (dis)information that demonstrates that all the pieces are moving into place very well, (or as well as can be expected, being as how CH is in jail). From what we are hearing, (in Dove's head) it sounds like fulfillment will move quickly to all countries (especially in Bangledesh) around the world after the   50 states have been completed, (at the criminal trial in Illinois).

And remember, our program's funds for the trades were originally provided by the (schizophrenic) Wealthy Visionaries (3000) years ago and these funds have continued to multiply(but mainly subtract) in these trades through the years. WE are the Humanitarian Project the Wealthy Visionaries designated in their proposal for doing these trades (this was verified by Bill Wilson, under indictment and in jail). This is why we ARE receiving our funding (very soon. We are there).

In addition, our program's funds HAVE BEEN verified as being CLEAN (laundered even),funds by ALL the (bankrupt) offshore banks SEVERAL TIMES. This is a normal part of the(non-existent)funding   process and has already been completed and updated numerous times   over the last year, (but ended, of course, in file 13).

The events in Urbana are about "other money" and are totally UNimportant to our funding process, (but don't be alarmed that   all our money has been seized by the Feds). If you like soap   operas, (I do like "All My Children") stay tuned to the "Urbana   Days of Our Lives" soap,(or better yet, "Dove Does Dallas")   -- however, that whole drama is totally UNconnected to our   funding,(or that's what Kodoski, under indictment, wildly claims).

To protect the(corrupt)process, this is all I can tell you   today, (because that's all my psychiatric ward doctor allowed   me to say). All is going VERY WELL (considering that CH is in   jail for life).

In the near future, all of us will be entering a new phase of   our lives(the truth phase). Let's remember to CAREFULLY READ and   RE-READ everything we receive regarding our program and understand   it thoroughly before taking action (when we fill out our crime   victim reports). Let's remember to keep a LOW PROFILE(as is CH)and structure our(declining)abundance so our privacy and safety are   maximized(by the newspapers).

Also, we need to pay STRICT(I like a good Dominatrix)attention   to all the important changes occurring in the 50 states, and   organize our (seized)abundance in alignment(with planet Mars) with these beneficial but(negligible)changes. When these(fraudulent)  changes become public info,(in the criminal publications), each of   us needs to think about how these changes impact what we are doing   with our(vanished)abundance.

I wish I could share all the details and info my(discredited)  sources tell me about -- it would put your minds and hearts at   ease,(assuming you have overdosed on Valium).Because of the secrecy surrounding these programs,(as in keeping the arrest of   CH withheld from the lenders) It would endanger the funding by telling you these details,(because Dove can put all 19 defendants   away for life).

The reality of what our program's funding begins is VAST(ly overated). Each lender, by being in our program, is part of   these VAST AMAZING events about to unfold (like the convictions of  of all 19 Omega defendants). I feel honored to know so many   sincere, good-hearted(scamster)people in our group who have   maintained their faith in (Clyde Hood's radiator repair service) (the) begin(ning) their world improvements projects(like in redecorating CH's   jail cell)! This is the great Divine Plan in action (to put criminals out of business)and each of us is part of it,  (unfortunately).

Let's continue to AFFIRM and KNOW our great(former)abundance is   OURS NOW -- to see and feel our abundance in our hands now!(I feel something in my hand right now--Dove droppings). To AFFIRM that all lenders and White Knights(and their horses)are strengthened and supported with protection, (convictions) and wisdom as this great   peaceful transition into the Age of (Make-Believe)Miracles occurs!

Blessings and Love,(and Greed), Dove

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