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Omega Trust & Trading HYIP Exhibit

("Clyde may look like a local electrician, but he's really only one of
6 or 8 people in the world capable of pulling off this $97 Quintzillion
trade which is now being held up by the European bankers . . .")

March 20, 2001

Hello Dear Friends,

I have stayed silent on the details about WHY the CH situation is UNimportant out of a sense of protecting the lenders.  However, it seems now that it's time to discuss this and provide you with some details.  I am purposely, however, focussing on only a specific PART of the whole story.  Someday the whole story will come out; for now, I want to provide only the relevant part.

First, we all need to realize that these TRADES are done in SECRECY.  The big lenders, who put up $10 Million, or $50 Million or $100 Million or more to START a trade like our program -- ALL these big lenders sign extremely strict Non Disclosure and Non circumvention agreements.  These big lenders are FORBIDDEN from discussing their involvement in a trade of this type.

Secondly, ALL these trades MUST have a "Humanitarian Project" proposal submitted to the IMF explaining how the proceeds will be used for Humanitarian purposes BEFORE the trade can start.  Humanitarian Projects might be something like providing hospitals in a 3rd world country, or providing funds for education materials in communities lacking money to buy books for school children.  The IMF investigates the big lenders, then approves the big lenders and the Humanitarian Project; then the trade can begin.

What I'm told and have had CONFIRMED from numerous sources worldwide, (including the authority which oversees the payout of these programs) is that WE small LENDERS are the "Humanitarian Project" of our program/trade.

I'm told that the Humanitarian Project proposal for our program was submitted to the IMF by some very WEALTHY VISIONARIES who wanted the proceeds to go to ordinary people who care about improving the world.  These WEALTHY VISIONARIES had to keep their own identities SECRET because of the very STRICT Non Disclosure they were required to sign.  These WEALTHY VISIONARIES put up the original $100 Million plus that was needed to start our program's trading cycles with the help of the renegade Illuminati adults in positions of power in the trading/banking world.

So, the people who truly started our program are the WEALTHY VISIONARIES, rather than CH.  CH came along later.

However, these Wealthy Visionaries MUST keep their involvement secret due to their STRICT Non Disclosure, so they had to find a way to get "small lenders" involved with the program by using a "front man" to find the small lenders.   Their Humanitarian Project proposal o the IMF was that they would find a LARGE NUMBER of ordinary people who care about improving the world, and these "small lenders" would receive the Humanitarian Project money from our program's trades.

So these Wealthy Visionaries brought a program administrator onboard to FIND the small lenders.  The FIRST program administrator  (before CH) apparently was unsuccessful in bringing many small lenders into the program.  So, CH was brought on as the second program administrator and he had meetings and did networking to bring more ordinary people who care about improving the world into the program.

Now, since the Wealthy Visionaries must be kept secret per trading rules, CH had to act like this was his idea.  And, CH could not tell the small lenders the truth about how this trading program would benefit them because of the Non Disclosure that CH was required to sign.   Consequently, we were all told that we could make a loan and receive a nice payback on this loan.

I'm told that the Wealthy Visionaries had ordered CH to bring MANY thousands of "small lenders" into the program.  CH made some progress on this, however, it was when MK got involved and brought thousands of small lenders into the program, that finally the GOAL number of lenders was reached.  This GOAL number of many thousands of small lenders was necessary to be reached in order for the Humanitarian Project to the IMF to be fulfilled. 

By now I hope you realize that there were ALWAYS other powerful people behind the scenes who were the true POWERS behind our receiving this great financial abundance.  CH was a "front man", and he and especially MK did very well getting small lenders into the program.

The "rolls" of our program were based on the original $100 Million Plus that the Wealthy Visionaries put into the program at the beginning.  The profit from those rolls was also put into more trades, and over the years, the total amount of profits from these rolls has become ASTRONOMICAL.   This is one of the reasons the dark agenda Illuminati have tried so hard to keep us from receiving.

Because there were always other POWERFUL PEOPLE who were the true FOUNDERS of our program,  these Powerful People are the ones who have made sure our program has continued and IS FUNDING.

Someone wrote me about being concerned because investigations have determined that CH has allegedly "misused" the loan money that lenders sent in.  This person wondered HOW our program could fund if CH had used the money for his own uses. 

The FACT IS our program's trading and rolls are based on the ORIGINAL $100 Million Plus put in by the Wealthy Visionaries, rather than on our small loans.  Consequently, there have been billions $$ in the trades and rolls of our program over the years that came from the Wealthy Visionaries' original roll.  This is WHY our program's profits have grown to such HUGE amounts -- regardless of what happened to our loan money sent to the program leaders.

Now, the MAIN thing is that small lenders' names are in the "database".  Filling a database with thousands of small lenders was the WHOLE purpose of our program's Humanitarian Project trading proposal.

I am hopeful that all lenders who sent in a loan are in the database because it was a requirement of the original program Humanitarian Project proposal.  You see, lenders'  names COULD be in the database, even if the funds were lost or misused.   As long as the program leader received your name and put your name in the database, then you WILL receive your payout.

Now, as for CH.  I've kept this quiet for a long time, but perhaps it will help some lenders to understand "WHY" CH has lost all power over the program.   Somewhere along the line, CH got off track.   We have to remember that two of the most crooked people on the planet are "trustees" of our program -- the infamous banker and the infamous ex-politician.  Perhaps they threatened CH and forced him to do some of the things he did.  I have been told by my White Knight sources that all the program leaders HAVE been THREATENED with being killed unless they cooperated with some of the actions of these crooked trustees. 

There have been, I'm told, many dozens of people over the years who HAVE lost their lives due to their involvement with our program.  So, there IS reason for the program leaders to take these threats seriously, and the program leaders must know of some of these deaths.

As to WHY the power was taken away from CH:  I'm told, and have CONFIRMED this from numerous sources, that CH took some of the profits from the rolls over the years and put these profits into other trades under other names.  I'm told that CH then tried to HIDE these profits in other trust names in various countries around the world.  These hidden profits were FOUND during a court case in New Jersey last year in which the sloppy wire transfers that CH did were diligently traced around the world and the FUNDS were RECOVERED. 

Do you remember last summer when I wrote several times that "additional funds" would be coming to us?  I was referring to the FACT that these HIDDEN funds had been recovered.  In my worldwide network of sources I have friends who talk DIRECTLY to people who have worked with these RECOVERED FUNDS and the court cases in New Jersey and New York.  The recovery of these hidden funds is WELL-DOCUMENTED in many places, as is CH's involvement in hiding the funds.

The good news is, Friends, that in doing this, CH ended up making the profits from our program ASTRONOMICAL.  So, in a way, his greedy acts ended up helping with the true purpose of the program which is to empower the small lenders with the funds to go out in the world and MAKE important IMPROVEMENTS.

Once the evidence in the New Jersey case was presented, I'm told, then CH was basically stripped of any power over our program.  He had gone toooooo far in his illegal activities to be allowed to control the program any further.  This is WHY it is totally UNimportant "what" is happening with the CH court situation in Illinois.  He was forced to sign off on everything to do with the program some time ago.

So, what happened to your loan money?  Well, I'm told that the amount for one unit was actually CH's expense fee for FINDING small lenders -- it's unclear whether he was supposed to put that money into the trades. 

The MOST important thing is that OUR LOANS/Names were recorded in the database, regardless of what happened to the loan money we sent. 

IF it turns out that some lenders were not entered into the  database, the only solace I can offer is that these trading programs WILL become PUBLICLY available in the 50 states later this year, I'm told.  Also, I'm told, there will be some other ways to obtain the funds people need to do their world improvement projects.   And there will be new financial resources made available to all in the 50 states.  ALL of this WILL BE PUBLIC information after we have received and the major improvements in banking, etc, become public info.

The White Knights, who include the lady Judges and many other powerful people, ARE in charge of our funding and are being helped by the renegade POWERFUL Illuminati who hold positions of power in international banking, trading, and certain key government-related positions.  Our funding activities HAVE BEEN proceeding in the 50 states AND Offshore for the past months.  I've heard very encouraging news that some extremely important additional preparations were and are being completed at this time.  To protect the funding process, this is all I am saying about timing.

So, in summary, the HUGE financial Abundance our program has amassed over the years IS coming to us because WE are the Humanitarian Project and the money of the Wealthy Visionaries is what actually made the original trades and rolls possible.  Because the White Knights are in charge of funding, funding activities have been proceeding. 

People have asked me if they must send CH money in order to be sure they get their funding.  These people are worried that CH will delete them from the database if they fail to send him money.  This is UNTRUE - the program leaders are UNABLE to alter the database except for address changes, I'm told.  And, the White Knights are doing their own checks to make sure address changes are valid.

I'm told that copies of the database of lenders are in the hands of many officials who ARE working HARD to get our funding done.  Also copies are in the hands of the top White Knights worldwide, and the famous auditing company has a complete set of records of all lenders and their funding amounts, I'm told.  In addition, the ONshore and OFFshore banks have recently received details of names, addresses, etc., for each lender in the database.   In other words, there are dozens of officials and organizations with complete copies of the database and this ensures we will receive our funding.

The Urbana Soap Opera is UNimportant to our funding because CH was stripped of his power due to his illegal activities.    The Urbana Soap Opera has taken on a life of it's own - however, it totally FAILS to impact funding which is proceeding.

There's much more to the story than what I have outlined here.  However, I hope this gives you enough information so that you begin to understand what REALITY truly is regarding our program.

Let's continue to KNOW and AFFIRM, our funds are OURS NOW!  We truly are on the brink of the most wonderful prosperity and miraculous improvements --- the Age of Miracles!

Blessings and Love,

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