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Omega Trust & Trading HYIP Exhibit

("Clyde may look like a local electrician, but he's really only one of
6 or 8 people in the world capable of pulling off this $97 Quintzillion
trade which is now being held up by the European bankers . . .")

Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2001 11:37 AM

Subject: Friends Of Omega Newsletter: Simplicity of Truth



Patient Silence Is the Pavement of 'Truth'

Vol. 3, Issue #11

Dear Friends,

It's been a while since we published the last Friends of Omega Newsletter and many have been asking us to please send one out in response to all that has taken place over the past month.  It's time to do just that!

Well, there is an old saying that we've all heard throughout our lives that "Silence Is Golden".  The Merriam-Webster Children's Dictionary's definition for 'silence' is, 'making no mention of (they were silent about their plan)'.  Merriam-Webster also describes the word 'golden' as 'very good or desirable (a golden opportunity) and/or being prosperous and happy (a golden age)'.  This wise old saying, "Silence Is Golden", clearly defines & puts into prospective our silence over the past few weeks.  Silence can also be described as a form of 'controlled strength', although some choose to wrongly perceive silence as a form of weakness.

Since Clyde's hearing on the 10th we have taken this silent stand of support in order to allow the after math of rumors due to Clyde's plea-bargaining to settle down.  We have all heard the many versions that others have alluded to without really knowing all the facts involved.  We feel the time is right to put the rumors aside and help our readers better understand what has and is taking place.  But please understand that there are just some things that cannot nor should they be discussed in open forum considering the fact that we are still in the pre-trial state and telling intricate details of the defense strategy could jeopardize the end result. 

As newsletter writers it's our responsibility to make sure we post the truth to the best of our ability without jeopardizing the cause.  This is a responsibility that actually belongs to all Omegans not just the newsletter writers.  So at Mr. McNabb's request we will honor his professional advise in continuing to encourage and inform without getting in the way of the defense strategy.  This means that our readers may not always receive an immediate response from us while we seek for the truth and avoid interference in the defense. 

In most cases the TRUTH is usually pretty plain and simple and not at all glamorous or conspiratory.  Let's take for instance 'The National Enquirer', it's one of the largest selling 'rumor/gossip' newspapers, but it is NOT dedicated to telling just the FACTUAL TRUTH!!  They embellish and/or COLOR their stories in order to gain the larger populous of readers, in other words they get more attention and make more money by stretching, adding to and/or deleting from the actual facts.  They have mastered the art of captivating people through intrigue and scandal.  Sometimes that which APPEARS to be the complete truth or the complete facts is NOT complete by any means.


Mr. McNabb was retained for the defense of Clyde Hood with a retainer fee of $125,000 and although we didn't quite reach that goal Mr. McNabb is still committed 110% to Clyde's defense.  In the past few weeks we have read and heard many negative comments on the subject of why money was raised only to plea bargain.  In life we all know that there are many variables involved in any decision that is made and until you are personally faced with that same decision based on the same circumstances you DON'T really know what choice you would make. We are all entitled to our own opinions as to what we think we would or would not do, but opinions cannot be compared to actually having to make those choices.

~The Government believes that the monies Clyde openly spent in Mattoon helping others was actually money received through what they believe to be a scam labeled Omega.  When actually the monies for this trade were fronted by Clyde prior to these expenditures.  Due to the fact all his assets on US soil have been frozen he has no means to prove different 'AT THIS TIME.' 

~There were administrative principles that should have been followed in order to protect one's self from APPEARING to have used monies received for things other than it's original intent when actually the trade monies were already fronted.  In other words, guilty DUE TO APPEARENCES NOT FACT!   We are not saying all are without blame.  Considering the history of events that have taken place it is obvious there were definitely some unwise administrative decisions and mistakes made. But that doesn't constitute fraud or criminal activities.

~The prosecution used the charge against Clyde's wife, Pat, to manipulate Clyde into agreeing to a plea bargain.

~Clyde was told that they would make sure his wife went to jail for 10 years if he didn't plea-bargain even though the prosecution had previously stated that they believed she honestly wasn't aware of any wrong doing on her part.

~Pat's hearing is scheduled for May 7th, which means she would have been forced to serve time before Clyde's trial date that at that time was scheduled for August.

~Clyde and Pat are the parents of an adult daughter, Cindy, who has Downs Syndrome and Pat is her soul support and caretaker!

~Like any father or husband Clyde did not want his wife to serve time and also leave their handicapped daughter without her mother/caretaker.  This didn't leave him with any other option but to plea bargain at that time.  What decision would you have made?

(Just because someone chooses to plea bargain is not in and of itself an admittance of guilt nor is it at that point a proven fact that person is actually guilty, PROOF of guilt would still need to be brought out, examined and proven or disproved in a Court of Law!)



We've been asked to relay to all our readers that we have been ASSURED that the recent plea bargains will NOT prevent the inevitability of funding.  The monies are secured.  And after the May 7th hearing we should be able to share more about the how & when we can expect things to happen.  Now this is where good judgment & responsibility to the defense strategy comes into play as to what can be shared without jeopardizing the defense strategy.  There is much legality that cannot be shared at this time as is true with any legal trial case. Just remember that ALL things happen for a reason and in the end the truth will prevail.


Please remember to take into consideration how many times we have heard over and over that funding is taking place, people have received, funding will happen this week, next week, soon or as we speak.  We have heard all of these rumors for the past 18 months and then some.  The fact remains, funding will happen when it is meant to happen!  Until then the rumormongers will continue to guess until one day they will guess one time enough and actually try to take credit for knowing all along it was TODAY!



The first thing we will receive at the time funding begins will be a notification letter informing you of what is needed and how to proceed with establishing verified proof of your identity in order for complete funding to proceed.  You will have to provide forms of ID such as birth certificate, picture ID, driver's license, etc.

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