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Omega Trust & Trading HYIP Exhibit

("Clyde may look like a local electrician, but he's really only one of
6 or 8 people in the world capable of pulling off this $97 Quintzillion
trade which is now being held up by the European bankers . . .")


I just received the following, and I also just two days ago talked with someone personally who has in-fact received one of these calls from David Young of the FBI. The confidant who told me this is a substantive and reliable person. She is quite savvy in taking care of herself. I am not sending this to you to spook you, but so you can be forewarned as necessary.

Re: funding, the European group is saying that nothing will occur until after Jan. 29. It is my view that the story of O is a mosaic, a complex of issues involving FRB, Treasury, DR as heading the insuring entity, GB, the EU, et al. GB wanted no advantage to go to Clinton/Gore in the election, but this does not automatically preclude the scenario of Clinton/Gore opposing funding as well. DR & Co. are under contract to insure the funds but have tried to renege and have appealed the case, we are told. The whole scenario also has a lot to do with a struggle for economic and political control. U.S. v. EU. So we are told. We simply cannot say categorically.

Still, GB did ring the bell of the "New World Order" about 200x. The New World Order is the same "Novus Ordo Seclorum" (A New Order of Society) that appears on the back of our $1 bill. The symbols are Eastern, and they are occultic. "Annuit Coeptis" means "Our enterprise is successful."

The pyramid originated in Babylon. It appears in Egypt, Ur, Central America and elsewhere. The myth is universal. "Mystery Babylon" in the Book of Revelation is (1) political (2) economic (3) religious. The subject in those chapters of Revelation is empire.

Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar. Cecil Rhodes was intent on expanding the influence of the British Empire and is on record for saying so. He established the Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University to assist in his purpose. He also set up various Roundtable Groups (remember King Arthur and his knights?) to help. The Roundtable Group in America is the Council on Foreign Relations.

Nobody ever said that Bill Clinton is really our friend. Some have said that he issued some type of law or executive order stopping all European trades. If this is true, then please provide the documentation if you can. I strongly opposed Clinton/Gore.

The most that ANY of us has re: O is seemingly reliable testimony based on a mosaic of what the true facts probably are. Some say they talk directly with MK, but we haven't heard from CH since September 4, 1999.

I believe that the true story has occurred on both sides of the Atlantic as two stanchions forming the supports for the same bridge and spanning the same pond. The stories overlap, and who can doubt that there has also been a 'bum' information stream for months and months now. I call it the "imminent funding" information stream, and I have tried to be of some small help in persuading just a few not to sink their wells into its dry underground streambed.

I believe we should give the accused in Urbana the benefit of the doubt and do what we can to be supportive and help facilitate funding, although some believe that it will come in its appointed time. Some say that CH has to get out of jail for us to be funded; others say not. Time may tell whether coincidence or cause and effect rule the day, or it may not.

I do know that the European group said many months ago that funding would not occur prior to the inaugural. They also said to get out of tech stocks pronto, well before the market began its current tumble. The Nasdaq is where a large majority of the tech stocks are, and the Nasdaq has lost a full 40 percent of its value in recent months. Even AT&T fell from the $60-per-share range to about $17, we have read.

All of us have had to rely on testimony. All of us. It is consistent testimony that we seek, and factual. Unless you and I witness the documentation or sit in on the meetings, whether in the EU, the trading banks, FRB, Treasury, etc., we are all dependent on reliable, consistent, predictive testimony.

Kind regards,


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