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Sent: Saturday, July 07, 2001 11:04 AM

Subject: Fw: Court Case

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Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2001 00:20:48 EDT

Subject: Court Case

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Hi Friends,

Well here is the update that we promised you, sorry we are so late in getting this out to everyone, but it was a very long, strenous and heart breaking day for us at the hearing today.
I do agree with Jayhawk, I do wish that more of the lender's could have been at the hearing today to show their united support for MK and Karyn. The entire situation from the time I reached the courthouse which was about 8:30 am this morning until we left the courthouse about 1 pm was very devastating for Mike and Karyn.

I think it would be wonderful if all Lender's could send their best wishes, and support to Mike and Karyn. Let's show them that we are still behind them friends....let's show them that we still love and support both of them. It is my opinion that this plea bargaining today hit Mike like a ton of bricks. If you had been there to see the expression on his kind face, and I truly believe that this was a decision that they had absolutely NO CHOICE in whatsoever.
Now it's time for ALL to stand up, speak our minds and let Judge McCuskey really know how we feel. I will be sending out more contact information as I get it....PLEASE LET'S KEEP UP WITH THE LETTER WRITING CAMPAIGN.

We're not going to Lay Down and Play Possum are we? Remember we are the FORCE NOT TO BE RECKONED WITH!!

I will follow this with another update with a few more details of what has been happening in this THREE RING CIRCUS AND WITH THE INFAMOUS LESS THAN HONORABLE JUDGE MCCUSKEY.

If you'd like to send your letter's of support, please send them to me in an e-mail and I will find a way to get them to our DEAR FRIEND.

Whether anyone choose's to follow me in supporting MK....He's My HERO!
Hang in there Friends, KEEP THE FAITH, we're still searching for the "Pot of Gold" at the end of the RAINBOW.

Hugs, Peaches

Dear Lenders;

Here are the details of the hearing with MK & Karyn in court today. MK & Karyn were forced by the strong arm of the government to plea bargain this morning. If they hadn't then Judge McCuskey was ready to revoke their bond. Then they would have been arrested and would have remained jailed during their trial.

The judge decided against revoking the bond. He scheduled them Nov. 30th for sentencing. They are free for now but rest assured that they will be hounded until Nov. 30th. So don't be surprised if more bumps don't pop up before then.

There are several strings attatched to the new bond agreement:

MK & Karyn can't talk to any lenders They must give up their computer They must give up their fax machine They must provide copies of their phone bills They must send a letter to all lenders stating that Omega is over.

The judge has issued a permanent injunction against any money transactions involving Omega.

 Judge McCuskey was very upset about the dozens of letters that were faxed and e-mailed to him yesterday. Too bad judge. You guys really set him off. He called the lenders ignorant crack pots. He said the letters misquoted his comments. He flat out denied having said the things he in fact did say about MK on Monday.. We really got under his skin.

 If he thinks we got under his skin yesterday wait till the lenders hear how he treated MK & Karyn today. His office will probably be flooded with faxes and e-mails by Monday. What will he think of us then? I think we are becoming his worst nightmare.

 People like Gowns & Gordon are said to have reported that MK & Karyn plea bargained as early as 9:45 A.M. CST this morning. WRONG! They weren't before the judge until after 10 A.M. folks, so how could Gowns or Gordon possibly know what was going to happen? MK & Karyn expected to have their case continued instead of plea bargaining today. I didn't know Gowns and Gordon were psychic. They very well may be psycho.

 I have to admit I'm more than a little upset with the lack of support that lenders in Illinois have given MK & Karen during their ordeal. Especially, today. MyHaven and myself and one other lender were all the support they had today. Where were you lenders when Mk & Karyn needed you the most? They really felt let down.

 Now let's get some facts straight here folks. There was no little 80 yr. old lady in court today who reported that CH, Arlene, MK & Karyn had been taken into private chambers and vindicated. None of these people are in the Netherlands as was reported either.

 Some of our lenders have had their heads buried in the sand too long. Too many lenders are making up Stephen King stories about Omega and passing them around. Some of you are beginning to think with your rear ends. But there are no brains in your rear end folks. Most people mean well but a few story tellers is all it takes to start crazy rumors.

 The big question is - Where Are We Now? I still believe in Omega as do most of you. I'm not about to give up the ship when I think the port is in view. I think I hear the fat lady singing in the distance.

 The court case is over except for Jim Turner who goes on trial next Wed. My hat is off to him for his courage to stick to his guns. He has a very good attorney who will put up a vigorous fight for him. Don't be surprised if Jim Turner is found not guilty.

 Let's all hang together and watch this all work out to the best for everyone in Omega. Sorry, if I stepped on some toes here. I'm still your friend.

Take Care

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