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Omega Trust & Trading HYIP Exhibit

("Clyde may look like a local electrician, but he's really only one of
6 or 8 people in the world capable of pulling off this $97 Quintzillion
trade which is now being held up by the European bankers . . .")

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From: "Lee and Pat " <

To: <xxx Sent: Wednesday, July 04, 2001 5:19 PM Subject: Fw: M for the defense 4 july 01

 Please read and go with your heart! In Him, Lee --------- Forwarded message ----------

From: "John Cross" <

To: Date: Wed, 04 Jul 2001 16:52:18 -0400

Subject: M for the defense 4 july 01 Message-ID: < Folks: I received a call late yesterday afternoon, Tuesday, asking me to help raise both the alarm and to raise dollars for M's defense. The call did not come as a secondary request. I was on deadline on a real estate deal out of town all day Monday, and I was on deadline back in the office on the deal all day Tuesday and was not able to get to the mails until today, Wednesday, Independence Day. I have not read some of Wednesday's mails on purpose, because I do not want to be conditioned by other messengers, in terms of what was told to me. What I am saying is independent, although I wish to cooperate with any and all lenders of good will. I did read RBOW's mail. As it turns out, I am glad for the delay on my part in sounding the alarm to this unofficial Committee of Correspondence, because the alarm should be sounded in waves. I participated in the program through BW, M, and the man himself, C. I thought it best to hedge my bets along the way. I wish to give everybody I can the benefit of the doubt. In the case of one $300 m.o., I sent to M in c/o of C and OT&T Ltd. It ended up in the bank account of the Santa Fe Agency, which belongs to a sister of one of the Urbana 19. I am told that the judge in M's case intends to revoke bond on Friday, July 6, and that he "has a bad attitude" in M's case. The prospect is ominous if the "judge" revokes bond and denies M the medical treatment that he needs for a potentially life-threatening disease, diabetes, whether M has been fitted with a pump or not. I have said for some time that M is our best chance for getting at the facts in open court. I am aware that C always was OT&T Ltd. as we knew it, but he did accept funds from M and he did authenticate him as a result. In all of the confusion, I have simply tried to hedge my bets. I don't know if it was okay for C and M to use our funds for themselves or to give them away or loan them to others or not. I do know that M sent $300 to a local friend of mine when he needed it, a friend whom I have lunch with fairly often. M sent him some money on another occasion as well. Scam artists don't usually send money. He also sent $5,000 to another needy lender. AgPilot told me this on the phone when he was still living. Said he knew the recipient. It is the lasting hope of the lenders that our names were entered nonetheless in the database. We have no proof, but it is our hope. I am aware that Urbana may be seen as smoke, and that the potential at least exists for a happy resolution, but we don't know how to confirm this. There's still a lot of smoke on the battlefield, and these warriors, these little people that is us are doing the best we can to see through the smoke. We just don't know for sure. C recently brokered some type of a deal that the lenders are not privy to. We believe that we do have a right to know if our interests are protected. "No man lives to himself, and no man dies to himself," it says in the Holy Bible. M is now left standing alone almost, in order to take the fall, even if it potentially means his own death, it would appear through the smoke. M is entitled to a defense and to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law, just like C and BW and all of the Urbana 19. That's the way our system of justice is supposed to work. The truth is, however, that you get as much justice as you can pay for. M will get as much justice as he can pay for. I had thought that the court would delay his trial, in order to forestall M's public testimony on the subject of trades. We have known, too, that his health is at issue, and we have prayed that he would survive the stall. We didn't know that the judge in the case would conceivably try and let M literally rot in jail and let the truth conceivably die with him. The situation in Urbana is in-fact urgent, and a travesty of justice should not be allowed to occur. This is America, we think. It is not the land of Kangaroo Courts, we believe. M has diabetes, a debilitating disease, we are told. As outgoing president of a local Lions Club, I have learned that Lionism is about vision; it's about serving others; it's about community service. I have learned, too, that diabetes is a common cause of blindness. It causes circulatory problems, and eventuates in amputation of limbs and extremities for many people. M has been hospitalized with problems in his extremities, we are told. Diabetes even strikes our children. It's really tough to see little five- and six-year-old kids take shots every day just in order to survive. Some victims can be fitted with pumps. Happened to a darling child in our church, a little girl, now 6. Pumps do not guarantee survival, absent a doctor's care, I don't believe. It is very much a disease that must be properly regulated, pump, or no pump. M's chances are less in prison, on the face of it. Pumps do not pre-empt the need for dialysis, I do not believe. I have a lovely sister who is in her 50s and who has had diabetes since she was 17. She has taken two shots of insulin a day for about 40 years. I know something about diabetes. I have a brother with hypoglycemia, which is low blood sugar, or the opposite of diabetes. As you can see, it runs in the family. M is our only hope for getting at the facts in open court. M is our only hope for getting at the facts in open court. Some say the blessing will happen regardless. Will it? Perhaps a good defense would ironically speed up the blessing. Ya figure? M has an attorney named Jerold Barringer. Attorneys do not work "pro bono," except in a few cases of indigence that don't usually last this long and that aren't this big and complicated to figure out. This is a case of indigence, since the authorities hold the cards, even though this deal is reportedly very big and complicated. My fellow lender, please do not allow our case to fail on account of preventable indigence. Only you and I can overcome indigence. There's more of us than there are of them, this noble Committee of Correspondence of ours. If each of us on Gordon's list alone gave just $10, we'd be a third of the way there, perhaps. If we gave $20, then about two-thirds, or so, we think. Then there are other lists of other messengers. One does have to set goals, if one is to reach them. What we have not done in the case of M is set a goal. What about $100K for starters? Mr. Barringer is entitled to get paid. If it took about $150,000 for C's high-priced defense, then it will take upwards of $100,000 to $150,000 for M's. The day after C got his defender, he struck a plea. M is entitled to competent counsel. I was told that the authorities had confiscated goods from M's storage and were intent on using those items to revoke M's current bond. He has been out on his own personal recognizance. The facts smack of a deliberate intent to suppress the public testimony on trades of a man in poor health who has not demonstrated himself to be a risk of flight. I was told on good authority, and not on rumors as alleged by some, that the judge in the case, Michael McCuskey, has made repeated remarks publicly in this case that are prejudicial against the defendant. It's not good for a judge to be pre-judicial, if the report I heard is true. No judge is above the law. We need righteous judges who care about fairness and about the presumption of innocence until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law, and about what American Independence and the judicial freedoms it connotes stand for. That's the standard, judge. What you would have in court is C's word against M's, and the judge has already threatened one defendant with perjury who has already plead guilty. O God, may the truth out itself. We are told that Judge M intends to revoke M's bond on Friday, July 6, on account of evidence that was obtained after-the-fact, although we have read that the judge stated that evidence which was collected after May 1, would not be admissable in court. If true, then why May 1? Some of the collected info could consist of letters and applications dated after M's August 29 arrest, because some people are not on the mails and may not have gotten the word in time. It could appear as if M violated the cease-and-desist order. The letters and applications could have been packaged by a single collector and mailed in after the fact of August 29. Could a happened to any of us. If the feds win, then these programs do not exist over here. In-fact, they do not exist over here, if the feds win. Rather, they are a scam, to be sure. Will participation in them by American citizens, therefore, be deemed illegal? Is there not a cause? Is there not a reason to send $10 today, $20, $100? My style has always been to try and give reasons. I am not a Pollyannaish type. The word can also be spelled without the second "a." I figure that if people are engaged deeply enough in a thing, and if they are engaged powerfully enough by reasons, then good people will respond. Barringer is our best bet at this point. M needs competent counsel who can work with the system. Attorneys have got bills to pay just like you and I do. As a real estate agent and former print journalist, I cannot afford to show properties and to perform the thousand details that go into a given deal, just for the fun of it. I cannot afford to work for free. I, too, have got bills to pay. So does Barringer. So, give 'im a break. If I knew upfront that I wasn't going to get paid on a deal for my many hours and days and weeks of labor, then my clients would get the same level of service that they paid for. I was told to send to Lananda in the beautiful mountain city of Asheville, North Carolina. You should all visit Biltmore House in Asheville, for it is a veritable castle. While you're there, visit the nearby home of the poet Carl Sandburg. Undulating Appalachia will charm and seduce you; it will soothe your harried soul. I see where the energetic Peaches says she will deliver the cash herself, or the m.o. made out to cash, directly to Barringer himself. She gave her address as Rose Marie Stout, 1614 Fairway Dr., Rantoul, Illinois 61866-3544. It bears repeating. As you know, Peaches is No one should mess with our women, for they can certainly get the job done. She also posted a really neat website: (no longer exists). She gave us another address: The Hon. Michael P. McCuskey United States District Judge 318 U.S. Courthouse 201 S. Vine St. Urbana, Illinois 61802 phone 217.373.5837 fax 217.737.5855 Lananda is at xxx. Her mailing address is: Lananda & Company 12 1/2 Wall Street, Suite T Asheville, NC 28801 I am sending to both. I have about three real estate closings in the works, due to close in about two weeks. M cannot wait that long. But I can send in a little now, just like you, and then I shall send in a good bit more in two weeks or less, if there is time. Some of you can send in a lot. TODAY! Won't you? Today is my spiritual birthday in Christ. Thirty years ago today, while a young lad of 19 in my Uncle Sam's Navy, I became a Christian. I am so grateful that the true God opened my eyes and called me to salvation and saved my eternal soul on that day. May today be Independence Day spiritually for all of you as well, and for all of us financially. Let's go eat some barbeque. But Lord willin' and the creek don't rise, we'll be back. I am indebted to others for these websites. 1. Subject: CharityKnowhow Funding Organizations (no longer exists) 2. 3. Subject: Open Directory - Society: Organizations: Grant-Making Foundations 4. (no longer exists) May the true God bless you. Kind regards, Ivanhoe  

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