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Omega Trust & Trading HYIP Exhibit

("Clyde may look like a local electrician, but he's really only one of
6 or 8 people in the world capable of pulling off this $97 Quintzillion
trade which is now being held up by the European bankers . . .")

Sent: Thursday, April 05, 2001 9:40 PM

Subject: [doveofo] [OMITTED] & Our Funding - Nearly Here

Hello Dear Friends,

Let me clarify something for those of you who missed my earlier info on [OMITTED] in previous months, and it's connection to our program. Some of you are completely lacking the correct information and, therefore, you are coming to incorrect conclusions.

I'm only telling you PART of the story here, in order to protect our funding process.  There is MUCH MORE to the story.  After certain info becomes public knowledge, if possible I will share some of the background that makes what I'm stating below possible.

[OMITTED] is, I was told by White Knight sources months ago, a SECRET LAW that was ALREADY PASSED  in March, 2000 -- a year ago.   I was told that it was passed in a SURPRISE, secret, and late night session of Congress.  Folks, if I could tell you the details, you would instantly understand.  However, those details must be kept secret for now.

I have had this CONFIRMED by an intelligence agent with VERY HIGH security clearance.  This agent did NOT believe [OMITTED] was real. However, after he did some intense investigation, he discovered through HIS sources that [OMITTED] was passed in March, 2000, AND was signed in October, 2000 by the previous President.   There is a provision in the secret law passed in March, 2000, that all who know about [OMITTED] must be silent until [OMITTED] is publicly announced.

Members of Congress and others are under strict gag order and prohibited from admitting [OMITTED] exists -- "under penalty of conviction of TREASON punishable by death", I was told.

[OMITTED] provides for the Treasury Department to absorb the Federal Reserve, for the abolishment of the IRS and income taxes, and for a national sales tax on NEW, "non-essential" purchases.  Food, medicine, and other essentials are exempt from the new sales tax.  [OMITTED] also provides for some important "forgiveness of debt".  The improvements in [OMITTED] are TOOOOOOOOO Big to be done the normal way - this is WHY it is SECRET.

The reason it is important to us is because all of us in the big program  are supposed to be PAID in the new Treasury note currency, I'm told.   [OMITTED] is what makes this possible.

You can read some of [OMITTED] at www.[OMITTED].com -- MORE of the [OMITTED] law will be added to the website AFTER the PUBLIC announcement of the Treasury Banks, I'm told.

So, WHY do I ask you to tell everyone you know about [OMITTED]? Because it helps get the "public" ready for these great changes.

The White Knights have taken GREAT CARE to arrange everything to happen at the same time - our funding, the change to the Treasury Bank system, and MUCH MORE.  The White Knights want the PUBLIC to learn about [OMITTED] beforehand  and to realize that [OMITTED] is a Major Solution to our country's economic problems.

From the news of  employee layoffs and stock market problems, it looks to me like the "public" may be about READY to embrace  the improvements in [OMITTED].  So, let's HELP make our friends and family aware of [OMITTED] because this will help make the transition to the new Treasury Bank and sales tax systems more smooth.  The more people who know about [OMITTED], the smoother things will go for the ENTIRE country!

There ARE other sources who are CONFIRMING in their own ways that [OMITTED] is already passed.  We have people with FIRST-HAND knowledge of the fact that the new Treasury currency has been printing 24 hours a day for months!   We have top banking sources who admit that the largest banks have already signed agreements to become Treasury banks and did so over a year ago.

There's much more that is involved in our funding than just you and I receiving our money, folks.  MUCH MORE.  In the near future, these additional aspects of immense importance will come to light and be public knowledge.

Many people have written asking me who my sources are.  I have a network of PERSONAL friends who are lenders, and they have a network of PERSONAL friends and FAMILY members - some of whom are lenders. Among my network, we have personal friends and family members who: hold high positions in major ONshore and OFFshore banks involved with our program;     * also friends and family members who hold high positions in national and international intelligence agencies;     * some hold high positions in national and international judicial systems;     * others hold high positions in national and international agencies and organizations involved with money distribution, trades, and our program;     * and MANY other positions, such as traders, and administrators of the other programs waiting to fund.

Basically, our Friends and Family Members, who actually work with aspects of and info about our program, are my best sources.  We know our PERSONAL friends and family members tell us the TRUTH -- we've known them a long time.  And there are a lot of them, so we are able to check what they say against what others tell us.

I could name organizations and you would instantly realize that my network of sources covers all the major organizations involved in the trading and funding of our program.  However, to protect our funding process, I give general descriptions rather than names.

Over the months, I have attempted at times to "confirm" what CH is rumored to be saying with my worldwide network of sources WHO WORK with our program.  Time and again, I've been UNable to confirm the rumors of what CH is saying.

Now, for the LAST TIME:  Regarding the Urbana situation.  Folks, the activities in Urbana are totally UNrelated to our funding process. Although these activities may be uncovering the truth about certain things to do with program leaders and what they did with the money we sent as "loans", the Urbana situation has ZERO to do with funding.

In my network we have almost daily contact with TOP bankers both ONshore and OFFshore, and they tell us the various activities that are taking place to get funding fully ready.  Again, often our sources are friends and family members who want us to receive our funding and are doing what they can to make sure we do.  OUR FUNDING IS HAPPENING - end of discussion.

Remember, OUR FUNDING comes from many, many rolls and trades over the last seven years or more.  WE are the "Humanitarian Project" of our program as outlined by the Wealthy Visionaries who put up the first $100 Million to start our program's trading years ago, BEFORE CH was even involved with the program.  Consequently, the money we are receiving has always been involved in trades and rolls over the years.  AND, the profits from the trades and rolls that CH tried to hide offshore -- all these profits from our program have been recovered and are being funded to us.  AND, ALL our program's funds have been officially signed off as CLEAN money.

So STOP sending me email about the Urbana situation, PLEASE. Urbana has ZERO, ZIP, and ZILCH to do with our funding.  It's UNimportant what goes on in Urbana -- our funding is UNrelated to events in Urbana.

And, YES, we lenders in the 50 states DO have a portion of our funds in an ONshore account and the larger portion is in OFFshore accounts.  Lenders in other countries will have only OFFshore.  ALL our program funds come from OFFshore banks where the trades are done. However, we do have a small portion of the total amount in ONshore accounts per what we hear from bankers and lenders who have already received and been to the bank.

We in the 50 states definitely also have "grievance" funds coming to us.  I'm hearing conflicting info about people in other countries receiving these funds.  However, EVERYONE worldwide WILL be receiving HUGE abundance from our program and we're hearing all will have something $ in hand in the near future.  We will receive our huge financial abundance in phases, I'm told.

By the way, "funding" is a PROCESS, rather than an EVENT.  The Funding Process of our program has hundreds of steps to it.  AND, it is made more complex because of the importance of our funding to Worldwide Events and Changes.

I hope this information helps clear up the confusion I'm hearing about.  Review your plans for when you receive and do your research now.  We are nearly there.

Let's continue to AFFIRM and KNOW -  see and feel our great financial abundance is in our hands NOW!  Let's AFFIRM that all is unfolding in happy wisdom, safety, and peaceful prosperity for all involved worldwide.  Let's support the White Knights and see them empowered miraculously so that all unfolds in happy peaceful ease.

Blessings and Love,


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