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Omega Trust & Trading HYIP Exhibit

("Clyde may look like a local electrician, but he's really only one of
6 or 8 people in the world capable of pulling off this $97 Quintzillion
trade which is now being held up by the European bankers . . .")

Hi There

I want to send this warning out to everyone on our odpositive list, and I would request that you forward this to everyone your know in the other programs

The Non-Disclosure in the packages is very strong and important that we understand; they can take everything away from us if we do not comply completely with what is being said in this ND statement.  The only people that I intend discussing anything with is my attorney, that I have under my own NON-Disclosure statement.

You can make a ND for yourself from the copy that you receive from your package.  Make copy and modify to  suit your needs for your attorney.

When you go to the bank make sure you are very careful with what you are saying to the banker regarding this package and where this funding came from.  You could be violating the ND with the banker, so be careful. We have been told that 9 people have lost their packages already because of violations in the ND.  We all need to be very aware and be very quiet.  I intend to leave for the bank within 30 seconds from the front door.  If I don't know someone that comes to my front door I won't answer it.  Be very careful on the phones, change your phone numbers and get a unlisted phone number.  Provide this new number only to your close circle of friends.

Make sure that you make several copies of all of the paper work and have the banker sign and date the copies and notarize.  Leave one set of copies at the bank vault have another set in a very safe remote secure location and have a third set in your personal control.  Make at least 12 copies of the CCC (clean, clear, non criminal funds) letter.   You will need this in doing any major financial transactions.

We are very close to completion; I do not know the day exactly.  It is very important that we all stay connected and networked with one another during this time.  This list will be quiet for a few days after funding, we all have many things we have to take care of putting things in order.

Sincerely yours

Gordon (Emmert)

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