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Omega Trust & Trading HYIP Exhibit

("Clyde may look like a local electrician, but he's really only one of
6 or 8 people in the world capable of pulling off this $97 Quintzillion
trade which is now being held up by the European bankers . . .")

Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2001 2:56 PM

Subject: [doveofo] Poised for Fulfillment - NEW Revised Receiving Reminders

Hello Dear Friends,

From what we are hearing, arrangements for our fulfillments are approaching completion both here and across the ocean.  We have excellent news about readiness progress in Europe and it coincides with what we are hearing about the 50 states.  We're hearing that California will probably be the first state fully changed over and has been the testing ground for all the changes already.  AND, all has gone very well in these tests!

If you know the inside story, then actually, you've seen some of the signs of our funding coming for over a year.  I'm told that well over a year ago, the major banks in the 50 states signed agreements with the Treasury Dept. to become T-banks.  It was also understood that any bank continuing to do business after the change over, will have to be affiliated with one of these major banks.  This is WHY we have seen SO MANY bank mergers in the last few years.

I also have direct personal reports from a small bank in Washington state and a small bank in Oregon, where the bank management admitted that they had been informed prior to last Fall about the change over to the Treasury Bank system.  Quite a few lenders have spoken with their local bankers who have admitted they are aware of this change coming.

In the last 6 weeks, we've heard reports of MORE progress being made in this huge changeover process.  It appears that all these activities are being test-run in California first -- we have detailed information about these activities and all is going well.

If any of you have ever managed or coordinated a BIG system conversion or implementation of any kind, then you understand that these kinds of changes take lots of time and lots of testing.  The White Knights have done an amazingly thorough job of making sure that this change over occurs like clockwork.  They have tested and re-tested to make sure everything is working exactly per plan.

Some of you have heard that we will have MANY pots of funds coming to us -- this is TRUE.  When we go to the bank, we will have a listing report of all the programs from which we are receiving funds and the amounts we are receiving from each.   We will need to take an official copy of this listing with us when we leave and put it in a SAFE place.

The IRS will be gone by the time we access our funds.  I was very happy to hear some of my contacts (who have been debating this issue with me for months) finally say last week that they are hearing the IRS "demise" is "imminent".  My contacts are saying that their sources were hearing last week that the IRS will be gone shortly and there have been meetings in the last two weeks about closing it down.  These contacts are hearing this in the "normal network" and the normal network is now agreeing with the White Knight network info.

I'm also hearing that all other INTRUSIVE organizations which try to limit our liberty and financial sovereignty will also be GONE. Just watch, folks, AMAZING things are happening!

So it's time to get ready and here is my NEW revised summary of reminders.  PLEASE OBTAIN YOUR  OWN EXPERT LEGAL AND PROFESSIONAL FINANCIAL ADVICE under the new conditions in which we will find ourselves. Below are REVISED and NEW reminders of issues we need to consider. There's lots more to think about -- this is a BASIC list of considerations:

1.  I'm hearing both sovereigns and non-sovereigns state they are signing for the delivery of the envelope(s) with just their normal signature.  Signing documentation actually connected to our blessings is another matter -- I will be obtaining expert advice on this subject, and taking into account whether we are already under Constitutional Law at that time.

My PERSONAL thought is that IF we are already under Constitutional Law, it will vastly simplify our access to FULL Sovereignty.  I have SOME details about this that indicate we will have easy access to Full Sovereignty - a way of life NEW to all of us.

2.   We need to carefully read all Non Disclosures (ND) and make sure we understand EVERY word, phrase, and requirement FULLY.  Have a legal expert knowledgeable in contract law and/or international investing help us understand each ND we sign so that we can stay free of breaching our ND.  (I have been told we may have other NDs for other programs we are receiving.)

 3.  We will have a listing at the bank of all the programs from which we are receiving funds and the amount per program.  We need to be sure we leave with an official copy of this listing.

We are hearing the ND says during the ND period (180 days, we hear) to AVOID telling anyone that our blessings came from our program.  This means we totally "avoid using or saying the name of our program" during this time.  We also must avoid admitting anything about where our funds come from if anyone ASKS us questions about our blessings.  We must pretend for the ND period that we totally lack any knowledge of our program.

If anyone asks us from "where" our blessings come, I'm told we can say:  "I have a great windfall; I'm under Non Disclosure about the source, AND, I have Triple-C documentation from the bank stating that the funds are clean, clear, and non-criminal in origin."

ALL anyone deserves to know is that the funds are CLEAN, and we all will have documentation proving this.  That's all we have to tell them.  We may have the question about the "source" of our abundance come up when we purchase real estate or other expensive things.  This is why, to cover all these needs for up to 6 months, we need numerous copies of the Triple-C documentation.

4.  IF we have a 180 day Non Disclosure, we will need numerous copies of CCC documentation to get us through the next several months. Obtain 10-12 certified copies of the Triple-C documentation for your funds from the bank - request these on your FIRST visit and, if necessary, give them a day or so to get them ready.

We heard that people who recently received the last test deliveries DID receive 3 copies of CCC documentation with their debit card when they went to the bank.  From this, it appears the bank will have a few CCC copies ready when we arrive to pick up our debit card(s).

The bank MUST give us this documentation -- it's part of their responsibility and service.  Keep the copies in various safe locations away from the bank.  We will need "Triple-C documentation" from our bank when we transfer funds and it certifies that our funds are "clean, clear, and non-criminal" in origin.  In other words, our funds are clean money.

5.  Debit Cards:  I'm told we will be receiving debit cards for all our numerous "pots of gold" we are receiving.  Lenders who received recent test deliveries went to the bank and received a debit card with 8 figure amount and 3 copies of CCC documentation for it.

We need to use our "program funds debit cards" ONLY to TRANSFER funds to other bank accounts.  It is DANGEROUS to use these debit cards for routine purchases because someone may take our debit card number and use it to illegally purchase things.  We must SAFEGUARD our program funds debit cards by using these special debit cards ONLY on bank-to-bank transfers.

I am also told we will be informed of how to transfer funds using these debit cards in order to make large, SECURE purchases. Just remember, our program debit cards in the wrong hands will give a thief the ability to access our millions $$$$.

I am going to open up other bank accounts in which I will keep up to $100,000, for example.  I will use bank-to-bank transfer to move my program funds into these smaller bank accounts.  I will obtain debit cards for these small bank accounts and will use these debit cards to make my routine purchases.

I also intend to obtain an Exclusive Visa for making purchases and our assigned private banker will be able to obtain this for us.

6.  Regarding any gold certificates we may have, PLEASE GET EXPERT ADVICE ON THIS.  This is a kind of asset with which most of us are nfamiliar.  I've heard that the ND and instructions may include information about what we are able to do regarding any assets of this kind.  When we see this information ourselves, we will know what our options are.

IF we have bearer bonds or gold certificates and "if" we keep them in any bank, I'm told we need to have a notarized statement (copies with original signatures and dated by the top two bank officers on bank stationery/form and a copy front & back of the certificates/ bonds), stating the amount of these bonds/certificates we have in the bank and that these bonds/certificates are being kept in the VAULT.

I've been told this is the only way to hold the bank responsible "IF" bonds or certificates disappear somehow.  I was told
this morning that there are TWO copies of this documentation already prepared -- documentation proving we are the owners of  these certificates.  I'm told that the certificates are required to be kept at the bank, however, we can take our PROOF of ownership documents and put them in safe locations away from the bank.  I'm told we need to keep these two copies of our ownership documentation in different SECURE and Fireproof locations.  One option might be a hidden SAFE on property we own.

I'm told the gold certificates have some connection to the Treasury Bank system being put into place and that we will be required to keep these gold certificates in the bank.  I'm told that, at a later date, we will be able to convert them to cash if we wish.  I'm told that ALL this is explained in our information we will receive.

This is the best information I have on this today.

7.  SCAM artists are still likely to target us -- there are many who have been waiting for this funding to run their scams.  If a STRANGER calls or visits us to offer investment services, humanitarian projects, or to "confirm" or "audit" that we received our blessings, -- THIS IS A RED FLAG!  Hang up or shut the door immediately and avoid admitting receiving your blessings.

The IRS will be GONE by the time we arrive at the bank, I'm told. Therefore, anyone pretending to be a tax auditor or someone from the delivery service confirming you received -- THESE are TRICKS to try to get us to breach our ND and lose our blessings!  Refuse to talk with them.

8.  Security of ourselves, our homes, and our families must be handled.  Some lenders, who have already received, have had strangers walk up to their doors offering investment services (BEWARE of SCAM ARTISTS) or asking for handouts.  These people obtained the lenders' names illegally -- our names and addresses are supposed to be kept confidential.  We all need to take security precautions - electronic security systems at home and offices, and personal security of children and elderly family members.  Some residential areas are more secure than others -- we need to consider these things when we buy new homes.

9.  Get EXPERT ADVICE regarding putting our funds into other financial entities -- such as foundation-type entities, etc., -- rather than our personal names.  This is to increase our privacy from annoying or dangerous contacts.  I'm told there will be new options in financial entities.

I'm hearing that it's wise to AVOID putting our blessings in just ONE entity.  For added safety, I'm hearing it's good to use more than one firm to assist us in setting up various financial entities, have more than one expert involved, and set up entities in various safe countries.

A "financial entity" is a trust, foundation, company, etc., into which we place our blessings so that we have more personal privacy and more diversification of our funds.  Definitely, we want to avoid "putting all our eggs in one basket".  I'm hearing it's extremely important that we PERSONALLY approve EVERY DETAIL of all our financial entities, to avoid possible losses.

I have heard we "might" have a "trust" already set up for each of us - but this could be a trap.  Even if the intention was good, I was told this trust could be used by the dark agenda to try to steal our funds.  I was told these trusts, which purportedly have been set up for each of us, are in a certain bank -- a bank with a long history of swindling funds from people.

This is WHY I have been saying, each of us must set up OUR OWN financial entities and KNOW every detail ourselves.  We need to avoid putting all our funds into any single financial entity and certainly, ONLY into those which WE PERSONALLY have set up.

I asked the White Knights to look into this some months ago and asked that, if possible, that they take steps to nullify the danger these trusts might cause to lenders.  I'm hopeful that this has been handled.

With a trust, WE must know Every Detail, WHO the trustees are and WHAT their POWERS are, and make sure WE have control of the funds at all times.  If we have an unscrupulous trust or trustee, our funds can be stolen from us.  If what I'm hearing is correct, we may have better and new options surfacing -- we need to keep our eyes and ears open about these kinds of things.

10.  BEING QUIET and PRIVATE about our good fortune, especially during the ND period, is key.  I'm told we can give gifts to others (see ND for details) and we need to do these things PRIVATELY without fanfare and publicity.  Also, important to take our time and get educated about our options before we make any decisions.  Stay quiet and research what our options are and GET EXPERT ADVICE based on CURRENT conditions.  It may take a few months for some of the major improvements to be completed.

11.  Avoid saying anything to anyone about the AMOUNTS $$ we are receiving -- this is another key point in the ND, I'm told.  Avoid talking on unsecure phone lines, in email, chat, or faxes -- avoid discussing anything about our amounts or that our blessings are coming from our program.  There are ways to tap into all our communications.  We need to get encrypted communications capabilities (a standard procedure for many rich people) to talk to our legal/financial advisors and others.

Some of us plan to communicate about doing projects together and this kind of communication must be done via encrypted communications.  After reading the ND, to avoid any possibility of breaching the ND, we may decide to do small projects individually at first.  Then after the ND expires, we will be free to do bigger projects together.  We need to be very careful about all our communications.

12. Watch the changes in our country and the world -- keep track of changes in laws and banking systems.  Research what we need to do with our offshore blessings and take appropriate action.

AND, let's all take some time and RELAX and recharge ourselves.  BE HAPPY, enjoy life and our loved ones.

Blessings and Love,

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