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March 16, 2001

[1] Recent news reports indicate that Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill is reevaluating the Clinton Administration's support for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development's (OECD) initiative to eliminate "harmful tax competition.

[2] House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-TX) made the following statements in a letter to U.S. Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill, encouraging him to withdraw U.S. support for the OECD initiative.

[3] "I encourage you to act quickly to reverse the previous administration's misguided policy. Many low tax nations, facing a threat of financial protectionism as early as this July, are under tremendous pressure to comply with the OECD's demands. As the world's largest economy, but also as the nation that symbolizes freedom and entrepreneurship, we have a moral obligation to come to the aid of these persecuted regimes.

[4] "It is my understanding that career personnel are urging you to support the Clinton Administration viewpoint on the grounds that the OECD initiative is needed to reduce tax evasion. This is a red herring. A global network of tax police is the wrong approach.

[5] "By every possible criterion, the OECD's effort is misguided. It is designed, in effect, to create a tax cartel for the benefit of a small handful of high-tax nations. These countries are seeking to impede the flow of global capital, and the U.S. economy -- with its comparatively attractive tax system -- will suffer if they succeed. I look forward to working with you to stop the OECD's initiative and to adopt, instead, common-sense proposals that will maintain tax competition and the sovereignty of all nations."

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