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Districts for the United States District Courts still mean only federal fort, arsenal and dockyard locations (and National Parks).

Larry Becraft sent me photocopies from old statute books and even highlighted the key words. It was a help. This concerns the matter of the districts (a story in itself). These materials show Congress was pretty messing in naming the courts. Capitalization and word order switching with each use.

Title XIII. The Judiciary. Chapter One, Judicial Districts. 9-24-1789 and 6-26-1876

§531. The States of California, Connecticut, … each, constitute one judicial district.

Title, the Judiciary, Chapter One. District Courts – Organization 61st Congress. Sess. III Ch. 231, 1911

§72 The State of California is divided into two districts. …. The northern district shall include the territory embraced … in the counties of Alameda, Alpine, …

incorporeal –Having a conceptual existence but no physical existence; intangible –Black’s 7th

Embrace [legal definition is bribe-giver, jury tampering] generally as would apply to these statues means: encircle, enclose, encompass, enfold, include, cover.

In 1911 (above) Congress definitely claims though incorporeal entities: The State of California (incorporeal) divided into two districts … shall include … the territory embraced in (not by, not of, but "in") the counties of (incorporeal entities). Land cannot embrace itself, thus land must be embraced by (claimed by) the United States "in" (contract of cession with) corporeal entities (subdivision of incorporeal State of California).

Who is it that is "in" the fiction, idea, agreement on paper that is embracing territory? What territory is embraced? Surely not yours and mine. Not our communal county property. Federal fort, arsenal and dockyard territories

[66th Congress Sess. II. Chs. 218. 1920 provided for Yosemite, General Grant, and Sequoia National Parks. The USDCs were to appoint commissioners for these Parks. Ca State law was to be applied irrespective of repeal by the State legislature.]

This same wording was followed in 1916 and 1929.

1948. For the first time Congress appears as a conqueror claiming "California in" the name of the US. But does it really, or is it just cant, puff and blow?. Of course if goons fall in line to uphold the fiction!!!

28 USC §84 connotes assumption of ownership over incorporeal entities the counties of …. The "shall be" and "shall constitute" commenced in 1866 and 1876 (reconstruction era) are gone. Congress now merely observes what "is". Congress’s mere wish is the administrations command. Promulgation is the matter of a section title (immaterial to the law). The destiny for proscribed for statutes by Congress is deep six in the National Archives. 1 USC §106(a)

Since "California", "Texas", "Arkansas" are not legal definitions and since Congress was never granted naked authority over territory is Congress declaring conquest? Did Congress declare a new paradigm or is this the 1911, 1916, 1929 paradigm under art of evolving corruption/shading of language? Does the positioning of the Buck Act the prior year color Congress’s meaning when it says "California"?

28 USC § 84. California [Same structure as for all States]

California is divided into four judicial districts to be known as the Northern, Eastern, Central, and Southern Districts of California.

[to be known as = a supposition about the future, not an act, not a prescription, but a suggestion planted.]


(a) The Northern District comprises the counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake Marin, Mendocino, Monterey, Napa, San Benito, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Sonoma. [counties of, not Alameda county etc.]

Court for the Northern District shall be held at Eureka, Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose

Has anything really changed? "Comprises" replaces territory "embraced" but the incorporeal entity is "comprised" is not Alameda county, not all that geography/ land.

It appears to me there is only further hegemony of psychological warfare. There is absolute necessity for laws to be promulgated, especially if they effect the external sector (us). Districts for the United States District Courts still means only federal fort, arsenal and dockyard locations (and National Parks).

I have used California as an example. California is unique of course. Since 1873 it has enjoyed no legal capacity to contract. There are no Title 28 judicial districts whatsoever in California.

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