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Tax Protestor Cases Exhibit
("Damn, We Lost Again! And why is it that people who sell
tax protestor materials file
their tax returns anyway . . .")

FLAG of the republic?

This observation may be of some amusement to other than Californians.

I had occasion today to visit 455 Golden Gate Avenue, S.F. which is a rebuild of what was a not too inspiring State of California building that was there before. This one is like a tomb inside. A brand new punishment by State architects. Poor light by the elevators, bad signage -badly placed and inadequate. An irritation of a building. To justify a huge space "art", something like a 40' high stainless steel rib Christmas tree or 1890 ladies corset form. To the left side in a glass frame on the wall 60" x 80" +- is one of "our" history preserved Bear flags. Description card tells of the history (Star after Texas, Bear because we had bears. Origin of the elements 1848 before conquest of Mexico. Adopted officially 1911). Found with mold and moth eaten. IT HAS A NICE BOARDER OF DULY AGED YELLOW FRINGE! I was not in a good mood today. Someone in this area may want to take a closer look. This is not of one piece but the white cloth was hand stitched to other white cloth that carried the fringe. The descriptive cards made no mention of the fringe!

 Black's 7th is favorable for decoding "owner" of CaVehC 460. Ten years ago when I broke the code there was not such kindly help. [A California "owner" has all incidences of ownership including legal title of a vehicle ..."]. There is a clear definition for:

"legal title" A title that evidences apparent ownership but does not necessarily signify full and complete title or a beneficial interest. Cf. equitable title.

"incident" n. 2. a dependent, subordinate, or consequential part (of something else).

"incident of ownership" (usu. pl.) Any right of control that may be exercised over a transferred life-insurance policy so that the policy's proceed will be included in a decedent's gross estate for estate tax purposes. !!!???        

For whatever the hell the in-our-State, in-our-face United States District Courts may, in the final analysis, turn out to be, check this in Black's 7th for analogy OR modern fact!?

"franchise court" (paraphrased) -privately held by royal grant ... profitable operations by powerful locals, but were bootleg grants until put down by quo warranto in 1274 by Edward I

Putting down courts by quo warranto -what a neat idea!

Wouldn't it be a public relations coup to show all our "tax protestor" defeats to have been nude pacts?

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