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Tax Protestor Cases Exhibit
("Damn, We Lost Again! And why is it that people who sell
tax protestor materials file
their tax returns anyway . . .")

Cronic case of thinking you know.

 On Mon, 29 Jan 2001 22:09:27 -0800 "Quatloos!" <> writes:

Yeah, we both think not know you're a wacko.

 (We're both right.) What have you refuted?

 de·lu·sion (dī-l”¹zhen) noun

1. a. The act or process of deluding. b. The state of being deluded.

2. A false belief or opinion: labored under the delusion that success was at hand.

                3. Psychiatry. A false belief strongly held in spite of invalidating evidence,

 Lose any more cases lately? Yeh, the case for your sanity


  -----Original Message-----
Sent: Monday, January 29, 2001 9:45 PM
Subject: Fw: Fw: Re: For the "person" xxx


 Say hello. You're in bed with Dennis Bernstein. A tangent on PARKING METERS which you're sure to duck as far as substance is concerned.


How does existing law get buried under the designed-for functional illiteracy of the masses for most of a century? Does it happen by accident? Why has the jury's role been restricted against the common law standard of judging the law as well as the facts? Who is out to harvest and channel the functional illiteracy of the people? Can they do so not with your aiding and abetting SILENCE?

 xxx replied:

When my appeal to the 2nd Appellate Court in California is adjudicated you will be free to operate your non-commercial conveyance without restriction on the streets and highways of California.  Existing law will be reaffirmed in the California Constitution, the Motor Vehicle Act, court cases all the way up to the California Supreme Court from 1914 through 1993.  Be patient the truth will out.


 Listen to

  On Mon, 29 Jan 2001 17:54:42 -0800 xxx> writes:

What is DENNIS B? / The KPFA vs Mary Francis Berrie problem. / KPFA is a danger to liberty.

Dear Mr. Bernstein of K.P.F.A. Pacifica "Peoples" listener sponsored radio, Berkeley;

 Are you a totalitarian? Don't you believe in a pluralist society?

 F.D.R. ordered the Army Manual destroyed. Hitler was burning books. What was the difference? You utter "democracy" endlessly but never "republic". At the same time you invoke the Constitution for these United States and the Bill of Rights. Where does that instrument authorize democracy?

 F.D.R. was the Pied Piper who piped seduction to the ears of the people for the Rothschilds, the Leobs, the Rochefellers, Morgan, Mellon, the Warbergs et al.. Such an agent as F.D.R. was sure to appear after our grandfathers/great grandfathers permitted these families to begin kiting paper to the United States in 1913.

 Clinton was an F.D.R. wanta be. He gave us a trick deal for timberlands, made our clean coal fields into a preserve so we must buy from his far east political patron, we begin to see the wonderful results of his trade agreements, he never freed Leonard, he kissed us goodbye doing a trick deal to get us to pay for his house in N.Y.

George W. is the next installment for democracy under bankruptcy, but you will not be heard to advocate for pluralism.

 Your adversity at the hands of Mary Francis Berrie is understandable. You have no law. You are both commercial players. You both have commercial values.

Mary plays the democracy card in step with its natural evolution towards oligarchic dictatorship. You on the other hand are deluded about the nature of democracy.

 You Dennis B (as born) do not protest the foisting upon you the military commercial persona designata DENNIS BERNSTEIN. Were you ever taught English grammar? Every informed of any legitimacy in the English language for ALL CAPS NAMES?

 You accept DENNIS B upon your SS card, your driver license, your bank statements (and maybe the State's birth certificate for DB). In the military-commercial-tribunals in Berkeley, Oakland and S.F. you readily answer to DENNIS B not with question, not with peep, not with protest. If you should commit murder you would be tried and executed for violation of the terms of your presumed commercial contract with the State. The Constitution borrowed from for certain political and propaganda purposes would really have nothing to do in essence with your trial and execution. For all the breath and ink and benefit / consciousness raisers expended on Mumia, the law for his trial is NEVER told.

 You have Marxism under commercial bankruptcy rules but apparently you either don't have enough of it or you feel its it not being administered over us with the right heart and spirit.

  The system trusts you to keep KPFA listeners in mushroom status respecting law. You will not disturb their ears to remind them they are commercially regulated subjects who have been declared enemies of the Untied States by the great father figure F.D.R.

 You have a system, you do not have law. You appear to reject acquaintance to law as an alternative to your discontents with the system. Bottom line is KPFAers are soldiers and snitch artists for the system, and not for a system under law but for a system over and above law. Let me make my point. KPFA has demonstrated historically that this is what it is and you each demonstrate this every time you "drive." You're in lock step indoctrination for the system outside of and beyond law.

 Get a CaVehCode and reference together sections 260 and 21056. Doesn't say passenger vehicles are of a type required to be registered does it? Who does the law apply to under 21056? Now what does 4000(a) really mean in para materia? What does the term "person" mean in statures? ["natural person"? "individual"? Are you so gullible as to think those mean natural individual or natural man? "as well as" = in the same manner as a corporation.]. Again, what does "person" mean in 4000(a) in para materia to 21056? Is a man employed by the State a "person" in the manner of a corporation? Oh? is the State not a corporation? And you boast that KPFA is not beholden to corporations. Nonsense. You grovel to the biggest corporation everyday in unquestioning unreasoned submission and by your silence you preach over the airwaves the corporate line for the exceeding its of lawful powers.

 the branches, never ever ever at the root.

Here is a level you could start with for introduction to truth, the everyday common place of the PARKING METER. But your indoctrination screams silence silence. No more e-mails you demand. Out of sight out of mind you insist!

 In January 1996 I was driven to rage by the tyranny of the indoctrination that all private cars must be registered. My 5th private car was stolen by the BPD leaving me facing the ruin of my sign business (I had just spent my last $ getting 6600 Shattuck near La Pena ready to roll when my car was stolen.). There is absolutely NO due process for such theft. I had spent five or more years sharpening the issue and with many attempts to get the commercial tribunals which you insist on believing are

courts of law despite the military yellow fringed flags that stare you in the face to recognize the law and protect my right. All was to no avail.

  I wrote a Public Inquiry to BPD Lyle L and Jess Kelly the owner of Avenue Tow. In effect I said if you cannot show me the law that authorized the towing and if you do not return my car (showing the failure of courts to address the law) would you not agree that we resort to the ancient method of settling rights disputes by battle (in other words that I would have a right to kill them for the trespass just as horse thieves used to be killed). I faxed copies of this to KPFA, KGO, KPIX, KTVU, the Chronicle, the Tribune etc. etc. The big corporate media ignored it, but not KPFA. KPFA, the groveler to the mother of corporations, ran to the DA.

KPFA ignored everything in the fax. KPFA's thinking process NEVER engaged. KPFA was oblivious to the 1st Amendment import of my Public Inquiry. KPFA waddled into my court trial for terrorist threats greeted and extolled as a community hero and local treasure. KPFA the great watchdog of power turned a blind eye to the fact that Julie Conger flat out refused me representation and forced me to be my own attorney. Just like the government, KPFA News indulges in avoidance of the duty of inquiry. I was sentenced to 1 year in jail and 3 years probation in disregard of what you imagine to be a 5th Amendment unalienable due process right to counsel.

 Your indoctrination has you imagining that habeas corpus is not suspended. Seven times I petitioned for habeas corpus with a transcript of a page and a half showing Conger refusing me the right to counsel. Seven times the petitions were "denied". "Denied", do you understand what that means? Not ruled upon, not considered, not heard on the merits, but ignored. "Denied" means ignored. Can you understand that? Do you know of any rule of court, rule of procedure or any provision of law that permits claim of right presented to a judiciary to be denied?

 KPFA is a danger to liberty and to law. -JS

 cc to Quake-on-the-loose another hopeless case.

 On Mon, 29 Jan 2001 08:35:24 -0800 dennis b> writes:

xxx wrote:

Just as I had suspected, but a little early for Erie RR case and the U.C.C. Had the interstate compact/alliance been formed by 1935?

I am going to place the attached withe some of the cards at a community table in the U.C. Theatre Berkeley. Do you know of anyplace in your area that a display might be sustained?

Oklahoma City News editor Carl C. Magee files the first patent application for a parking meter in December. He will be granted rights in 1936, 174 Dual Park-O-Meters will be installed in Oklahoma City in July 1935, 300 more will be ordered when their success is demonstrated (police officers will have to explain that no jackpots can be expected by those who deposit coins), and meters of improved design will appear in streets of major world cities in the next few decades.

[no parking meters in London until 1958]

parking meter noun A coin-operated device that registers the amount of time purchased for the parking of a motor vehicle, at the expiration of which the driver is liable for a fine.

parked, park·ing, parks verb, transitive 1. To put or leave (a vehicle) for a time in a certain location. 2. . 3. .4. .[Middle English, game preserve, enclosed tract of land, from Old French parc, of Germanic origin.]

pre·serve (prī-zūrv1) verb

pre·served, pre·serv·ing, pre·serves verb, transitive

1. 2. 3. To keep or maintain intact: See Synonyms at DEFEND. 4. ... 5. ...6. To keep or protect (game or fish) for one's private (revenue! -JS) hunting or fishing.

verb, intransitive 1. 2.

Noun 1..2. . 3. . 4. Something considered as being the exclusive province of certain persons: Ancient Greek is the preserve of scholars.

[Middle English preserven, from Old French

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