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Tax Protestor Cases Exhibit
("Damn, We Lost Again! And why is it that people who sell
tax protestor materials file
their tax returns anyway . . .")


 You do not even reach the leave of dicta. Have you considered a communications course? You do not meet your opponent (e.g. stop signs). You drag in the My Mother drunk or sober diversion (i.e. love it or leave it). Botton line for Quack-on-the-loose is he can't refute the evidence so he abuses the plaintiff.

 On Sun, 28 Jan 2001 17:54:40 -0800 "Quatloos!" < writes:  Looks like you've been having double serving of Fruit Loops again!  Your  questions -- such as they are -- have been answered. You are just  too stupid  to know it. This is why you keep getting your butt kicked in court.   If you stop at a stop sign does this mean you have consented to  jurisdiction?   Loser.   If you are SO upset about everything, then wouldn't the honorable  thing to  do would be to leave? How can you hate this place so much, yet still  stay  here? I'll bet you're not driving through the fields instead of  federally-financed highways. Truth is, you wouldn't be any more  successful  in any other country than you are here, which is to say none at all.   Loser.   Quatloos!

    -----Original Message-----  From: xxx  Sent: Sunday, January 28, 2001 4:22 PM  To:  Cc:

 Subject: SHAKIN' YOUR TREE    

 Subject: Don't follow leaders, watch parking meters -Bob Dylan   Dear Quack-on-the-loose;   You've retreated from at least two fundamental questions on  the last  subject (judicial districts for USDCs).  Your loyal opposition is invited on the subject of PARKING.   When you stop and leave your car do you "park" (place in an  assigned  private preserve) a "vehicle" ("equipment" in commerce) and purchase  time on  your public right of way just as you purchase time for moving by car  on your  public right of way when you register your car as their "vehicle"?   Have you assigned your (portion) title to your public right  of way  to a government commercial enterprise? (Have you traded an old lamp  <Genie  of natural law right for a new <commercial lamp? -Do you have in  you great  light or a purchased light that incurs penalties and requires  submission to  an external master for annual recharge?)   What are the historical root meanings for the terms  "vehicle",  "traffic", "transportation", and "driver"?  What are the U.C.C. meanings for "equipment" and "consumer good(s)"?   Was the doctrine of correct words and phrases (e.g. CaEvidC  451(e))  pitched out the window after: the Civil War?, 1913?, 1933?, 1938  (Erie)?   [Below] Just as I had suspected, but a little early for Erie  RR case  and the U.C.C. Had the interstate compact/alliance been formed by  1935?  I am going to place the attached with some of the cards at a  community table in the U.C. Theatre Berkeley. Do you know of  anyplace in  your area that a display might be sustained?  Oklahoma City News editor Carl C. Magee files the first patent  application  for a parking meter in December. He will be granted rights in 1936,  174 Dual  Park-O-Meters will be installed in Oklahoma City in July 1935, 300  more will  be ordered when their success is demonstrated (police officers will  have to  explain that no jackpots can be expected by those who deposit  coins), and  meters of improved design will appear in streets of major world  cities in  the next few decades.  [No parking meters in London until 1958]  parking meter noun A coin-operated device that registers the amount  of time  purchased for the parking of a motor vehicle, at the expiration of  which the  driver is liable for a fine.  parked, park·ing, parks verb, transitive 1. To put or leave (a  vehicle) for  a time in a certain location. 2. . 3. .4. .[Middle English, game  preserve,  enclosed tract of land, from Old French parc, of Germanic origin.]  pre·serve (prī-zūrv¹) verb  pre·served, pre·serv·ing, pre·serves verb, transitive  1. 2. 3. To keep or maintain intact: See Synonyms at DEFEND. 4. ...  5. ...6.  To keep or protect (game or fish) for one's private (revenue! -JS)  hunting  or fishing.  verb, intransitive 1. 2.  Noun 1..2. . 3. . 4. Something considered as being the exclusive  province of  certain persons: Ancient Greek is the preserve of scholars.  [Middle English preserven, from Old French preserver, from Medieval  Latin  praeservāre, from Late Latin, to observe beforehand : Latin prae-,  pre- +  Latin servāre, to guard, preserve.

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