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Tax Protestor Cases Exhibit
("Damn, We Lost Again! And why is it that people who sell
tax protestor materials file
their tax returns anyway . . .")

Really, you need that institution to justify your lie. I'm not accommodating you. Law questions not medications are your concern.

Medication is not a defense against your liability for mal pracrtice. So refute the evidence for the income tax

OR clean up your act. Need a martini?

Take your medication, please.


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You do have a hard on don't you. Afraid we'er depriving you of taxpayers as a focus for your plunder lust. Get real Mr. xxx. It is you who have rules to account for. Just who may be liable to 200 fines in debt credit attestations to numerals?

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It's a shame you cannot understand simple English. Now, I've had to file a formal complaint with Juno. Would have been nice if you had read their rules first, but apparently, reading isn't one of your strong points.

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xxx EA


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Subject: Re: Please remove me from your e-mail list

Certainly NOT. You have a fiduciary obligation to refute. We contend that you lead people to pay taxes they do not owe. We contend that by this information which you have acknowledged receiving that your future customers, if you continue in your current course, will have cause of action against you.

On Mon, 22 Jan 2001 12:02:51 -0800 "xxx, EA" writes:

I do not care to read your unsolicited mail. Please remove me from your list.

xxx, EA


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Sent: Monday, January 22, 2001 11:40 AM



OPPORTUNITY IN THE WAR FOR MEN'S MINDS. If the foundations be destroyed what can the righteous do? The foundations are destroyed thought hypnotic indoctrination of the American people into a false belief system. I believe that use by the law informed of the right to petition affords us a basis for repairing the foundations. This is a start. Much more can be done.

More than our position, our evidence is now before the Government and the media. For those of us with the industry to be persistent at the gate of the corporate media we now have a basis to assert our claims. They can no longer dismiss us with the contention "those arguments have been rejected by the courts." The validity of the courts is now in serious question. Our position can be "the courts be damned, does not the Government have a 9th Commandment duty to tell us the truth? Is not popularized misconception for the term United States the basis for the most widespread fraud in the history of the world? Do not both the Government and the media have a duty to acknowledge cant and subterfuge" Does the media have an obligation to expose deception (especially user subscription media). Is there not a contract duty to allow the truth to be exposed? Has a democratic election voted the doctrine of correct words and phrases out of existence?

There is more evidence here than many freedom lovers care to admit to. Anyone can focus on any aspect of interest to him or upon which he feels competent to sustain advocacy. [For sure the media will not draw in more than what you present. I feel that material will allow you to support an argument for whatever level of deprogramming may be your current center of gravity]

I suggest that you in other parts of the country give serious thought to the California problem. If enough momentum is put behind this more than century old disability, it may afford the whole county a wedge to discredit and hopefully to undo: 1) the income tax, 2) democracy, that sacred cow, the 17th Amendment, 3) the 14th Amendment and slave citizenship, 4) international treaties., 5) the federal reserve act (have you heard of non fractional reserve digital gold?).

Does anyone know of a web site where the documents can be easily posted for reference and downloading? If you do please give me careful instructions. -JS

The evidence is now before two San Francisco Talk Radio stations. Here are names and suggestions. Please spread the word. If you supply me e-mail addresses I can serve media throughout the country.

Suggested Talk Show Topics:

Withholding ($) at the workplace is about to be confirmed to be voluntary. Get the message across that the volunteering CREATES the tax, that it is volunteering to make a gift to the Federal Government.

Are the United States District Courts lawfully established? [Are most published tax protestor cases void and a propaganda front for the Government?]

Is the California DRIVER LICENSE scheme void across the board? Even for commercial users? [Or any other aspect that can be derived from the current DMV default to our inquiry. The application for DR IC is not legally binding unless evidence of permission granted exists in the DM]

Does California's abdication of dejure status on 01-01-1873 void Amendments 16 - 26?

Can use of debt credit (FRNs, "checks") be required for common carrier service (Pacific Bell and CPUC)? [Can we use our political strength as individuals to cause communications companies to push for an honest money system? Has anyone seen the piece that advocates for digital gold (not fractional reserve!) on the site corresponding to,]

Is the Mark of the Beast without legal substance? Is the Social Security number contract performed by the SSA or is there appearance of contract only? [The damned # is a custom convenience for identification only and confers NO jurisdiction upon the Federal Government] for the following who all have todays notice and attachments on their e-mail.

If you are out of area you may use KGO's web site to phone via the Internet.

for KSFO San Francisco the following were provided the e-mail text via the on line e-mail and were invited to reply in order fot the attachments to be send by counter reply. None have replied as of this morning.

Lee Rogers, Limbaugh, M Savage, Wilson, Metcalf, Drudge [Most of these have 800# listed on the site. Others can be directed to me to be provided the material AS CAN ANY TALK SHOIW HOST IN THE COUNTRY] This failed. I have just inquired via CNN web cite e-mail for King's e-mail. I may get it if Ask Greta CNN has not spread the word that truth is on the loose.


National Archives and Records Administration: Please see the last page of A -2 DOT ...


This is the electronic counterpart to the hard copy formal (attachments) notice

of the legal disability of the STATE OF CALIFORNIA

and of the suspected legal disability of the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURTS within the 50 states of the union.

The insurgency / defection of California government since 01-01-1873 is no longer a private secret in Sacramento and in Washington. For over two weeks now these facts are common knowledge in the public sector. The American people await your explanation and your plan of action. The American people will have just cause for rage if you give this matter the silent treatment. Americans may have cause to recall that hanging is the penalty for treason.


The State of California was unlawfully counted in the ratification process and the 16th Amendment is void for never having been presented to the lawful State of California. The United States was under disability to present Amendments 16 - 26 for its ongoing failure to comply with IV, 4 for California state. Accordingly 26 USC §1 et. seq. is not law in that the States were not involved in the enactment (The 17th Amendment in addition to not being law is in conflict with the Constitution for the United States and California was otherwise excluded from Congress).

Superior tribunal, County of Alameda "criminal" proceeding No. 131499 proves there are no State government judges in California, indeed the events of 1871-1873 show that no State exists.

Unless you respond to these very important concerns by February 19, 2001, your answer to be taken by tacit procuration will be that you recognize the right and the necessity for the people to form natural law/common law courts, that you will be subject to their process and that you (the United States) will be bound by their judgments and decrees.

QUATLOOS has responded > "Visit our Stupid Tax Protestor Tricks Exhibit at" Quatloos has gone into hiding .. after issuing this series of retorts to A -2 DOT... sent them two days ago:

"Man, I'd love to be around when they receive this. Talk about busting a gut laughing! Anybody object if I start a collection of these things for our website --they would be an instant hit? Are they copyrighted?

"When you'uns start asking sensible questions, we will start supplying sensible answers. As it 'tis, the questions you are putting forth -- and the bizarre and incorrect language used to frame those questions --> would get you snickered out of any political science course."

Oh man, this is hilarious! Where do you come up with terms like "they sayers"?

[Julian: Swig to Quatloos: Can you claim to be a fraud buster if you are at essence a they sayer? The they sayers in question are the American people expressing not their beliefs or impressions but their political will in the form of lawful contract. What does the term face value mean to you?]

Plain and simple the Quatloos site is a fraud protection racket. Quatloos knows that the USDC tax decisions it posts are "denial" "rejection" matters NOT RULINGS, but are straight out cant exploiting the functional illiteracy of the dumber down American people. Quartos now reveals the character of its allegiance to truth. Being shown that the legal basis for the US Courts upon which the tax protestor component of its site depends for its long standing portrayal of the U.S. income tax is highly doubtful, Quartos responds with the above derision and then retreats.

Quartos reveals many genuine frauds and scams on its site so as to play it for context. By this juxtaposition the public believes the Tax Protestor pages under Quatloos are likewise valid revelations. Quatloos now gives rise to questions: what is its purpose in maintaining its site? who are its sponsors?

One reply upon the matter: "Julian,You must be doing something right! You've attracted the Damage Control team from the Banksters' Goon Squad."

Quatloos. You have now read this. Come forth and discredit the assertions of the attachments on their merits where and when you can. It is one thing to deride, it is anther to refute.

Your offer is accepted. You may post all of the attachments (but only in their entirety) and you may post the response that may come from the best legal minds in government.

This is sent in 3 or more e-mails due to limitations imposed by Juno.

The CA DMV is in default to the matters 4 Legis and 5 Legis. The default will be memorialized within a week. If with-the-feet-testimony continues upon the memorialization, the State of CA's answers will then be formalized by taking them by process of tacit procuration.

If this overcrowds the capacity on any of your boxes, I apologize. If you desire the attachments I can send them in smaller segments.

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