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Tax Protestor Cases Exhibit
("Damn, We Lost Again! And why is it that people who sell
tax protestor materials file
their tax returns anyway . . .")

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  -----Original Message-----  From: Kenaston   Sent: Tuesday, January 09, 2001 6:51 AM  To: 

  Subject: Re: [SupremeLaw] DCUS~USDC is latest myth we've swallowed    What about "federal" in relation to the definition  of "United States"?   Also, I'm doing some investigation into the  original name of the country, which seems to  have been (is?) United States of North America.  The term without "North" was designated for  use of "bills of exchange ... for the payment of  interest to such holders of loan office certificates  of the United States as may be entitled to receive  it..."   SATURDAY, JULY 11, 1778:  Resolved, That the resolutions of Congress of the 19 May  last, relative to bills of exchange, be so far re-considered,  that the word "North," preceding the word "America," be omitted  in the form of the bills; and that, in lieu of the words "To--, of the  United States of North America," be inserted "To the commissioner  or commissioners of the United States of America at Paris."   Here is the direction to use US of A rather than  US of NA, which from this and other examples,  was the true name of the country. So could US  of A be merely for those trafficking in these bills  of exchange? Otherwise the name to use would  be "The United States of America" (capital T) for  the confederacy.   Just throwing this out for consideration...   Walter   Julian Swig wrote:    Are there even any USDC's or have we fallen under hypnosis both as to   DCUS and as to USDC?     Does the United States officially have ANY basic courts other than the   supreme and/or the Supreme?     Peoples' Law Association/Julian: Swig at    To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to:

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