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IRS agents raid home
Vehicles, computers and paperwork seized from home of man who heads Renaissance, The Tax People.

The Capital-Journal

About 30 federal agents wearing holstered guns raided the home Wednesday of Michael C. Cooper, president of a local firm accused of mail fraud, money laundering and running an illegal pyramid scheme.

Carrying a search warrant, agents from the Internal Revenue Service's Criminal Investigations Division and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service seized company vehicles, ranch equipment, lawn equipment, computers and paperwork, said Mary Cooper, Michael Cooper's wife. The items were loaded onto three flatbed trucks and two moving vans, she said.

Cooper operates an office from his home, 2635 N.W. 86th St., which also is referred to as Renaissance North. In October, federal agents raided Cooper's business, Renaissance, The Tax People, located inside a former mansion at S.W. 10th and Gage.

Cooper and his wife were at home during Wednesday's raid, which lasted about 4 1/2 hours.

"We chose to stay in our home while the search was conducted," Mary Cooper said. "We were held captive in a small room in our home. We were not allowed to go anywhere other than the restroom."

During the raid, Cooper phoned his attorneys, but they weren't allowed onto the property while the raid was under way, Mary Cooper said.

Scott French, spokesman for the IRS, confirmed that the agency was involved in an "action" at the Coopers' house, but he referred all other questions to the U.S. attorney's office.

Kena Rice, spokeswoman for U.S. attorney's office, said that office had no comment.

Mary Cooper described the agents as "cold."

"I couldn't go in the kitchen and see what they were taking from the kitchen. I couldn't go in my bedroom and see what they were rifling through there," she said.

Reading a prepared statement, Mary Cooper said:

"I am outraged by the invasion of my home today. The IRS and the Postal Service came with guns and attitude to search and seize. Because my husband and I refused to leave the premises while the government conducted their business, we were held under guard in a small room in our home. Their motto seems to be seize first, ask questions later, much later. It has been over six months since they raided our corporate offices and bank accounts, and we are still today awaiting a hearing before a judge.

"This is what happens when a good company becomes successful helping the average American citizen pay their legitimate and fair share of income tax. You take on the IRS, they take you on."

Among the items confiscated, she said, was the personal computer of the couple's 11-year-old son. She said it contained only games and music.

Attorney General Carla Stovall has filed a lawsuit alleging Renaissance is operating an illegal pyramid scheme. A ruling hasn't yet been issued in a hearing held in February to determine whether to issue a temporary injunction against the company.

U.S. Attorney Jackie Williams filed a civil forfeiture complaint in December seeking control of almost $9 million that was seized during the October raid. That complaint alleges Renaissance amassed about $100 million through a mail fraud and money laundering scheme.

Following the raid last fall at the Fleming mansion, Renaissance moved its headquarters to Forbes Field.

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