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Tax Protestor Cases Exhibit
("Damn, We Lost Again! And why is it that people who sell
tax protestor materials file
their tax returns anyway . . .")

Every State(2) has a Money of Account Provision (I'll bet)       

        I just figured CaGovC 6850.

        Real money is provided for so the "judges" and the public employees can decline to accept transfer of debt (They do not have to allow their "checks" to "clear"). They can require gold or silver from the Controller and/or the Treasurer!

        This must be so even though 3 USC 1- 21 makes the States(2) (and all county voting precincts ) = the District of Columbia. The administrative governments for the 50 provinces (States(2)) must accommodate the 50 union States(1) respectively. When we invoke (if we know how) their State(2) courts onto the law side, the judge and jury are deemed capable of being paid real money.

        (If we don't invoke the court in forma pauperis but transfer debt for fees we will get the fiction-equity-UCC State(2) court regardless of what we plead.)

        Got spare change? Run an ad in your local Shopper.

        JURORS Get your ($)25 per day in Gold

        [Your phone # and/or e-mail or web page]

        Provide a networking source, forms and information to enable jurors to demand and obtain their real money.

        ( ) for $ is because in CA jury service is now 5 dollars a day (There is talk of raising it). So 5 dollars are "purchased" for about 25 in ($), i.e., in FRNs. I figured for silver because I have a general idea of the exchange value, but "gold" is a better trigger for an ad. (I get the foundation for principles settled then I can adjust the particulars -That's how I work!-JS)

                Jurors are summoned by ALL CAPS "commercial names" so they must be voir dired for the capacity they will accept for sitting as jurors. They can still accept transfer of debt but they must affirm they will judge the evidence in their flesh and blood capacity (They must be educated on the fly that they have a fiction identity and a real identify. -Such education is never permitted on the fiction-equity-UCC side of the court.)

         So how are Money of Account provisions rationalized when the treasurers, court clerks, county collections receive "cash"!!!!? For checks I imagine they are accounted for as dollars but once the county accepts the privilege of letting the debts be discharged over at the bank how are the bank balances reported back in the county controller's office!!!!!? Oh! Maybe they just report the amounts they sent over and are oblivious to what has happens. They just write checks and warrants to pay out but folks keep accepting discharge by transfer of debt but the county never catches on!

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