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Exhibit: Jerome Schneider

Schneider has since served his six-month sentence, and been released. The information given below relates only to his past conduct, and should in no way whatsoever be indicative of his post-release activities or character. We hope that he has finally changed for the better.

Jerome Schneider is an offshore planning scammer who was convicted of computer fraud in the early 1970s. At some point, Jerome decided that he could be an offshore planner, and he ran cheesy advertisements in the in-flight magazines touting his books and seminars wherein he marketed his offshore planning services, including offshore banks. Jerome's several books are regarded by many asset protection planners and tax planners as the worst crap ever written about offshore planning.

While offshore planning was very popular in the late 1990s, by 2002, Congress had passed the Patriot Act and other legislation clamping down on foreign fund transfers and correspondent banking relationships, and the sun finally set on many of the offshore jurisdictions as deposits dried up.

Actual Copy of Jerome Schneider's Indictment

Tax Shelter Guru's Partner Pleads Guilty, Will Testify -- Eric Witmeyer pleaded guilty to his role in a tax-evasion conspiracy and will testify against his alleged partner in crime, Jerome Schneider.

Witmeyer Pleads Guilty to Evasion Scheme -- Witmeyer and co-defendant Jerome Schneider were indicted by a federal grand jury in December and were charged with conspiracy and 22 counts of mail and wire fraud in connection with the marketing and sales to U.S. taxpayer investors of offshore international banks or corporations and causing those entities to be decontrolled, a process used by the defendants to attempt to conceal the U.S. taxpayer's investor's ownership in the offshore bank or corporation (246 DTR G-6, 12/23/02).

Offshore Gurus Jerome Schneider and Eric Witmeyer Indicted -- The author of some of the worst books on offshore and asset protection planning and his flakey tax attorney have been indicted for conspiracy to defraud the IRS and for wire fraud.

Wilshire Publishing Company v. Ray Jutkins and Rockingham Jutkins Marketing Inc. at British Columbia Supreme Court.

Search warrant relating to an IRS investigation into Jerome Schneider, Eric Witmeyer and others (6.06 MB in size, over 50 pages). Allow between five and 15 minutes to download, depending on speed of computer and Internet connection. Well worth the wait!

Stewart A. Green v. Premier Management Services Ltd. and Jerome Schneider at British Columbia Supreme Court.

A. Stewart Andree v Cloyd Francis Angle, with Jerome Schneider and Wilshire Publishing as third parties at British Columbia Supreme Court.

Some of Jerome Schneider's Marketing Materials:

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Jerome Schneider Plea Agreement - Jerome sells his offshore clients out by agreeing to testify against them in exchange for a reduced sentence after pleading guilty to one count of conspiracy to defraud.

Schneider and Witmeyer Plead Guilty - Department of Justice Press Release

Tax Shelter Guru's Partner Pleads Guilty, Will Testify -- Eric Witmeyer pleaded guilty to his role in a tax-evasion conspiracy and will testify against his alleged partner in crime, Jerome Schneider.

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