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HYIPs & Bank Debenture News & Articles

NEW! -- U.S. Department of Justice Explanation of Prime Bank/High-Yield Investment Schemes

SEC Admistrative Proceeding -- Order Making Findings and Imposing Remedial Sactions by Default Against David Edwards and James Edwards May 1, 2003

Securities and Exchange Commission v. Dianna Blairtorbett -- Federal Court Enjoins Promoter in Securities Fraud April 3, 2003

SEC v. Louis Lazorwitz, Charles Reives, Tri-Star Investment Group -- Federal Court Imposes Final Judgement Setting Disgorgement, Prejudgement Interest and Third Tier Civil Penalties in Nationwide Securities Fraud March 21, 2003

SEC v. Nancy J. Cheal, individually and d/b/a Relief Enterprise, et. al. -- Nancy J. Cheal Sentenced to 87 Months in Prison and Ordered to Pay Restitution... March 18, 2003

Court Issues Permanent Injunction Against Attorney Mary Lee Capalbo in Connection with Fraudulent Offering Scheme January 29, 2003

US v. Peitz, Benson, Loutos, Paladino, Law & Iles -- Federal Court convicts five on charges arising from a fraudulent prime bank trading scheme... Jan 3, 2003

Mastermind, Accomplice Sentenced to Prison in Prime Bank Fraud Scheme

Three People Charged with multiple fraud counts related to a scheme to promote HYIPs

TESTIMONY OF WILLIAM R. MCLUCAS -- Director, Division of Enforcement for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission concerning frauds involving fictitious financial instruments.

Combating Prime Bank and High-Yield Investment Fraud - Outline of speech by Ms. Rosalind Wright, Director of the UK Serious Fraud Office, that describes prime bank and HYIP scams and offers suggestion on combating these crimes.

Judge Deems Lawsuit Regarding Morganthau Bonds Bogus -- Judge Posner rips the plaintiffs in Marques v. Federal Reserve Bank for bringing a totally bogus lawsuit seeking payment of worthless historical bonds. 

FBI Warning About HYIP and Prime Bank Programs -- The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigations warns investors about bogus programs called HYIP or Prime Bank Programs, and also advises that anybody who helps sell such instruments is committing a serious federal criminal act. 

U.S. Department of Treasury -- Bureau of Public Debt explanation of Prime Bank Trading Programs, High Yield Investment Programs, Roll Programs and Private Placement Programs. 

U.S. Federal Reserve Board -- Sworn, under oath testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs about this scam. 

The World Bank -- Warns about this scam. 

International Chamber of Commerce -- Warning about Bank Debenture Trading Programmes. 

U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission -- Warning to All Investors About "Prime Bank" and Other Banking-Related Investment Schemes. 

Office of the U.S. Comptroller of the Currency -- Fictitious Financial Programs Erroneously Attributed to the Federal Reserve. 

U.S. Department of Justice -- Fraud Alert. 

Better Business Bureau -- International Investment Schemes Very Risky / Investors Warned to Avoid Secret "Debenture Trading" 

Declaration of Professor James E. Byrne -- Testimony given under oath in the case of SEC vs. Concorde Capital Enterprise, et al.


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Prosperity Programs - NESARA   Open discussion forum about NESARA, Dove of Oneness, Patrick Bellringer, Truth Warrior and all the others spinning the NESARA tale. Includes the latest rumors about the Galacticans comings to Earth and Jennifer's blood ozonation machine.


Indictment in US v. Namer, which gives you an indication of how law enforcement prosecutes alleged HYIP/prime bank scam promoters


Some Thoughts on the History of Prime Bank Fraud -- Bureau of Public Debt explanation of Prime Bank Trading Programs, High Yield Investment Programs, Roll Programs and Private Placement Programs.

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